PUBG Mobile – What are Jingle Bells and What are They Used For?

PUBG Mobile is on the brink of releasing a new map. It’s called Vikendi and its set in a mountainous, snowy landscape where you can track your prey by following their footsteps through the snow. That’s not the only new addition to the world of PUBG, there’s a new vehicle, assault rifle and other improvements to read all about here. But there is one more new addition that can be found in any PUBG map.

Jingle Bells

If you have been playing PUBG Mobile recently, you would have stumbled upon the new item which can spawn anywhere in the PUBG maps. This item is called a Jingle Bell and its description seems to show what the bells will do. The description says “Collect bells to get rewards!” which can only mean one thing, the more bells you collect the more/better rewards you will get.

PUBG Mobile

How much space do they take up?

Carrying any item in PUBG takes up a certain amount of room in your inventory. This rule applies to every item except the Jingle Bells, you can pick up as many Jingle Bells as you can find even with a full inventory. This shows that Tencent expects users to pick up a lot of bells throughout the event, and throughout each player’s individual life. So it’s fair to say, that if you want the best reward, you will have to pick up a lot of bells.

PUBG Mobile

What are the rewards?

Now that the Vikendi Map has finally dropped, we can reveal what you can get as a reward by collecting the Jingle Bells. There are a number of different rewards you can get for your Jingle Bells, the most useful item is the Winter Wonderland Crate which costs 30 bells. There are a load of other items for 30 bells including a BAPE Outfit Box and various snow sculptures.

PUBG Mobile

You can also earn Jingle Bells by completing Event challenges, like getting hit by snowballs in the Vikendi loading area. This will allow you to gather Jingle Bells quicker to get the most out of the event. Don’t have any Jingle Bells yet? Don’t worry, there are 27 days left of the event right now, so you have until the 17th of January to gather as many as you can.

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