PUBG Mobile Anniversary Event FAQ: What is the Anniversary Lottery, How do I Get the Skeleton Chariot and Season 6 Changes

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Whenever a new season of PUBG Mobile begins, they always greet us with plenty of new content and pleasant surprises. Whether you want new outfits, guns or even vehicles, season six has everything you could want.

Skeleton Chariot Lottery

The Skeleton Chariot lottery is the only chance you will have to get your hands on the Skeleton Chariot. For those of you unaware what the chariot is it’s a unique vehicle skin for the standard motorcycle. There are three stages of this skin, meaning that you will need to upgrade this skin twice and unlock it to get its final version.

Each time you upgrade your skin, more bones are attached to the bike, with the final version making all the bones a beautiful gold. It’s fair to say a lot of players will have their eyes set on this gold skin, but it won’t be easy. You will need two skull tokens to redeem the basic bike and then four more to upgrade it once. After this, you will need to save up six more tokens to get the gold bike everyone is craving.

If you don’t know how to enter this lottery, think of it as a glorified crate. It costs 120UC to enter this lottery once, with a discounted price of 540UC if you enter five times. If you have a lot of UC lying around, then you might have a chance to get this skin.

Anniversary Lucky Draw

This lottery is also a glorified crate, but with ways to enter without spending any of your UC. If you have collected the daily log-in reward called “Anniversary Lottery Ticket” then you have a free chance to enter the draw. You can also collect free tickets by looking through the Daily Events and completing appropriate challenges.

Keep your eyes peeled throughout this event as there are bound to be plenty of opportunities to get your hands on some free tickets. If you can’t wait, you can enter this draw for 60UC per turn, or 540UC for 10.

Season 6 big changes

  • A massive change that the community has been begging for in recent times is a loser reward system. Basically, a system that rewards you, ever so slightly, for spending your money on crates/lotteries. Both the lotteries mentioned above have a loser reward system where the more times you open a crate the more rewards you get. Taking part in these lotteries 100 times has the biggest reward, but don’t set this as a target!
  • There is new anniversary content in the game and in the Spawn Island. Yes, I mean there is a new crate in the store, but there are also new ways to earn these crates. Apparently, you can light fireworks and collect crates during matches. There are also birthday cakes that randomly spawn across the map, find some of these for a surprise.
  • There is a new gun in the Vikendi map, it’s called a G36C which any COD4 players would recognise immediately. Introducing this assault rifle will be instead of the SCAR-L, which I think few people would complain about.
  • There is also a new vehicle being introduced to the Sanhok map called a Tukshai (a Tuk-Tuk). The Tukshai is a three-wheeled vehicle exclusive to Sanhok, and it replaces several vehicles on the island. So, the Dacia 1300, Minibus and UAZs will no longer spawn in Sanhok

Other season 6 changes

  • Elite Pass Plus members will receive more bonuses besides a 25 rank boost.
  • Dynamic weather added to Erangel and Miramar.
  • Consecutive low-quality items from crates will reward players with vouchers or scraps and they have added bad luck titles plus achievements.
  • Zombies will enter a weakened state during the match.
  • Fixed areas in the map where zombies could not enter.
  • They have tuned some zombie skills.
  • Collect Anniversary Supply Vouchers to redeem the “Anniversary Supreme Crate” for free.

There is a lot to take from this update, and it’s clear that Tencent has been keeping an eye on us. They are trying to reduce frustration and encourage the community to last another year!

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