PUBG Mobile: How and why to use vehicles

If you’re new to PUBG Mobile, one of the things that will strike you immediately is how large the map is. Yes, there are 100 players on it, all looking to be the last one left standing, and the map does shrink over time with areas constantly becoming uninhabitable. But when you first jump from the plane, the sheer size of the map can be kind of intimidating.

Thankfully, the developers gave us a way to get around other than just hoofing it, or to be more precise multiple ways. A number of vehicles can be obtained in PUBG Mobile, making for excellent modes of both transportation and protection. On top of that, if you are playing a squad game, a vehicle is a good way to get and keep the squad together and alive, at least for a time.

Still not convinced? Read the rest of our PUBG Mobile vehicle guide and we think you will be.

PUBG Mobile

How to Find and Get In a Vehicle

This is probably the easiest part: Just look around. Vehicles can be found all over the PUBG Mobile map, and often right out by the roads on which you’ll often be driving them. There are a couple of vehicles that are pretty easy to find in any game:

  • Buggy – A pretty basic dune buggy, it has a metal frame, seats two players and (perhaps obviously) offers less overall protection than vehicles with actual sides.
  • UAZ – Essentially a jeep, the UAZ can be found with either an open or closed top and seats up to four players.
  • Motorcycle – Exactly what you’d expect, the motorcycle can transport two players or a third if you find one with a sidecar attached.
  • Dacia – A pretty unattractive car based on the real life Romanian brand, this is the lone car you can drive in the game and can carry four players. Surprisingly, it’s faster than the other vehicles except for the motorcycle sans sidecar.

To get in a vehicle, simply walk up to it and you’ll see the following choices:

PUBG Mobile

You pick ‘Drive’ if you want to drive and ‘Get in’ if you’d rather be a passenger, though for solo games, this doesn’t do you much good except to simply use the vehicle as protection. That can work in a pinch, though being in a vehicle when it is reduced to zero health means it will explode and cause you a lot of damage.

How to Drive a Vehicle

Vehicles in PUBG Mobile have very simple tab controls. When you’re behind the wheel, your screen will look like this:

PUBG Mobile

Those arrow buttons work in tandem. The up and down arrows are used to make the vehicles go faster or slower, while the other arrows are to steer. You’ll also see an ‘Exit’ button to get out of the vehicle and a horn button that should be self-explanatory. Finally, the button in the lower-right corner allows you to swap to a different seat if desired. That’s important because you can’t fire weapons when driving.

More PUBG Mobile Vehicle Tips and Hints

PUBG Mobile

  • It’s possible to target and pop the tires of a vehicle. That won’t make it unusable but will slow it down immensely.
  • In squad games, it’s possible to enter a vehicle driven by someone on another team if you wanted to do that for some reason.
  • Be careful when firing weapons in a fully loaded vehicle, because you can hit fellow passengers if you aren’t.
  • You know when the warning messages at amusement parks tell you to stay inside the vehicle at all times when it’s moving? Yeah, that applies to PUBG Mobile as well. Exiting a vehicle while moving is a bad idea.
  • Frustrated because another player is using a vehicle for protection? You can still pull off headshots, though your aim needs to be true.

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