Pumped BMX 2 Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

By Nadia Oxford |

Pumped BMX 2 is a biking / stunt game from Yea Us!. In this game, you get on a BMX bike and perform as many crazy stunts as possible on a series of ramps and hills. Gamezebo’s Pumped BMX 2 tips, cheats and strategies will help you rack up a big score without shattering any important bones.

Pumped BMX 2 Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Lean into descents to build up speed and make big jumps – A burst of speed is necessary to make most high / long jumps in Pumped BMX 2. When you’re pedaling down a hill, tilt your device forward to increase your speed and go flying for a considerable distance once you’re airborne.
  • Link tricks to score more points – Meeting all the goals in a level requires you to perform tricks that score major points. Link up stunts to perform moves that net you a massive score.
  • Even out your wheels for smoother, easier landings – Whatever tricks you perform in a leap, make sure you come down with both wheels touching the ground. Even though it’s possible to complete a trick with a manual or a nose manual, it takes time to master. Start off with even landings.

Pumped BMX 2 Tips Cheats Strategies

  • The “T2” button switches back to T1 after it’s been used once – The T1 and T2 buttons switch between lists of tricks. When you set the T2 button once and perform an advanced trick, the button shifts back automatically to T1. Keep that in mind if you’re going for a high score.
  • T2 tricks bring in far more points than T1 tricks – T2 tricks are harder to control than T1 tricks, but they bring in major points. Since you need to toggle between T1 and T2, try starting your run with a T2 trick.
  • Don’t try landing on a beam after pulling off a trick unless you’re ready to try for a manual – Landing on a beam, ramp, or log after doing a trick can have disastrous results – unless you can land on one tire. Give it a try if you’re feeling brave – transitioning from a trick to a manual scores big-time points.

Pumped BMX 2 Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Let go of the “Pump” button when making jumps – Stop peddling (that is, let go of the “Pump” button) when you’re airborne. Otherwise, you’ll slow yourself down and potentially miss jumps that are easy to clear.
  • Don’t lose momentum! – Whatever tricks you pull off, make sure never to lose momentum. If you stall on a big hill, your run automatically ends, and all the points you’ve accumulated won’t save you.
  • Stuck on a challenge? Try it later – If you’re stuck on a particular challenge on a level (or a bunch of challenges), try coming back to it later. Simply playing around in other levels gives you a feeling for Pumped BMX 2’s physics, and you can return to old roadblocks a little wiser.

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