PUBG Mobile – Vikendi Tips, Cheats and Strategies

So you’re a fan of PUBG Mobile and want to know all about the new map Vikendi. Where to land, how to approach the final circle and any other general tips or hints. Well, you have come to the right place, here at Gamezebo we take PUBG Mobile seriously. So if you want reliable advice to follow, then keep reading.

Where’s the best place to land?

As with any PUBG Map, each individual has their own unique preference of where to land. Whether it’s because of superstition about loot drops, or whether you like dropping into the heart of the action, Vikendi does not differ from the other PUBG maps. There are many large quiet areas which have surprisingly bad loot, and when I say bad loot I mean lots of heals and no assault rifles. So try to avoid Cement Factory in particular, no one lands around here and for good reason.

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Good places to land include Goroka, Cosmodrome, Volnova and Hot Springs. These areas have been rewarding and action-packed every time I have landed there, so it is worth your time investigating. Two other places I can recommend for two different reasons are Dino Park and Podvosto. Dino Park is an enjoyable place to be with plenty to look at and many other curious players to kill. Podvosto is the exact opposite, many identical houses and very quiet, great for loot and good for kills later on in the game.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Be sneaky in the final zone. As with any PUBG Mobile final zone, you don’t want to be the one running around. This is because most of the map is covered in a blanket of snow, so you are even easier to spot than normal.
  • Dress in white. This may sound ludicrous, but try to dress as brightly coloured as possible. This is because from a distance any fluorescent colour looks white. Obviously, this does not apply to every colour, like bright pink or vicious purple, but don’t be afraid to dress boldly. If in doubt, just try to go as white as possible.

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  • Use your surroundings. A lot of Vikendi is full of wide open, snowy spaces, with little to look at beyond a tree or a rock. So, you should be using the trees and the rocks by using them as cover. The trees in Vikendi are a perfect thickness to stand behind if you are being shot at, plus nothing is more bulletproof than a rock.
  • I am hungry for a chicken dinner! Aren’t we all? But there is a difference between hunger and pure desperation. Running head first as the enemy in any direction, whether or not they have seen you, is a suicidal move. If they are a remotely decent player, they will turn on you and shoot you while you are out of cover. Don’t be desperate, spend your time getting into a position where you can shoot them, and they will struggle to shoot you back.

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  • The map is three islands. This is important to know because crossing a river is a very dangerous thing to do in PUBG. When you are crossing, you cannot return fire, you can only dive and change direction. So, note where the zone is, if it’s mainly over one island, then head to it as quick as possible. Landing on a Castle is a good advantage point, but getting onto the castle island is a nightmare if you don’t land there directly.

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