Poker Pop Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

By Joel Brodie |

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Poker Pop is the greatest innovation to Poker since Texas Hold’ Em. Check out our Tips & Tricks:

  • To speed up how you submit your hands in Poker Pop, try a right click on the final card of your poker hand, or click on the Space bar.

  • Earn a higher score by matching extra poker hands that aren’t required just to win the level. Higher scores get you closer to the ultimate Expert score of each level.
  • Remember that Poker Pop ALWAYS interprets the value of a Joker in the context of what’s required to win the level.
  • Be aware of the timers in Challenge Mode and the fact that you need to make a hand with 5 cards in this mode of play; take advantage of bonuses and power-ups, but watch out for perils.
  • Watch out for burning tiles! If they get to the bottom of the game board you will lose the level. Look for the red highlight around any tile as you make your hand to let you know that you’re about to lose.
  • A gold frame around the postcard in the level summary screen indicates an “Expert Score” for that level. Roll over any city on the country map to see how many points are required to earn an expert score and replay levels to get a higher score.
  • Play Challenge Mode if you’re an experienced poker player, or have finished Tour Mode. It’s a whole new level of game play. Also, Arcade Mode allows you to play for an unlimited time, earning power-ups and bonuses by playing valid poker hands and winning poker chips!
  • Look to earn all of the trophies that are available for Poker Pop. They’re available in each country for uncovering the highest value poker hands and can be reviewed in your suitcase at any time.
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