PUBG Mobile: When Exactly Is Season 4?

Any player of PUBG knows they only have a certain number of days to get the most out of the season. There are 100 levels to a Royale Pass in PUBG which means you have to play a lot if you want to make it to the top without spending any more of your cold hard cash. But that’s enough with the technicalities, let’s talk about season four.

When exactly will it start?

Well a typical PUBG season lasts three months, which means this next season should start on the 18th of November. Season two ended on August the 18th, which was three months ago, so this means season three will be ending in a matter of days. As for any items that you have already unlocked, they should stay with you for the next season. If you haven’t achieved every item from the Royale Pass or got as much as you can from the Halloween event then now is your last chance, on the 18th everything will change.


For those of you unfamiliar with how a new season works in PUBG allow me to explain exactly what changes and what to expect this season.

What happens when the season changes?

When a new season begins, players start with a clean slate so to speak, with regards to the Royale Pass. Leader-Boards will also be reset, meaning there will be a new surge in players as everyone scrambles to make it to the top. When the season ends, a reward is normally distributed to all players. This reward is normally quite small and is affected by what rank you are as an individual, so high ranked players can expect some special crates and items of clothing, whereas low ranked players should expect some basic crates or a few thousand BP.


What happens to my rank?

What normally happens in PUBG Mobile with your rank is, that it gets lowered a little when a new season begins. This is to re-establish the field as some people end up in places they shouldn’t be. This means good players will have to earn back the position they were in, which shouldn’t be too hard. However, this does mean that some good players are dropped lower than they should be, so don’t be upset if you are struggling at the start of the new season, these players will move on soon.


Will gameplay change?

Well, this is a difficult question to answer because, recently there was a Halloween update, but it didn’t add anything new to the game besides aesthetics. So it could be a safe assumption that some new weapon or vehicle could be on the horizon. Traditionally, there is little change at the very start of a PUBG season with regards to gameplay. Normally, the crate rewards change, and the shop will have new items, but it is unlikely that gameplay will change much.

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