Pokémon Rumble Rush Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Edith King |

Pokémon Rumble Rush is a new beat-em-up style mobile game, released last week for Australia. It’s now been released worldwide in both Android and iOS!

In Rumble Rush, you search for secret areas where pokémon gather from way up high in your hot air balloon. To catch them, you have to battle through waves of pokémon and reach the end of the area. If you’ve played any of the Pokémon Rumble series on the Wii or 3DS, this will be fairly familiar to you.

From your air balloon, you must use Guide Feathers to search the map for where pokémon gather. Once you find an area, you then select your pokémon buddy and start tapping away at your screen to attack. Each time you defeat a pokémon, there is a chance it will be added to your collection.

Each area can also rewards you with Gold, more Guide Feathers, and Ore, which is sent to your Refinery. After a set time, the refined Ore rewards you with Gears – an item that can be equipped to a pokémon to increase their combat power.

Pokémon Rumble Rush Tips and Tricks:

  • Upgrade your Gears – Gears are essential for beefing up your pokémon against those powerful area bosses. Your buddy pokémon have limited Gear slots, so use Upgrade Kits obtained from Ores to level up the Gears you have.
  • Remember to manage your pokémon! – Like Pokémon GO, it won’t be long before you have a lot of duplicate pokemon. You have a limited amount of space, so remember to look through your collection every once in a while to clear out any you don’t need. Each pokémon you send away will give you Gold in return.
  • Do the same with your Gears – once you start refining ores, you’ll begin to rack up a lot of Gears. You’ll only need to hold only a few, so send the rest off to recieve vital Upgrade Kits in excahnge.
  • Running out of Guide Feathers? – You can revisit your last three areas by tapping on their icons on the search screen. You can also tap on the balloons of nearby players to visit an area they’ve found. You’ll soon find more feathers.
  • Having trouble with a boss? – tap the ‘recommended pokémon’ button in the bottom left. That will automatically assign a pokémon from your collection that stands the best chance of winning. Even if you end up losing, you’ll know which type of pokémon to catch and upgrade before you try again.

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