Pokémon GO: How to catch both forms of Giratina

By Edith King |

The dimension-jumping Sinnoh legendary is here! Altered Forme Giratina will be available as a tier 5 raid boss until April 2, after which it will appear in Origin Forme all the way until April 29.

Giratina will appear with the following CP:

  • Altered Forme: 1848 – 1931 CP, or 2310 – 2414 CP during Foggy or Windy weather
  • Origin Forme: 2018 – 2105 CP, or 2523 – 2631 CP during Foggy or Windy weather

Best Giratina Counters

Origin and Altered Forme both have the same Dragon/Ghost typing, so you won’t need to make two seperate raid parties for them. The bad news is, almost all of the best counters are quite hard to get your hands on:

  • Rayquaza is the most powerful pokémon at your disposal, with Dragon Tail and Outrage as the best choices against Giratina.
  • Dialga or Palkia with their respective Dragon moveset will also do a lot of damage to their legendary cousin.
  • Dragonite and Salamance are your next best bets for Dragon Types, as they’ll take a bunch of hits before they faint.
  • Tyrannitar with Bite and Crunch will do well against Giratina’s weakness to Dark types, and it will last quite a while before fainting.
  • Weavile will be faster to attack than the above pokémon, and its Ice moves will deal a good amount of damage. Don’t expect it to last long, though.

Differences between Origin and Altered

Altered Giratina has its highest stat as Stamina, with Defense a close second. Its attack is not as high as Origin’s, but you will probably need a little extra time to bring it down. Altered Giratina may also have Dragon Claw as its charge move, which will be devestatingly powerful against your team.

Origin Giratina has the highest attack out of the two formes, so use your tankiest pokémon, and be careful while using glass canons. However, Origin Giratina does not have access to Dragon Claw, which removes the biggest risk Giratina poses against Dragon Types.

With a team of 3-5 high level players plus Friend Bonuses, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting yourself both formes of Giratina. If you’re mid level, you may want to consider a team of 10 instead.

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