Project: Playtime Characters – All Monsters and Survivor Skins Listed

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Looking for all of the Project: Playtime characters? We’ve created a list that contains all of the Project: Playtime monsters, and the Project: Playtime survivor skins. Make sure you bookmark this page so stay up to date with each new release.

Project: Playtime is the brand-new multiplayer version of Poppy Playtime. While playing, you’ll run into familiar monsters such as Mommy Long Legs, and Huggy Wuggy. Six players go against the horrifying monsters in the Playtime Co. company building. The seventh player will play as the monster, making this a 6v1 survival horror game.

Your goal is to build a giant toy while trying to survive against the monsters. Each part of the giant toy is locked behind challenging puzzles – the monsters also like to hang around these parts too, so beware! The aim of the game is to avoid the monsters at all costs, and if you do happen to be unlucky enough to bump into them, run.

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Project: Playtime Characters

Now, let’s move on to the monsters and skins included in the game.

Project: Playtime Monster List

  • Huggy Wuggy
  • Mommy Long Legs
  • Boxy Boo

Survivor Skins List

  • Police Officer Skin
  • Huggy Wuggy Skin
  • Playtime Worker Skin
  • Daddy Long Legs Skin
  • Robot Skin
  • Protective Overalls Skin
  • Homemade Iron Suit Skin
  • Pink Hair Skin
  • Suit Skin
  • Lizard Skin
  • Red Skin
  • Orange Skin
  • Lime Skin
  • Green Skin
  • Dark Green Skin
  • Blue Skin
  • Cyan Skin
  • Turquoise Skin
  • Purple Skin
  • Pink Skin
  • Maroon Skin
  • White Skin
  • Gray Skin
  • Black Skin
  • Wood Skin
  • Rock Skin
  • Silver Skin
  • Ruby Skin
  • Gold Skin
  • Pride Skin (#1)
  • Pride Skin (#2)
  • Pride Skin (#3)
  • Pride Skin (#4)
  • Pride Skin (#5)
  • Pride Skin (#6)
  • Pride Skin (#7)
  • Pride Skin (#8)
  • Pride Skin (#9)
  • Pride Skin (#10)
  • Pride Skin (#11)
  • Pride Skin (#12)
  • Disco Skin
  • Black Ice Skin
  • Candy Cane Skin

Project: Playtime Characters FAQ

Got some questions about our list? Or some questions about Project: Playtime? We’ve got you covered.

What Is A Character List?

A character list is a compiled list of characters that are available in a game. In this case, our character list for Project: Playtime contains the names of the Monsters and Survivor Skins. A character list is a helpful tool that allows you to see all of the characters listed in one place easily.

How Often Do We Update Our Project: Playtime Character List?

We update our character lists frequently to make sure that we stay up to date with each new character release. Remember to bookmark this page so you never miss out on new monsters and survivor skins!

Alternatively, you can also take a look at the game’s official Steam page to find out more information about upcoming updates.

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