Ranch Town Walkthrough

Ranch Town – An Introduction

Ranch Town is a Facebook game developed by Meteor Games that gives a player the chance to own and run a ranch by utilizing its natural resources such as rich soil, minerals and fish, which are then cultivated by growing a variety of plants, feeding animals, running machines that generate minerals and produce food, all to earn a profit and expand. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Ranch Town.

Claim your Ranch Name

You now own a ranch and it makes sense to take ownership of your new property. By clicking on the wooden board on top, it will open a window for you to enter your preferred ranch name. It has a maximum of 36 characters but utilizing all will decrease the font size and it may not be readable.

Ranch Town

Take Advantage of Natural Resources

You start off with 500 coins, several Alfalfa plants, a cow and an apple tree. Before you start spending your coins by adding trees or plots, you need to take advantage of the resources that are available. Your ranch produces salmon, copper ore and rich river soil.

Ranch Town

Every few minutes, you will notice fish swimming at the lake found on the left side of the game screen, copper ore appearing at the bottom and river soil just right beside the tree and the lake. Click on them and it will be added in your storage. You can then sell them individually to earn money. You can, however, opt to keep it until you purchase machines that will produce goods that are higher in value.

Purchasing Machines

At level 1, three machines are available for purchase at the store. With your starter coins, buy all three machines. You’ll still be left with coins to plant more alfalfa seeds.

Ranch Town

The smelter produces copper bars from copper ores, the soil processor produces gold flakes from rich river soil and the smoke house will give you smoked salmon from the fish you catch. Each will be ready in one minute.

A machine can hold up to 6 items. 3 raw goods and 3 produced items. Collect the finished items as soon as its done so you can continuously add more for the machine to churn it out. If the maximum number has been reached, you can’t add more until it has been processed or collected.

You can also opt to buy just the smelter as a start. Bags of copper ore appear more often than soil and fish.

Earn More with Processed Food and Minerals

Selling raw items like the fish you catch or soil you gather can earn you coins but their value is lower. By using the machines you purchased, processing them will earn a bit more. Since it only takes a minute of your time, it’s worth the wait to gain 5 extra coins. You will also earn 1 level point each time you put them into the machines for processing. By doing this, you will unlock more machines and can afford to purchase them for even more high valued goods.

Ranch Town

Add Neighbors and Ask for Gifts

At this point, you can’t visit your neighbor’s ranch but it doesn’t hurt to add them early in the game to prepare for future features. It is assumed that you’ll be able to collect resources from your neighbor’s ranches when it is added to the game.

You can save money and earn more if you ask them for one more cow, alfalfa seeds and apple trees. Just make sure you don’t fill up your ranch with too many items since expansions are not yet available. Leave space for new machines, more plots and animals. It is recommended that you focus on asking for more seeds.

You can also choose to sell the gifts that your friends send.

Ranch Town

Removing Items

As you progress through the game, you will unlock items that will produce high valued goods. If at any point you want to remove machines, plots, trees or animals to make space for new items, you can do so by clicking on the red “X” mark on the menu and click on the item you want to delete. A window will appear to confirm whether you want to sell the item.

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