PUBG Mobile Update Version 0.13.0 Patch Notes: New TDM Game Mode, Achievements, Vikendi Snow, Cheating Detection and the End of Team Killing?

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PUBG Mobile is one of those games where you love the good times and detest the bad. In this update, a new game mode is being introduced and other various tweaks to help the good times. Plus, they have stepped up their efforts to detect cheating and emulators to help reduce the bad times.

Are these changed going to be enough to ease some criticism from the community? It’s hard to believe one update will fix every problem in the game, but this one seems like a step in the right direction.

What’s new?

As mentioned above, a new game mode will make its way onto our devices. This game mode is for EvoGround and it will be a Team Deathmatch (TDM). This TDM will feature four-on-four fights that can be played in either first-person or third person perspective.

As part of this new game mode, we will receive a tweak in our control settings, allowing us to have different button layouts for first-person and third-person perspective. They have also added a dedicated climbing button, which has to be enabled in settings.

With the addition of a new game mode, come new achievements for us to unlock. They include some obvious ones, like winning games or completing missions. The exact details of the new achievements and how to get them are listed below.

New Achievements:

– Victory Legion: Complete 1/5/10/20 matches with Dominating in Team Deathmatch.
– Alpha & Omega: Get the first kill and final blow in a Team Deathmatch.
– T-800: Achieve Terminator 1 time in Team Deathmatch.
– Envoy of War: Complete a series of missions in Team Deathmatch.

One change most of us Vikendi players have been asking for, is finally making its way onto our mobile devices. Players and vehicles now leave marks and tracks in the snow. Allowing players to stalk and track each other using footprints, rather than relying on gunshots.

What will help improve gameplay?

There are several ways for individuals to ruin PUBG Mobile, most of which involve cheating. Tencent has introduced more ways to detect and block individuals who use emulators or modifiers. It’s unlikely this will stop every cheater in the world, but it will reduce the amount you bump into.

Another irritating way random players can ruin your game in PUBG Mobile is friendly fire. There is nothing worse than meeting up with your team of ‘randoms’ and one of them murders you for your loot. Now, players can remove merit from each other if a teammate kills them. This probably won’t phase out team-killing overnight but it should act as a deterrent.

Anything else?

Yes, there was a wealth of new additions included in this update. They design some of these changes to improve gameplay, other changes are a little more subtle. For example, the introduction of a new Godzilla themed lobby background is a subtle way of refreshing the main menu.

This update also introduced a new popularity gift and ranking reward system. Each week, the top 100 players in the list may collect a unique title. There is also a Charisma ranking, where collecting permanent outfits or vehicle finishes will increase your Charisma ranking.

There has also been an overhaul of the Survive Till Dawn and Darkest Night modes. They have replaced the old zombies by four new types of zombies. The new zombies have abilities like the ability to empower nearby allies, or the ability to reduce player movement speed.

It’s fair to say a lot of effort and thought has gone into the latest update for PUBG Mobile. If you want to know more about the official patch notes, then click the link here.

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