QubeTown: Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

By Edith King |

QubeTown is a cute farming strategy game that places you in charge of a charming fantasy village. Among your mayor’s to-do list will be cultivating crops, fixing buildings, sending and trading resources to your neighbours. But you’ll also need to protect your precious villagers from occassional attacks from the occasion troll. You can read our full review of this game here.

Starting Tips

QubeTown has a pretty thourough tutorial, so you should already be across the basics. Here’s some things it doesn’t teach you in detail:

  • Conserve your Rubies. The Purple gems, Rubies, are this game’s premium currency. Don’t use them unless absolutely necessary!
  • Keep your shops busy. Making resources and items takes time, so make sure none of your buildings are idle and keep yourself stocked up with all the indrients you need for your items.
  • Check the Dragon Shop for Delivery Orders. With everything on your plate, it’s easy to forget that you can earn extra EXP and Gold by sending out excess resources by tapping on the purple dragon.
  • Level up as fast as you can. A lot of cool things are locked until you reach a certain level, like new characters, shops, and even dungeons! If you want your farm to flourish, you’ll need to level up fast.

Advanced Tips

Once you’re a master at the basics,

  • Leave some heroes to defend your town! Don’t send all of them to a dungeon or mine. In case your town gets attacked by trolls, you’ll need some extra ones on standby.
  • Build a Roullette. If you’re a free-to-play gamer, you’ll want the Rubies it sometimes gives as prizes.
  • Visit other farms. If you’re stuck, visiting the farms of other players can give you some great ideas about farm layout and buildings, not to mention cool cosmetic styles.

Do all these and you’ll be a master Lord Mayor before you know it!

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