Race Kings Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Race Kings is a new racing game from Hutch Games, and it offers quite a selling point. It has you solely racing against other players, and all in real time. A drift based racing game, you’ve probably played something similar before, but that doesn’t mean you might not need some primers and some advice on how to get started.

Gamezebo’s Race Kings Tips, Cheats and Strategies will get you set up nicely, and on your way to winning every race that’s ahead of you.

Winning the Race

  • The key to every race is timing and maintaining momentum.
  • Launching at the perfect moment really does take some practice. Whatever you do, don’t start too soon otherwise you’ll initiate a false start and forfeit the race. It’s better to be a teensy bit cautious and make up for it with perfect drifts and corners.
  • Hit the handbrake just as your wheels go over the yellow line so you begin the drift perfectly.
  • To come out of the drift, keep the drift needle low in the blue as you reach the end of the drift/corner. Hit the gas hard so you cross the exit line before the needle goes into the red. Timing is everything but, fortunately, practice makes perfect.


  • Remember to focus on your objectives. These work as a kind of leveling up system within the game. Complete enough objectives to go up a rank and you can place larger bets, unlock new car classes, and retain more money.
  • That last one is an important one because once you hit the cash cap, you can’t earn any more money, meaning you’re wasting time and energy.
  • Objectives are usually fairly simple. They tend to be things like preforming a perfect drift, completing a certain number of races, or winning a particular number. As you work your way up the ranks, it can take much longer to complete them with the number increasing. Remember though – they’re mostly things you’d be doing while playing the game anyhow.


  • Always be upgrading. Use your money whenever possible to buy an upgrade. Upgrades lead to an increase in your EDGE which is basically the game’s way of saying you’re better than your opponent.
  • Got an upgrade that’s going to take a little while to finish? Start it up when you’re about to go AFK for a while. Don’t bother using premium currency to skip ahead. The only exception is when an objective relates to having an upgrade delivered immediately.
  • EDGE advantages reset when the track changes, such as when a regular event changes. Fit upgrades when the track has just changed to enjoy that extra EDGE for a bit longer.


  • Play the main event every day and you’ll earn Blueprints. These can then be used to eventually unlock a new class of car without spending gold. It all adds up and works well as a form of trickle feeding content.
  • Enter every event possible. You can earn gold even if you don’t finish top of the leaderboard.
  • Each weekday, there’s an event that requires a certain type of car. Always enter it and you can earn more gold that day.
  • Worst case? You’re enjoying completing races and earning your way to finishing an objective or two.

The Little Things

  • Check in every hour for a bronze key. It can give you free gold and that all adds up.
  • And don’t forget those new events!

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