Rasputin’s Curse Walkthrough

Welcome to Gamezebo's walkthrough for Rasputin's Curse.General Game InformationGame MenuHidden Object Game from Sandlot Games with over twenty different hidden object scenes and 12 mini games. The game asks you to find objects from either a written list of items or a group of silhouettes. All mini games can be skipped after several minutes of gameplay if you choose without penalty. There are no points awarded in the game it is played for story completion. Hints are unlimited and timed i…

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s walkthrough for Rasputin’s Curse.

General Game Information

Game Menu

  • Hidden Object Game from Sandlot Games with over twenty different hidden object scenes and 12 mini games.
  • The game asks you to find objects from either a written list of items or a group of silhouettes.
  • All mini games can be skipped after several minutes of gameplay if you choose without penalty.
  • There are no points awarded in the game it is played for story completion.
  • Hints are unlimited and timed in between uses.
  • If you see your cursor change color when placed over an item this means the item is interactive and clicking on it will open or close doors, drawers and boxes.
  • If an item goes into inventory at the bottom of the screen you must drag it to the scene and use it.
  • To change game volume of music and effects or to change screen size click on "Options" in the main menu.
  • Storyline Summary – Lora Jamerson is stressed because of her marital problems and has planned a romantic getaway with her husband to St. Petersburg Russia where she can also do some research on her family history. After catching her husband cheating on her she decides to leave her small son with her Mother and take the trip alone. While in Russia, Lora learns about her family history and her connection to Rasputin who has put a curse on her and changed her life forever. Play the game to see if Lora is able to break free from Rasputin’s curse and repair her life.

Game Elements

Sample Game Scene

  • A. Colored Cursor – When your gold cursor changes to green when you hover over an item this means the item can be interacted with in some way. Usually this means you can open a cabinet, drawer or box in the game. Click on the item when you see this color change.
  • B. Inventory Area – In this area at the bottom of the screen you will see either instructions or an inventory item that must be used somewhere in the scene to proceed. If an item moves to this location click on it and drag it to the area in the scene where it is to be used. NOTE – To release an item from inventory you must right click your mouse.
  • C. List Area – This is the area where you will see either a text or silhouette list of items to find in the scene. When you find an item simply click on it and the item will disappear off of the list.
  • D. Hints/Menu – This is the area to access hints, Lora’s journal, and the main menu if you need to exit the game or change game settings.

Using Hints

  • In the game you are given an unlimited number of hints.
  • To use a hint click on the item you wish to find in the list at the far right and then click on the hint button at the bottom right as seen in image above.
  • The item will have a sparkling effect for a few moments which doesn’t last very long so be sure to watch carefully.
  • If you do not choose an item from the list and simply hit the hint button first it will always find the item at the top of the list which will begin to flash for a few moments first.
  • After you use the hint button you will notice that it has disappeared. It will return in pieces and every few seconds another piece will add back on. Once the button is completely back to normal it will highlight and can be used again.
  • There is no penalty for using hints in the game.

Inventory Items

  • Some items in the game will move into your inventory area at the bottom of the scene as shown in image above.
  • Drag the item to the location it is needed and it will lock into place if you are correct.
  • NOTE – Once you left click on an item the only way to release it is to place it correctly or right click the mouse.


  • As you play the game the central Character "Lora" has a journal in which all aspects of the game are documented.
  • If you need to read the journal click on the journal button at the lower right of the screen.
  • Once you are in the journal exit by clicking on the "X" at the upper right corner.
  • Some mini games will require you use information in the journal to complete them.


  • This walkthrough will take you from start to finish and contains all the solutions to hidden object scenes and mini games.
  • The items are color and shape coded to help you locate them.
  • Each time the game is played you will be asked to find the same items in the same locations which are shown marked in the screen shots below.

Packing Alex’s Toys for Grandma’s House

  • Locate the 12 hidden items.
  • Each item is color coded with a specific shape to help you locate it.
  • Hockey Stick -Green Square
  • Red Suitcase – Red Square
  • Blue Suitcase – Dark Pink Square
  • Toy Rabbit – Dark Blue Square
  • Building Blocks – Light Blue Square
  • Robot Toy – Light Pink Square
  • Playing Cards – Orange Square
  • Soccer Ball – Purple Square
  • Toy Airplane – Brown Square
  • Toy Soldier – White Square
  • Books – Grey Square
  • Baseball Glove – Dusty Pink Square (Center of scene on chair)

Find Alex’s Teddy Bear

  • Locate the Teddy Bear
  • Note the cursor changes to green when you mouse over the center cabinet.
  • Click on the cabinet door to open it.
  • Click on Teddy Bear.
  • Storyline – Before they head to Grandmother’s house Lora is taking Alex for a booster immunization shot. Lora has been having headaches and blackouts and decides she will ask the doctor about this while he sees Alex.

At the Doctor’s Office

  • Locate the 7 items on the list.
  • Stethoscope – Yellow Square
  • Medical Chart – Red Square
  • Tongue Depressor – Dark Blue Square
  • Medical Tape – Neon Green Square
  • Pen – Dark Pink Square
  • NOTE – The last 2 items are hidden in an interactive scene.

Locate the Cotton Balls and Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Click on the cabinet door shown circled in red above.
  • The cotton balls are inside circled with a light blue square.
  • The blood pressure monitor is located in the closet at the left of scene as shown above with a red square.

Locate the Syringe for the Doctor

  • Locate the violet syringe shown circled in yellow above.

Items the Doctor needs to perform a blood test.

  • Locate the 4 needed items.
  • Rubbing Alcohol – Red Square
  • Test Tube – Yellow Square
  • Glass Slide – Neon Green Square
  • Adhesive Bandage – Dark Blue Square

Finishing up at the Doctor’s Office

  • Locate the 3 hidden items.
  • Empty Syringe – Red Square
  • Green Bottle – Yellow Square
  • Orange Lollipop – Neon Green Square

A Second Lollipop for Alex

  • Locate the Blue Lollipop for Alex.
  • Blue Lollipop – Red Circle
  • Storyline – Alex gets his booster shot and Lora tells the doctor of her blacking out so he draws blood from her as well. He will run tests on both blood samples and get back to her. Lora heads to her Mother’s house to drop off Alex before she leaves for Russia.

Help tidy up Grandmother’s Yard

  • Locate the 15 hidden objects in Grandmother’s yard.
  • Basketball – Red Square
  • Soccer Ball – Neon Green Circle
  • Baseball Bat – Yellow Rectangle
  • Baseball – Light Blue Square
  • Apricot Jam – Orange Square
  • Beaded Necklace – Dark Pink Rectangle
  • Building Blocks – White Square
  • Train Set – Dark Purple Rectangle
  • Ladder – Red Circle
  • Jump Rope – Neon Green Circle
  • Balloon – Yellow Square
  • Wheelbarrow – Dark Blue Rectangle
  • Roller Skates – Light Blue Square
  • Toy Boat – Orange Rectangle
  • Rubber Duck – Dark Pink Square

Moving the ladder

  • Once you click on the ladder it will move into your inventory as seen above.
  • You will need to place it in order to get the jump rope off of your list.
  • Drag the ladder to the tree as shown in image above.
  • After it is placed you can click on the jump rope.
  • The rubber duck is located at the right of the scene circled in yellow above.

Locate the Pears

  • Locate the 9 hidden pears shown circled in yellow above.
  • Storyline – Lora says goodbye to Alex and she states she will be back in a month. She decides to go home and pack her bags for her and her husband’s trip.

Locate items to Pack

  • Locate the 12 items needed for the vacation.
  • Passport – Red Square
  • Driver’s License – Yellow Rectangle.
  • Wallet – Light Blue Rectangle
  • Map – Neon Green Circle
  • Hair Brush – Dark Orange Rectangle
  • Tooth Brush – Dark Blue Square
  • Toothpaste – Dark Pink Square
  • First Aid Kit – Neon Green Square
  • Alarm Clock – Red Circle
  • Plane Ticket – Light Pink Circle
  • Russian-English Dictionary – Dark Purple Circle
  • Rubles – Yellow Circle

Locate Cologne

  • Note the cursor changes color when you mouse over the cabinet door.
  • Click on it to open.
  • Cologne is inside.

Locate Grandmother’s Photo

  • Photo is shown circled in neon green.
  • Storyline – Lora is finished packing and decides to go to the Library to study up on Russia before they leave.

In the Library

  • Locate the 5 items on the list.
  • Travel Book – Neon Green Square
  • Encyclopedia – Red Square
  • Book on Russian Art – Light Blue Square
  • Map – Yellow Square
  • Newspaper Clippings – Dark Blue Square.

Open the Cabinet

  • Locate an item to open the cabinet drawer.
  • Click on the knife on the table at the far right circled in Yellow.
  • Drag the knife to the drawer marked with the letter "I" shown circled in red in second image above.
  • Click on item inside drawer.
  • There are several pieces of a newspaper clipping inside.

MINI GAME – Assemble the Puzzle

  • Assemble the pieces until complete article is shown.
  • You can click on a piece with the left mouse button and drag it anywhere in the scene.
  • Right click on the piece to rotate it in different positions.
  • Once you place a piece correctly it will lock into place.
  • The solution is shown above.
  • Storyline – Lora learns that she has a family connection to Rasputin and is excited to go to Russia to learn more.  She then decides to go home early and catches her husband cheating on her. She needs to check the answering machine to see if the doctor has called back with test results but the machine needs to be repaired.

Locate Answering Machine Pieces

  • Locate the 6 pieces of answering machine hidden in scene.
  • All pieces are shown above circled in red.
  • Each piece will move into inventory for a mini game.

MINI GAME – Assemble the Answering Machine

  • In this mini game you will drag the pieces of the machine in your inventory to the center of the scene and put it back together.
  • Drag the items in the order shown in the images.


  • Drag the largest piece to center first.

  • Next place the circuit board inside.

  • Place the cover with the buttons over circuit board.

  • Drag the piece with the light button to the far right.

  • Place the last piece on the far left.

  • Place the receiver and this is the completed machine.

Listen to the Messages

  • Once finished there will be 2 messages for you to listen to.
  • Click on the button as shown above to hear the message.
  • The first message is from the doctor.
  • The second message is from the woman that is cheating with her husband.
  • Storyline – Lora is very upset by the message and decides to leave for Russia without her husband Mark.
  • She leaves for the Airport to leave a day earlier.

MINI GAME – Name that Location

  • In this game you will need to click on the correct locations as they are listed at the right of the screen.
  • You will be asked one location at a time and all the locations are listed here in two maps to make it easier to see.
  • Follow the red arrows.
  • If you click on the correct location the red dot will turn green.
  • Once all are located Lora is allowed to take an earlier flight to Russia.

Help Tidy the Airplane

  • Locate the 13 hidden items to clean up the Airplane.
  • Book – Red Circle
  • Life Vest – Dark Pink Circle
  • Oxygen Mask – Dark Blue Rectangle
  • Magazine – White Circle
  • Seat belt – Dark Orange Square
  • No Smoking Sign – White Square
  • Pretzel – Dark Pink Square
  • Headphones – Yellow Square
  • Laptop Computer – Neon Green Circle
  • Flower Bouquet – Red Rectangle
  • Blue Bag – Dark Blue Circle
  • Napkin – Yellow Circle
  • Cloud – Neon Green Square
  • Storyline – Lora arrives in Russia. The airline has lost her baggage so she is off to the Luggage Office to find it.

Luggage Office

  • Locate the 20 hidden items in the scene.
  • 6 Cell Phones – NOTE – All the phones are found in both images in the first image look for neon green squares and in image 2 they are found with red circles.
  • Officer’s Cap – Yellow Circle
  • Clown Shoes – Red Square
  • Key – Blue Rectangle
  • Sweater – Dark Blue Rectangle
  • Baseball Bat – Dark Pink Rectangle
  • Ray Gun – Orange Square
  • Driver’s License – White Square
  • Newspaper – Neon Green Circle
  • Handbag – Orange Circle
  • Stuffed Toy – Light Blue Circle (Bear)
  • Umbrella – Yellow Circle
  • Bouquet – Red Circle
  • Laptop – White Circle
  • First Aid Kit – Dark Pink Circle
  • NOTE – To find the final cell phone you will need to click on the cabinet door shown in the image above at the top.
  • Storyline – Lora is unable to find her luggage and the employee tells her they will bring it to her hotel when they find it. Exhausted, Lora leaves for the hotel.

Hotel Lobby

  • Locate the keys and Image of Rasputin in the hotel’s lobby.
  • The 5 keys are shown circled in red.
  • Rasputin’s image is circled in yellow.
  • The keys will move into inventory for a mini game.


  • Place the keys in the locks starting with the one at the top in the correct order to open.
  • If you place a key incorrectly you will have to start all over again.
  • The solution is as follows (You could possibly have a different solution)
  • Use the image above for the solution.
  • The keys are numbered at the bottom left.
  • Place them as shown in the image starting with the gold key at the top working clockwise.
  • Once the box is open take the gold jewel key inside.

Hotel Lobby – Finding Tea

  • Locate the 8 hidden objects in the hotel lobby.
  • Robe – Light purple square
  • Towel – Dark Blue Square
  • Tea Pot – Red Square
  • Tea Cup – Neon Green Square
  • Tea Tray – Yellow Square
  • Box of Tissues – Dark Pink Square
  • Restaurant Guide – Light Blue Square
  • Hotel Map – Orange Square

Getting into the Tea Cabinet

  • Find a way to get into the tea cabinet
  • Click on the hammer at the lower left circled in red and it will move into inventory.
  • Use the hammer on tea cabinet shown in center above.
  • Take the tea.

Hotel Room

  • Locate the 9 items hidden in the scene.
  • All items are silhouetted in this scene and are color coded to help you find them.
  • Locate the newspaper in phone shown circled in blue and yellow in above images.
  • Storyline – Lora plans to explore the movie set the next day.

Movie Set

  • Locate the 5 hidden items in the scene.
  • Clipboard – Dark Blue Square
  • Clapper Board – Red Square
  • Film Reel – Dark Pink Square
  • Red Light Stand – Yellow Square
  • Tripod – Neon Green Square

Locate the Currency

  • Locate the 10 coins circled in red above.
  • Locate the 6 bills circled in yellow above.

Artillery Museum

  • Locate the 10 soldiers and place them on the back display.
  • Soldiers are circled in green above.
  • Soldiers will move into your inventory as you find them.
  • When finished drag them to the shelf at the top left of scene as shown in image above.

Find Manuscript Pieces

  • Find the 10 pieces of the manuscript circled in yellow above.

MINI GAME – Locate the manuscript pieces.

  • In this mini game you will be taken to an animated scene where pieces of the manuscript will be blowing around outside.
  • Click on them as quickly as you can and they will move into your inventory.

MINI GAME – Assemble the Manuscript

  • Assemble the pieces of the manuscript
  • NOTE – You will NOT use all the pieces (Only 6 of 10 will be used)
  • You can turn the pieces by right clicking your mouse once you highlight the piece.
  • The pieces will lock into place when correctly positioned.
  • Solution shown above.

Back to the Hotel Room

  • Locate the missing items in the hotel room that Lora will need for her trip to the Village.
  • Map – Orange Square
  • Bus Card – Dark Pink Square
  • Book – Light Blue Square
  • Handbag – Neon Green Square
  • Music Player – Dark Blue Square
  • Russian-English Dictionary – Red Square
  • Sweater – Yellow Square
  • Click on the door as shown above.
  • Inside you will find the remaining items the coat and boots circled in red and blue squares.

Lora’s Dream

  • Locate the 9 hidden items in the scene.
  • Alex’s Pants – Dark Blue Square
  • Alex’s left Sock – Neon Green Circle
  • Alex’s Right Sock – Neon Green Square
  • Alex’s Shirt – Red Square
  • Alex’s Jacket – Yellow Circle
  • Alex’s left glove – Light Blue Circle
  • Alex’s Right glove Light Blue Square
  • Alex’s Hat – Dark Purple Circle
  • Alex’s Scarf – Dark Pink Rectangle


  • Locate the hearing aid for the elderly woman shown circled above.

  • Locate the 7 objects hidden in the scene above.
  • The items are in silhouette form and color coded to help you find them.

Locate the correct spot

  • Take note of the map in the image above.
  • Click on the location seen in the map.

Find the Key

  • Find a way to remove the board.
  • Click on the axe located in the lower right corner of the scene shown circled above.
  • Use the axe in the spot indicated above.
  • Take the key to the Hall of Records and it will move into inventory.

Hall of Records

  • Locate the 10 hidden items in the Hall of Records.
  • Green Books – Dark Blue Rectangle
  • Old Wall Calendar – Dark Pink Square
  • Photo of Village – Neon Green Square
  • Old Registry – Light Blue Square
  • Compass – Orange Square
  • Baby Shoes – Dark Blue Circle
  • Painting – White Rectangle
  • Birth Certificate – Dark Pink Circle
  • Promissory Note – Yellow Square
  • Brooch – Red Square

Items for Soup

  • Locate the 7 items needed to make soup.
  • Chicken Broth – Red Rectangle
  • Onions – Neon Green Rectangle
  • Celery – White Square
  • Olives – Yellow Square
  • Salt – Dark Pink Square
  • Pepper – Orange Square
  • Cabbage – Light Blue Square

  • Locate the additional 8 hidden items in the scene.
  • Tea Set – Dark Blue Circle
  • Bible – Yellow Rectangle
  • Cross – Red Square
  • Vodka Carafe – Neon Green Rectangle
  • Wine Glass – White Rectangle
  • Knife – Light Blue Square
  • Bowl – Orange Circle
  • Fan – Dark Pink Square

Modern Items

  • Locate the batteries and USB circled in red and yellow above.


  • Locate item to cut away brush.
  • Click on the garden shears shown circled in yellow and they will move into inventory.
  • Take the shears and place them on the gravestones shown circled in green above.
  • NOTE – Once you drag the shears to these locations you will have to click at least 3 to 4 times to clear the brush.
  • Each time you click a small amount will clear away.

Clear the Gravestones

  • Locate the towels circled in red above and it will move into inventory.
  • Drag towel with left mouse button to the gravestones and click several times on each to clear away the dirt.
  • The stones are now readable.

Hotel Room-Phone Number

  • Lora needs a phone number she tore up earlier.
  • Locate the pieces of the number around her hotel room.
  • Note that all 10 pieces are circled in light blue above.

MINI GAME – Assemble the Phone Number

  • Assemble the pieces until you have the correct phone number.
  • You can right click to rotate the pieces.
  • Try to put the pieces with outer edges on first and fill in working toward the center.
  • Once a piece is placed correctly it will lock into place.
  • Solution shown above.

Rasputin’s Apartment

  • Locate the 6 hidden items in the scene.
  • Bowl – Dark Blue Square
  • Crystal Ball – Yellow Square
  • Ink – Light Blue Square
  • Fountain Pen – Dark Pink Square
  • Stack of Books – Red Square
  • Numbers – Neon Green Square (Top Center of Scene)

Open Box

  • Click on the box circled in yellow above.
  • The key will move into inventory.
  • Use the key on the drawer at right of scene circled in red above.
  • When drawer opens click on the puzzle box inside.

MINI GAME – Open the Puzzle Box

  • To solve this puzzle you will need to place all of the items in your inventory in the correct locations on the puzzle box.
  • First, place the Brooch in the center of the box shown circled in yellow above.

  • Next, click on the area to the left of the Brooch and it will open up.
  • Place the batteries here then click again to close it.

  • Next, click on the area to the right of the Brooch and another compartment will open up.
  • Drag the USB port to this area and it will click in place in an upright position.

  • Click on the USB port again until it is laying flat inside with the green light on.
  • Click on the door to close it.

  • Last, drag the Cross to the area on the front of the box and click on it once to turn it and it will open.

  • Once the box opens click on the paper inside and read.
  • Storyline – The note inside is addressed to Lora from Rasputin. It instructs her to meet him at a club right away.


  • Locate the 10 items hidden in the club.
  • Image of Rasputin – Neon Green Square
  • Old Magazine – Light Pink Square
  • Silver Goblet – White Square
  • Pillow – Yellow Square
  • Cigar – Dark Pink Rectangle
  • Playing Cards – Orange Square
  • Backgammon Game – Red Rectangle
  • Painting of Tzar Nicholas – Light Blue Square
  • Bird – Dark Blue Rectangle
  • Candelabra – Neon Green Circle
  • Service Bell – Second image Red Circle 
  • Storyline – The clerk once learning Lora’s identity gives her a box that has been waiting there for her for many years. When she tries to open it she learns she must solve a puzzle to get inside.

MINI GAME – Open the Mysterious Box

  • In this puzzle you must first look inside Lora’s Journal.
  • The number in the Journal you need is located at the bottom right of the journal "1915" this is the combination to the puzzle.
  • Click on the buttons in the horizontal rows and they will change.
  • The goal is to have the numbers add up to show 1915 from top to bottom on the right side as shown in image 2 above.
  • 1ST Row – 0-0-0-1 = 1
  • 2ND Row – 4-3-1-1 = 9
  • 3RD Row – 1-0-0-0 = 1
  • 4TH Row – 3-1-0-1 = 5
  • Once the box is open Lora is under Rasputin’s Spell. She tries to run but becomes disoriented.

MINI GAME – Find the Differences past and Present

  • There are 10 differences between the two scenes.
  • The differences are color coded in the image above to help you find them.

MINI GAME – Assemble the Crystal Ball

  • Assemble the shards and repair the crystal ball.
  • Click on each piece with your left mouse button to grab it and use the right mouse button to rotate it.
  • TIP – Click on a piece with an edge first and try to place it. If you cant fit it, right click and try again, repeat this until you find the location of the shard.
  • Once you have all of the outer pieces placed place the center pieces.
  • Solution above.
  • Storyline – Lora is deep under Rasputin’s spell and has become her lover. He tells her that only he can save her son Alex. He uses her to pretend to others that he can tell the future.

Tzar’s Ball – Find the Futuristic Items to impress the Tzar

  • Locate 12 Modern items in the scene above.
  • There are no items listed you must find them all knowing they are items of the future from the time of the ball.
  • All the items are circled in light blue to help you find them.

Drunken Crowd

  • Locate the 12 hidden objects in the scene above.
  • Trashy Color Magazine – Dark Forest Green Square
  • Lighter – Red Circle
  • Flip Flop Sandals – Light Pink Square
  • Animal Print Mini Skirt – Dark Blue Circle
  • Tank Top – Dark Blue Square
  • Spray Cheese Can – Dark Orange Rectangle
  • Instant Noodle Soup – Light Blue Circle
  • Styrofoam Cup – Red Square
  • Sunglasses – Light Blue Rectangle
  • Microwave – Dark Pink Square
  • CD – Yellow Square
  • Detergent – Neon Green Square

Clean Rasputin’s Apartment

  • Locate the 10 hidden items in Rasputin’s apartment to clean it.
  • Bucket – Neon Green Square
  • Map – Yellow Square
  • Towel – Dark Blue Square
  • Broom – Dark Pink Square
  • Dirty Plates – Red Square
  • Cups – Neon Green Circle
  • Fork – Dark Blue Circle
  • Knife – Red Circle
  • Playing Cards – Light Blue Square
  • Ashtray – Yellow Circle
  • Cigar Box – Red Square

MINI GAME – Inside Cigar Box

  • Move the items inside the cigar box by clicking on them and dragging them to the other side.
  • Use the right mouse button to release an item.
  • Move items until you locate the key as seen above circled in red.

Open Safe

  • The key will now be in your inventory.
  • Use the key on the portrait on the wall as shown above.
  • There is a safe behind the portrait.
  • Remove Rasputin’s Crystal ball.
  • Storyline – Lora uses the ball to see the truth about her and her son. She learns she is in the hospital sick for many months and in her present state she is 8 months pregnant with Rasputin’s child.

Lora’s Hospital Room

  • Find items that will help bring Lora back to the present.
  • Picture of Grandmother – Red Square
  • Photo of Alex – Neon Green Square
  • Sweater – Dark Pink Square
  • Rose – Dark Blue Circle
  • Quilt – Red Circle
  • Pillow – Yellow Square
  • Piece of Cake – Orange Square
  • Cards – Dark Purple Rectangle
  • Clock – Dark Green Circle
  • Cup – Dark Blue Square
  • Matroyshka (Russian Stacking Dolls) – Light Blue Rectangle
  • NOTE – Click on the drawer to the right of the bed to open it and you will find the pear and cologne inside.
  • Pear – Green Square
  • Cologne – Red Square


  • Locate 12 items from the store Lora will need to help her escape.
  • Bread – Light Blue Square
  • Cheese – Yellow Rectangle
  • Ceramic Jug – Dark Pink Square
  • Potatoes – Orange Rectangle
  • Onions – White Rectangle
  • Baby Basket – Red Circle
  • Towels – Neon Green Rectangle
  • Cloth Diapers – Light Blue Circle
  • Map of Russia – Dark Purple Rectangle
  • Carpetbag – Dark Blue Square
  • Lantern – Red Rectangle
  • NOTE – Click on the door of the cabinet at the bottom center of scene.
  • Inside cabinet you will find the Baby Bottle circled in a yellow square.

Deliver the Baby

  • Locate the 12 silhouetted items needed to deliver a baby.
  • All the items are color coded to help you find them.

Gather Baby items to Flee with and destroy all evidence baby was there.

  • Gather the 9 hidden objects needed to flee with the Baby.
  • Baby Basket – Orange Square
  • Blanket – Yellow Square
  • Bottle – Purple Square
  • Boots – Dark Pink Square
  • Coat – White Rectangle
  • Scarf – Dark Blue Square
  • Hat – Red Square
  • Bag – Light Blue Square
  • Baby Bottle – Neon Green Square

MINI GAME – Breaking the Fever-Bringing Lora Back to the Present

  • In this game you will see a portrait of one of the people in Lora’s life at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Several images will flash all over the screen.
  • Quickly click on the one that matches the portrait and it will change to another person.
  • Once you identify and match all 8 you will win the game.
  • Each time you make a match you will bring Lora’s fever down a little more.
  • When it breaks Lora is back in the present with her husband and son.
  • NOTE – Locations will vary! Images shown below are examples of how the screen will look for each image.

  • Locate the image of the Tzar.

  • Locate the image of Lora’s Husband Mark.

  • Locate the image of the elderly Woman.

  • Locate the image of Bar Owner.

  • Locate the image of Rasputin.

  • Locate the image of the Baby Girl.

  • Locate the image of Lora’s son Alex.

  • Locate image of Museum Curator.

Bring Lora back from the Past

  • Locate the 29 differences between the two scenes to bring Lora back to the present time.
  • NOTE – Some of the items are VERY small and hard to find especially around the woman and the table she is seated at.
  • All of the differences have been color coded in the image above to help you find them.
  • Storyline – Lora’s fever breaks and she returns to her family, but while Rasputin’s curse has left her it may have taken hold of her son Alex.


  • Congratulations! You have completed Rasputin’s Curse.