Pokemon GO Guide to Eggs, Evolution, and Pokemon Care


Now that you’ve got a small army of fictitious animals at your disposal, you have to look after them. At least, I hope you plan to look after them. Because it would be mean not to. Our Pokemon GO Guide to Eggs, Evolution, and Pokemon Care will teach you how to keep them in good shape, and make them the cutest and cuddliest badasses around.

Eggs and Basic Care

Pokemon Go Guide to Eggs, Evolution, and Pokemon Care

  • You’ll find eggs at PokeStops and sometimes earn them through leveling-up your character.
  • Incubators are required for hatching eggs. You start with one incubator that can be used an infinite number of times, but you can only get more as level-up rewards or through buying them from the shop with PokeCoins. Note that the incubators you buy/earn have a limited number of uses.
  • The only way to hatch an egg (without cheating and taping it to a ceiling fan) is to get walking. Once an egg is placed in an incubator, you’ll need to walk a specific distance in order to mature it. This can vary (2km, 5km, 10km), but you’re going to need to walk regardless.

Powering up and Evolution

Pokemon Go Guide to Eggs, Evolution, and Pokemon Care

  • Every power up requires a piece of candy. Each time you want to boost a Pokemon’s CP and health, it’s going to cost one piece of candy for that Pokemon as well as some Stardust. Be mindful of this, because evolution also requires candy.
  • Catch more Pokemon if you want more candy. Every time you capture a Pokemon – whether they’re a new discovery or not – you’ll earn three pieces of candy along with some Stardust. This means that if you want to evolve them, you’re going to need to catch a lot of their friends.
  • Unwanted Pokemon can be traded in for candy as well. If you don’t want a Pokemon for any reason, you can transfer it to the professor by scrolling to the bottom of its information page and selecting “Transfer.” This will remove the Pokemon from your team (freeing up space in the process), and earn you one candy of whatever its type is.

Pokemon Go Guide to Eggs, Evolution, and Pokemon Care

  • More power ups cost more Stardust. The more you power up a Pokemon, the higher the Stardust cost. It starts at a few hundred per, but it will quickly climb into the thousands the more times you power up the same Pokemon.
  • Evolution uses a lot of candy. The farther along the Pokemon’s evolutionary ladder, the more it’s going to take, too. So if you want to evolve a two or three-stage Pokemon as far as it can go, you’re going to want to save up. This means don’t power it up a whole bunch unless you have candy to spare.
  • Evolution is the fastest way to get higher CP. If you have enough candy, and a Pokemon that has three or so forms it can change into, you’ll be able to get a pretty tough little fighter in no time. Because of how evolution multiplies base CP, you’re best off saving it for basic Pokemon with higher CP – for example, evolve a Pidgey with 148 CP rather than one with 27 CP.

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