Pokémon GO: Catch the Special Raid Boss Rayquaza

By Edith King |

Rayquaza, the legendary pokémon from Hoenn, is returning to Pokémon GO next weekend!
If you missed out on Rayquaza last time, then here’s your chance. It will be available as a tier 5 raid boss from the 15th of March to the 18th. The announcement doesn’t mention a shiny version, so it looks like we’re just getting the familiar old Rayquaza.

It has an encounter CP of 49808, making it pretty dangerous. When caught, it’ll be about 2102 – 2191 CP, or 2627 – 2739 CP if you caught it in Windy weather.

Its Fast Moves can come in the form of Dragon Tail or Air Slash, and its Charge Moves can be Outrage, Ancient Power, or Aerial Ace.

Best Counters

Rayquaza is Dragon and Flying Type, so it’s got a few vulnerabilities you can take advantage of. Ice moves will do the most damage here, and other good bets are Fairy. Dragon, and rock moves. Avoid Bug, Fighting, Fire, Water, Ground, and Grass. Here are the best pokémon fot the job:

  • Mamoswine will be resistant to Rayquaza’s Dragon and Flying type attacks, and will devastate it with Powder Snow and Avalanche.
  • Mewtwo, despite not being an Ice Type, has such a high attack that it will be very useful against Rayquaza. Make sure you use him with Psycho Cut and Ice Beam.
  • Jynx will hit very hard with its high attack, but will faint very quickly. Use it with Frost Breath and Avalanche.
  • Articuno is another powerful ice type that will be great against Rayquaza, though despite its legendary status it’s not as effective as some other choices
  • Regiice has an incredibly high defence and will last a very long time before fainting, especially with Frost Breath and Blizzard.
  • Cloyster with Frost Breath and Avalanche was the go-to Rayquaza counter last year, but now that we have Mamoswine it’s fallen down the list. It’s still worth using, though.

Rayquaza is a tier 5 powerhouse, so bring a team of 3 if you’re high-level and 5-7 if you’re mid-level. A team of 10+ should be able to take care of it no matter what your level is, but always be sure to fight with some Best Friends to get that extra attack bonus. Enjoy your new Rayquaza!

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