Puzzle to the Center of the Earth Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Mixing elements of match-3 and platforming, Puzzle to the Center of the Earth is not an easy game. It’s a very deliberate and challenging puzzler that requires being smart in order to succeed.  Lucky for you, Gamezebo’s Puzzle to the Center of the Earth tips, cheats and strategies are here to help you dig a little deeper.

Energy management is key to success

Puzzle to the Center of the Earth Tips Cheats StrategiesAlways go for energy blocks whenever possible. Make as few moves as possible, and only go for diagonal matches when they help make catalyst-length matches and to help make other matches. But always try to go for energy blocks, each one has three energy crystals in it, and you can just never have too much energy.

Be smart when going vertical

Puzzle to the Center of the Earth Tips Cheats StrategiesSome sections of levels will require you to climb upward. Remember that you can jump two blocks’ height from any horizontal distance you can reach blocks from, so make sure you make matches in a way that you can always get upward. And remember, you can always pull blocks downward in order to get new platforms you can reach.

You will need stars to advance

Puzzle to the Center of the Earth Tips Cheats StrategiesOver time, you will need to get a certain number of stars in order to progress to future level sets. I recommend getting stars from levels early on where possible – these are a lot easier to get, and will pay dividends later on. Stars just require particularly diligent level exploration – the maps may help, the levels have randomized block color formations but the location of stars and switches is always the same. I recommend buying that $4.99 unlimited lives IAP, as well, once you’re committed to the game. You’ll thank me later.

TNT boxes are absurdly dangerous in open space

Puzzle to the Center of the Earth Tips Cheats StrategiesTNT can stretch out rather far into empty spaces, so be very, very careful around them. In general, you want to blow up TNT blocks by making matches of adjacent blocks, when they’re completely surrounded. If making a match where the TNT has room to blow up in open space once the matched blocks disappear, get out of the way. If you can get into a nook 2 blocks deep, you’ll be in better shape, but generally, stay far away from TNT.

Try to create catalysts whenever possible

Puzzle to the Center of the Earth Tips Cheats StrategiesCatalysts are absurdly valuable because of their utility in recipes. They can blow up large portions of the board. They can spawn additional energy (which has saved me when I’ve needed it!) and can help draw in coins and energy dropped from blocks with the Magnet recipe. Making matches of at least 6 whenever possible is always worth it, because you can always find ways to get the expended energy back, or to use it in more efficient ways with recipes. As well, the catalyst will spawn at the sixth block in the match. As such, try to draw the match line towards your character, such that the catalyst will spawn in an area that you can get to. It’s jsut smart, and saves you energy from having to make matches to actually get the catalyst.

Health management is key.

Puzzle to the Center of the Earth Tips Cheats StrategiesLevels are pretty much endurance tests, as you have very limited amounts of health. You can buy armor, but it’s very expensive at 200 coins per use, so it’s really only for emergencies. So, not taking damage at any cost is important, because levels are not short affairs!

Don’t go crazy dropping blocks.

Puzzle to the Center of the Earth Tips Cheats StrategiesIt’s worth dropping blocks for three reasons. One is if it’s the quickest way to advance by dropping a single block. Two is if you can create a six-or-more match so that you can create a catalyst, which you can use to get more energy with one of your recipes. The third is to kill an enemy. One energy unit is a small price to pay for getting rid of a dangerous enemy in short order, because health does come at that premium, and this is often safer than trying for explosions of the recipe or TNT reaction variety.

Additionally, never drop blocks on energy, gold, or especially catalysts unless absolutely necessary: dropping blocks crushes any loose items. If you can avoid doing so, it’s usually worth the payoff to not crush those items, especially energy. So be careful when dropping blocks.

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