Punch Club Tips, Cheats and Strategies

So you’ve read our review and decided to give Punch Club a try. If you’re anything like me, you quickly realized that it’s no walk in the park to be the fighting champ. It takes dedication, hard work, and strategy …

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So you’ve read our review and decided to give Punch Club a try. If you’re anything like me, you quickly realized that it’s no walk in the park to be the fighting champ. It takes dedication, hard work, and strategy to make your boxing alter ego good enough to take on the best Punch Club has to offer.

There’s a lot going on at any given time in Punch Club, so you have to make a plan of action and stick with it to truly succeed in this game. To help you make the decisions that will make you the champ, our Punch Club tips, cheats and strategies will give you some enlightenment on how we made it to the top.

Your Needs

Punch Club Kitchen

Punch Club simulates what it’s like to be a real fighter, and between bouts you’re going to have to take care of your everyday human needs if you want to stand a chance of rising in the ranks.

Health: This is your physical health, and it determines whether you go into a bout with full hit points or not. Depending on how low this meter is you could either be king of the ring or hit the ropes with a glass jaw. Sleeping on your couch will restore hitpoints, and you’ll want to make sure to refill this meter after each fight.

Hunger: This is going to be the thorn in your side the entire game. If your hunger meter reaches 0, then you can’t work or train. This can cause a situation in which you have no food, so you can’t work, so you can’t get money to buy food. If this happens, see Mickey, and he’ll fill you up enough that you can get back on your feet.

Happiness: This one isn’t too much concern. You’ll want to make sure it’s filled over half, or your training won’t be as effective. However, it fills just by winning fights, and rarely goes down by much. If for some reason you lose too many matches and get too blue, watching TV in your recliner at home or sleeping will set you right.

Energy: This is another stat you’ll have to keep a close eye on. Like hunger, if you don’t have enough energy you can’t work or train. However, you can recover this by just resting on your couch, so there’s no danger of getting yourself in a terrible situation as long as this stat and hunger aren’t depleted. You can also raise this stat with energy drinks, but as long as you have a good rhythm to your day down, you shouldn’t need to.

Fighting Style

Punch Club Tech Tree

Punch Club is not a game where you can do everything. Early on you’re going to have to pick what style of fighting you want to be good at and stick to it.

Tank: Going this route will make you strong as an ox, and you’ll rely on devastating attacks that you can throw in between soaking up damage. You’ll want to put a most of your training into strength with a bit into stamina so you can keep going, even in long bouts. When the time comes, you’ll want to start training in the Way of the Bear skill tree.

Fights like: Mike Tyson

Defensive: If you take this path, you’ll be a pro at dipping, dodging, and blocking while waiting for your opponent to tire themselves out. Once their offense slows down, you’re ready to move in with counter-attacks and blistering combos to catch your opponent off guard. For a good defense, primarily train stamina with a bit of strength thrown in to make your punches count. Your best bet is to follow the Way of the Turtle when choosing skills.

Fights like: Rocky Balboa

Agile: If you’re looking to circle the ring and peck your opponents over time, agility is your friend. To punch and move faster than your opponents you’ll want to train agility primarily and a bit in stamina as well to keep you dancing around the mat. When it comes time to pick your path, yours in the Way of the Tiger.

Fights like: Muhammad Ali

Making Things Easier On Yourself

Punch Club Garage
  • As soon as you’re able to, begin fighting in the Rookie League. Even if you loose you’ll gain experience points you can use to develop your skills.
  • Once you’ve unlocked the gym, start training the stats of the particular fighting style you’ve chosen. It costs $10 a pop so make sure you enter with full hunger and energy bars.
  • Once you’ve got a steady cash flow, start building up your home gym. By visiting the sporting goods store you can purchase exercise equipment to put in your garage.
  • Make sure when purchasing equipment that it trains the stats you need for your chosen fighting style.
  • There are various story threads throughout the city. Make sure that you visit each area often and go through each conversational topic with those you meet. You never know when you’re gonna meet someone who will open a new avenue to more ways to make cash or new fights.
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