Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Go, go, Power Rangers! Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has been unleashed onto mobile phones and just in time for the movie. Your mission is to use a curated team of legendary Power Rangers to defeat Rita Repulsa and her army of virtual monsters and Ranger clones.

There’s a lot to dive into here so Gamezebo’s Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Tips, Cheats and Strategies is available to answer your burning questions on the matter. By the end of this piece, you’ll be one step nearer to saving the world.

Know your Power Rangers

  • No, we don’t mean in terms of color – we mean in terms of type.
  • Leader Rangers are the ones you control directly during battles. Each class offers different advantages and disadvantages with Attack ones gaining more offensive cards during fights, while Defensive ones get more shields to defend themselves with.
  • Alongside that is the ability to have two assist rangers. You can summon them using cards during each fight. Not all of their attacks are worth it but their health adds to your total in a kind of tag team style, meaning it gives you more time to inflict some damage on your enemies.

Combat Basics

  • Attacking works a lot like Rock, Paper, Scissors. Defensive/blue cards block regular attacks, while regular/yellow attacks break red attacks, and red attacks destroy defensive stances. With red attacks – avoid them by moving out of the way at the right moment.
  • Timing is a big part of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. Time your attacks just right, as well as when to duck out of the way. Keep an eye on what your opponent is doing and be prepared to respond correctly.
  • Potentially, you can time things so your opponent never stands a chance at fighting back. It’s all down to using color breaking attacks at the right time.


  • Open the Morph Boxes as quickly as possible. You’re regularly given Morph Boxes that contain in-game currency or even Shards to unlock new Power Rangers. It takes time to open them up with that time increasing the rarer the type of box. Make sure you’re always working on unlocking one. This is doubly important as you can only hold 4 boxes at any one time.
  • Choose to open the quickest ones while you’re playing, and leave the long term ones for when you head to bed for the night.
  • Expect to be grinding these for a long time as you work towards earning new Power Rangers.
  • Corruption Boxes are special boxes that require a bit more planning. You can start work on unlocking one every 24 hours. You need to participate in various battles, collecting enough damage to unlock them. Even if you lose a battle, you’ll earn damage towards the Corruption box so stick at it.
  • Don’t forget to check out your completed achievements. You’ll frequently earn experience, as well as free boxes this way. It all adds up fast, especially early on in the game.

General Tips

  • Leveling up your Rangers involves a lot of boxes, collecting shards, and spending some of the regular in-game currency. Because of that, only focus on the Rangers you’re actually going to use. There’s no point wasting precious resources elsewhere.
  • It’s good to work together so join an alliance as soon as possible. That way you can swap Ranger shards with other players and soon gain new characters.

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