Prey Day: Survival Tips, Cheats and Strategies


We’ve all thought about how we’d cope in a zombie apocalypse. Don’t lie now. Well Prey Day: Survival gives you the chance to live out that situation, at least virtually.

It’s got co-operative elements, and is almost a MMORPG (MMOZRPG?) of sorts. But as everyone is out to survive it’s naturally tricky to do well in. Have no fear though, as with the following tips the zombies will soon be the ones backing away from you. Possibly.

  • Health The saying “without your health, you have nothing” pretty much sums Prey Day: Survival up. If you die in the game you go back to effectively nothing – all your inventory is taken away. So bear this in mind and survive at all costs, even if doing so means sacrificing something you believe is significant. It just isn’t worth the risk.
  • Pulling up trees One of the very first thing is to decide whether you want your home area to have trees. As once they’ve been dug up they won’t grow back. They can be essential in helping to defend your home area, or become a obstructing nuisance. So decide at the start whether you’re a tree hugger or not.
  • Driving you up the wall Don’t worry about building walls around your home area. Other people can’t raid your base. At least, not yet.
  • Control yourself When you start Prey Day: Survival there’s a lot to take in on-screen. So take a little time to figure out what all the on-screen stuff means. The bottom left joystick moves your character, the top right corner allows you to check your health, food, and water level. In the bottom right is a mini-map, and below that option is the construction icon. Near that is a button that opens up the inventory menu. Also in the bottom right are options to attach, crouch, and interact with items. As we said, there’s a lot to take in – so give yourself time to do so.

  • Explore An obvious tip perhaps, but you’ll need resources with which to build items that will ultimately help you to survive. So making sure you explore every environment as much as possible is essential to doing well. Going into Prey Day: Survival with a gung-ho attitude will not end well.
  • Maintain your levels Those health, food, and water levels we mentioned above? If they drop to nothing, you die. So keeping an eye on them at all times is essential.
  • Berry good Obtaining food is done many ways – one of them by seeking out berry bushes. How to find them is pretty easy – they’re always near trees.
  • Potato potato You can also find potatoes by going to the lost house. Find it on your map and go to its back garden and you’ll find them – they’ll help keep both your food and water levels topped up.

  • Total recall When combing areas for resources, remember the most fruitful places – as after time items will re-spawn and you can loot it all over again. Getting into a rhythm of searching the same areas on a mini cycle can be massively effective.
  • Playing chicken You’ll often find that many of the cars laying around contain boxes – which can include handy items including medicine and bandages.
  • Lifetime guarantee Remember that weapons you build do not last forever. After some time they’ll fall apart and you’ll have to craft them again. So always bear this in mind if you’re heading into what could be a major skirmish.

Try these tips out for yourself by downloading Prey Day: Survival for free now, via both the App Store and Google Play.

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