Radiation City Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Radiation City is Atypical Games’s follow up to Radiation Island. Following a similar theme, it has you simply needing to survive while stranded in the city of Pripyat. Survival isn’t very easy when you have to worry about having enough food and drink, as well as being able to survive attack from predators and monsters.

With so much going on, you probably need some guidance. That’s where Gamezebo’s Radiation City Tips, Cheats and Strategies comes into play. It’ll give you some useful tips on how to get started and, hopefully, survive for a while to come.

The Basics

  • It’s not the monsters that are your biggest threat here – it’s dehydration and starvation that’s going to get you.
  • Look out for wells or water pumps. They’re often quite easy to find in villages. They’ll quench your thirst as well as give you the means in which to refill any empty bottles you have.
  • Obviously, that means make sure you have empty bottles at hand.
  • Food is a matter of scrounging and scavenging. See what you can seek out and collect all food. Even some berries will keep you ticking along a little longer than without.
  • Don’t run everywhere. Sure, it’s faster, but your stamina will drain and you’ll end up much slower for a time. It’s not worth the risk as you might come across a situation where you need to flee fast.

Levelling Up

  • Levelling up happens reasonably quickly early on. You earn skill points each time you level up.
  • Use those skill points well. You can put them into things like boosting your stamina or resistance levels, as well as speed and general health. Consider what kind of play style you want to pursue here, and put the points in accordingly.
  • Generally, points into speed and life are always worth doing.

Getting By

  • You really want to find a backpack as soon as possible. Your survival is dependent on being able to carry plenty of stuff that can feed you or offer you other benefits. Starting out, you really don’t have much inventory space so work on finding a backpack quickly. It’ll make all the difference.
  • Can’t find a can opener? There’s a quest early on that guides you towards one, but if something happened to it – use a knife instead to pry open the tins.
  • When it’s dark, hide. Find a tent or other shelter just as dusk is setting, then sleep through the night. You really, really don’t want to be in the dark, even if you’re quite well equipped.


  • You want to avoid combat wherever possible. Radiation City isn’t a shooter, it’s a survival game. Surviving is more important than killing.
  • Running away from a zombie? Make sure it loses its line of sight on you before you hide out somewhere. Zombies are dumb and will lose interest once they can’t see you for a while.
  • If you get attacked, you might end up infected. Infections only get worse over time so you need to work on finding medicine quickly to heal it.

Thinking Long Term

  • See those vehicles scattered around once in a while? You can repair those. But you’re going to need duct tape, wires, and scrap mental to stand a chance. Also, check out the vehicle’s trunk for more gear.
  • Eventually, you’ll be able to set up bases at multiple camp locations, meaning you can fast-travel between them. This is always a good idea as it’s a far safer method than just running.

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