Posh Boutique Tips Walkthrough

Check out our tips and tricks for Posh Boutique. Learn how to make the most out of combos, in-store discounts, VIP customers and more. GAME OVERVIEW There are 2 modes that you can play in Posh Boutique, Regular Mode and Ultimate Mode. There are 7 unique boutiques to explore and 7 levels in each one, for a total of 49 levels. Each level goes from Monday to Sunday, and once Sunday ends a new boutique will be unlocked. In Regular Mode you start each shop with the bare minimum. You are able to b…

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a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:18:”Posh Boutique Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:17492:”Check out our tips and tricks for Posh Boutique. Learn how to make the most out of combos, in-store discounts, VIP customers and more.


There are 2 modes that you can play in Posh Boutique, Regular Mode and Ultimate Mode. There are 7 unique boutiques to explore and 7 levels in each one, for a total of 49 levels. Each level goes from Monday to Sunday, and once Sunday ends a new boutique will be unlocked.

In Regular Mode you start each shop with the bare minimum. You are able to buy upgrades for your shop at the end of each day. As each new boutique is unlocked you will have to start with the basic shop accessories again.

Ultimate mode will be unlocked as you complete each boutique. Just go to the main menu and click on "Ultimate Mode" and you can play whichever boutique you prefer.

I found Ultimate mode to be a lot of fun. You are given a goal, once you complete the goal a new upgrade will automatically be added to your shop. First you get extra stations, then a maid and then all your stations will be upgraded one by one. Meet each new goal until you reach the end when you’ve received all available upgrades.


  • When a customer has an item in their thought bubble it means that they need help getting that item. Click on the customer to help them. Then click on the buttons (next and back) and choose the outfit that costs the most money. You can also scroll with your mouse wheel in order to see the outfits. Select the outfit you want by clicking on the OK button
  • You can queue several actions in a row but if you make a mistake you can Right click to cancel all actions.
  • Until you can afford the cleaning service you have to make sure that you keep the place clean. Customers will not go to a station of it’s dirty. Once you hire the cleaning service, the stations will be cleaned automatically.
  • Alicia does not have to help in all stations. The customers can take care of themselves in the shoe or handbag station. Since most new shops change around their stations, this case is always true for the last station in the shop of any boutique.
  • Alicia also does not have to physically take people to their desired station. While Alicia is doing other things, you can take the time and place people in the right stations.
  • If you see the green In-Store Discount coupon flashing, it means that a customer is angry in the store. Take time and send coupons out before you cash out their sales.
  • You need to keep the customers happy at all times. Each customer has 3 green smiley faces next to them. The size and color of all three smiley faces coincide with how happy they are. If the green faces are getting smaller the customer is about to reach their boiling point.
  • The money you’ve accumulated will rollover to the next shop. Once you’ve played through Sunday of a boutique, you will be taken to the next location. Whatever money and In-Store coupons you’ve accumulated will go with you.
  • The more money you earn the better upgrades you can buy. Always try and score as many points as you can so you can afford to buy as many upgrades as possible.
  • At the end of each level you will see the breakdown of how you did in the game. You can see how many times you chose outfits with $$$$ for each category (clothes, shoes, jewelery etc.) You can also see in your level summary, how many people you served in one day and their level of happiness at the time.


  • You can queue several actions at one time. Queue more than 4 at a time to win an award in every level. The best way to get this award is by placing the people at all their stations first (dressing rooms, hat and shoe stations). Then you want to click on the people at the last station first (handbags or shoes).
  • The reason that you want to click on the last station first, is that the people at the last station do not need your help in making selections. All the other stations require you to flip through options and make a decision. This will give you time to queue at least the 4 things with enough time. Otherwise your queuing will be interrupted by the customers asking you to choose a style for them.
  • You only have 7 days in which to totally upgrade your store. Choose your upgrades carefully. I would always get the cleaning service by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. Taking time out to clean stations can be time consuming. Having the service do it frees you up to make more sales.
  • Besides the cleaning service your main upgrade priority is to get as many stations as you can. You want to get the extra space in the waiting room. You definitely want to have at least 3 dressing rooms as soon as you can. Then work on getting your accessory stations to 3 pieces each.
  • There are times that you will have customers that come in with a black and white icon over their head. These customers can be placed at any station in the boutique
  • When you have customers with the black and white icons, place them in the dressing rooms first so that they can spend more money. If you put them at the last station (handbags or shoes) they will just go straight to the cash register when they are done.
  • Pay attention to the $$$$ signs and make sure that you have 4 at all times. It is best to take a few extra seconds and make the right choice than to go too fast and score fewer points.
  • Clicking on a selection with $$$$ will always earn you more money. It also makes customers happier and it boosts their happiness meter. That is one way to turn an angry customer into a happier one.
  • Double and triple combos can be achieved easily when you have the customer with the black and white icon since they will go to any station.
  • If people walk into your store and the waiting area is full they will leave the shop. Try to make sure that you place people at stations as quickly as possible so that you can get more clients coming through the door.
  • If the cleaning service is busy cleaning stations than take care of other people while the stations are being cleaned. Take that time to place people in clean stations or run to the register to cash people out.
  • If Alicia is standing by the cash register machine, you don’t have to click on it to check people out. It will automatically ring people up when she’s standing there.
  • If there are a lot people in the store leave Alicia by the cash register so she can ring up sales. This is a really good time to take people from the waiting line and start placing them in the right stations. This way you can knock out 2 birds with one stone, ring up sales and place people.
  • As the end of the day is near, clear your waiting area so that other people can come in to the store. That way you can make extra money from the last people that come into the shop. Once they’re through the door you will be able to take care of them.


  • The game has double and triple combo bonuses that you can make. How to accomplish is this is not revealed in the game until you reach the second location. However, you can actually start doing it in the first boutique as soon as the opportunity arises.
  • A double combo is simply a combo that is made when you drag 2 people attached to your cursor at the same time to the same type of station. A triple combo is the same thing except that you drag three people at one time.
  • All you have to do is click and hold a customer, then click and hold a second customer and drag them together to the same station. Both customers have to be "hanging" off your cursor in order to accomplish this.
  • In order for the combo to work you have to see the white outline first and then release the customers. If the customers are not placed in the correct location, they will go back where they came from.
  • It can be tricky to collect more than one person at a time. Just make sure that when you’re picking up the second or third person that your cursor lands on the next person that you are picking up.
  • When you drag 2 or more customers to a station make sure that you have enough empty spaces for them. You can only perform these combos when all the people are going to the same area. For example, you have 3 people on your cursor you can take all 3 to empty dressing rooms at a time.
  • You can get a cash bonus when you help more than one person at a time. All the people that you drag as a result of a double or triple combo will have added patience automatically.
  • You will also receive an award at the end of each level when you successfully perform either one of those combos.



  • At the bottom left corner of the screen you have a green ticket that is an In-Store Discount coupon. A customer’s happiness level will increase when they are given that coupon.
  • You can only get an In-Store Discount coupon for every $500 you make in sales.
  • You can only accumulate a maximum of 3 tickets at a time for most of the game. Later on in the game you can choose an option in the Trophy and Skills room that will allow you to have 5 tickets max.
  • When you click on the coupon the ticket will automatically go to the most impatient person first. It does not matter if they are in the waiting room, in line or at any station, they will receive it anywhere.
  • If you click on a ticket and it does not go anywhere, that is because all your customers are happy at that time.
  • Your In-Store Discount coupons roll over to the next level.


  • Once in a while you will see some customers come into the boutique with red VIP letters over their head. These are special customers that need to be taken care of right away. If they are happy when they leave they will come back for a personal fashion consultant.
  • Learn to recognize the sound the game makes as one of the VIPs enters the store. That way you can be alerted that they are there without having to keep checking.
  • You can tell when a VIP is in a dressing room because the VIP letters will be flashing above the curtains.
  • Whenever you know that you helped some VIP customers within a level know that once you click on "continue" you will automatically be taken to the VIP dressing mini game. The clock will start right away so you really don’t have time to catch your breath.


  • In the VIP room, clients come in after hours for personal consultations. The customers can be vague about what they want. It’s up to you to figure out what they are looking for.
  • Choose the hat, top and bottom by clicking on the arrows on either side. Once you find the outfit that you think the VIP customer wants, click on the "Accept" button. The more precise you are, the more money you will make.
  • To earn a 100% score you can look at the distorted picture that is on the left so you can figure out what they are looking for. You’ll be able to see certain traits of the outfit, like the color of a hat, if somebody is wearing a skirt or pants etc.
  • I always chose to do the shoes last because it was easier to distinguish the other articles of clothing first. When I chose the shoes last and everything else was correct you would see a big smile on the customer’s faces.
  • Most VIPs will have a big grin on their face when their outfit is correct. The guy with the mean face will give you a sort of smirk instead. You will see that his lips move to the side, like he really wants to smile but it’s against his nature to do so.
  • You will be scored on the amount of money you made by making several correct matches. You will also receive a time bonus which will be determined by the amount of time you have left on the clock at the end of the round. The faster you complete it the more money you will make. You get 3 dollars for every second that you have left on the clock.
  • If you get one article of clothing incorrectly you will not get any money for that part of the outfit. You will in turn earn less for the rest of the pieces of clothing.
  • As levels progress the amount of money you make for each correct choice increases.


  • Buying upgrades for the shop will help you get to your goals faster.
  • While you’re purchasing upgrades for your shop, certain items will have the word "recommended’ in front of them. You can choose to purchase those items or you can choose a different one if you feel an alternate item would suit your needs better.
  • You can hover over an item and the description for such item will be on the left side of the screen. The amount that you have to spend is in the top left corner under "Total Cash". If you run out of money while buying items then you have to wait until the next level in order to purchase more.
  • You can click on an item at the bottom of the list and a description of what it does and how much it costs will show up.
  • You don’t have to buy something each time it comes up. Sometimes you should save your money so you can buy a better upgrade the next day.
  • If you replay a level, you cannot change your choice of upgrades. So choose carefully what you want since you’ll be stuck with it.
  • Keep all your upgrades on the same level of efficiency when you can. If you can get all the customers to finish all stations at the same time you can earn double and triple combo bonuses by taking everyone to the next station at one time.
  • The upgraded dressing rooms are a great buy since people will spend less time making decisions while they are in them. Also if a customer whose left that dressing room is happy at the time they pay then you will receive a 100% increase from their purchase.
  • The Coffee Station and the Magazine Racks increase a customer’s patience level while they’re waiting in line. Unlike most time management games, you don’t have to physically hand out the coffee or magazines in order to keep them happy. Just the fact that they’re there increases their patience level.


  • There are a series of awards that you can earn in the game. They are quite self explanatory but I’ll go over them briefly. The awards will be given for your performance at the end of each level. You will also be able to see how many times you were able to obtain these awards throughout the game. The small numbers you see next to each award represents the amount of times you were able to accomplish them throughout the game.
  • All Happy customers – You get this award when all your customers leave with green faces, whether the green faces are small or big.
  • All Customers Very Happy – Awarded when every customer in your store left completely happy. That means that they all had 3 green full (large) faces at the time they left.
  • Four or More Items on Tasks List- You were able to queue 4 or more tasks in one shot.
  • Ten Happy VIP Clients – You were able to successfully have ten VIPs leave your store happy.
  • Double Combo – You were able to perform some double combos in that level.
  • Triple Combo – You successfully completed some triple combos in that level.
  • Target Doubled – You made twice as much as your original goal. If the goal for that day was $1,200 and you earned $2400 then you will get this award.


  • At some point in the game you will be asked to choose some trophies for Alicia based on a number of different factors. You can only click on the ones that are unlocked at the time.
  • Some trophies make Alicia faster while others give you extra money when a VIP leaves your store happy. Others increase the chances of you being able to land on the choices with $$$$ faster. Others make the customers more patient while they are in the shop.
  • There’s is also one that you will be unlocked towards the end of the game that will increase the amount of In-Store Discount coupons from 3 to 5 at one time.
  • The ones that increase the percentage in which someone will choose the right outfit on the first try are the best ones to get since they decrease the amount of times you have to click on a customer’s choices to get the most expensive ones.
  • On Saturday at the Cruise Ship you will have lost of people coming asking for three of the same thing at once this is a great chance to get a lot of triple combos in.
  • On Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the 4Th location (Sky Needle) you will get a lot of people who automatically have $$$$ show up as their first choice. Pay attention to this so you don’t have to keep scrolling unnecessarily. That is mostly due to the trophies that you’ve awarded Alicia throughout the game that increase a customer’s ability to make decisions faster.