Rabbids Crazy Rush Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Ubisoft’s Rabbids Crazy Rush is as hectic as it sounds. Your mission is to help the Rabbids reach the moon. The only way you can do this is by running, running, running. Along the way, there are new suits to earn and wear too, adding to the weirdness. It’s a simple but entertaining auto-runner with plenty of wackiness to spectate.

Gamezebo’s Rabbids Crazy Rush Tips, Cheats and Strategies is on hand to help you get the most out of this wackiness, as you slowly make your way to the moon.

Getting to Grips with Things

  • Rabbids Crazy Rush isn’t a hard game initially, so you want to work at gaining those all important three stars during each level. Early on, you can do this without much careful thought. Soon though, you might need to repeat stages to get things just right.
  • Earning stars makes it easier to unlock new areas, so don’t settle for just one star on each level.
  • One of the most important things about gaining three stars is that you gain a plunger. Earn enough plungers and you can buy a daily suit. Some of them are REALLY cool. You want to look like a ninja, right? How about earning an Assassin’s Creed suit? Exactly.

  • Talking of cool suits, sometimes you’ll unlock a special kind of map which gives you a chance of winning a rare suit. Give it a whirl.
  • Each special map level is time-limited but if you manage to complete all ten levels, you get to keep the special suit. Not bad, huh?
  • Don’t waste your plungers on extra turns. It’s just not worth it and soon turns expensive. Put them aside for suit purchases, and watch ads for similar bonuses to using plungers.
  • Remember the cardinal rule of premium currencies – don’t waste them on temporary bonuses, i.e. revives. Save those plungers for far more valuable things.

Different Suits for Different Folk

  • Not all suits are the same.
  • Divided into three different types – Destroyer, Jumper, and Bling-Bling, you want to focus on what each of them do.
  • Destroyer suits allow you to crash into objects, thereby instantly destroying them.
  • Jumper suits offer up a double jumping ability.
  • Bling-Bling sounds like it’ll just look cool, but it actually doubles up the amount of cans you can collect for a limited time.
  • Suits also offer different rarity levels. There are Common suits, Advanced, Rare, and Epic.
  • Aim for the higher rarity level as it invariably means its special ability will also longer.

Other Things to Know

  • The Glider power-up is useful because it means you’re flying through the air. There’s more to it than that, though. It also doubles as a magnet cart meaning you’ll attract all the nearby pepper cans without any effort and regardless of what lane you’re in.
  • Collecting laundry coins might seem dull but it’s worth doing. Every time you collect one, you can exchange it for a piece of suit. Accrue enough pieces and hey, you’ve unlocked a new suit. You can also watch a video to double your prize meaning more suit pieces.
  • You can buy additional laundry coins with cans too. It all adds up pretty fast, so stick with it, and you’ll have soon earned new suits.
  • What do suits mean? Well, a sense of progression, and that’s key here!

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