Pocket Mortys Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Pocket Mortys is a Pokémon-style game from Adult Swim Games. If that description makes you think of Rick dimension-hopping while collecting and training other Mortys in order to make them battle – thus collecting and trading even more Mortys – you’re pretty on the nose. Gamezebo’s Pocket Mortys tips, cheats and strategies will help you stick it to the Council of Ricks and get you back home in no time.

Here’s how you get around, broh


  • Pocket Mortys drops you into the game proper rather unceremoniously, so finding your way around might be a bit of a pain at first. Although it’s not so bad once you get used to it.
  • Use the huge portal in the middle of the Citadel to visit a new world – and beat the smirk off of that dimension’s Rick.
  • Each level has a Rick to beat (for a badge), multiple Morty trainers to fight, and a “hidden” item cache. Their locations are always random, but they’re always around somewhere.
  • Morty trainers follow Pokémon rules in that they’ll only challenge you if they see you. It’s possible to sneak around behind them if the environment allows. Heck, it’s possible to sneak past the front of them if you can get them off-screen before you cross their field of vision.


  • Feral Mortys can be found in the wilderness. You’ll have to chase them down and jump them once they’ve tired themselves out.
  • There are only two ways to return to the Citadel: lose a fight, in which case Birdperson will fly you back, or beat that world’s Rick (he’ll open a return portal).
    Depending on the random layout of a world, you might actually be able to get to Rick without encountering any other trainers. So long as you stay out of sight, of course.
  • Try to earn a few badges quickly. The more badges you have, the more stuff you can buy from Salesman Rick. This is important because you’ll want to be able to purchase Control Chips so you can start collecting lots of Mortys.

Y-y-y-you gotta take care of your Mortys, broh


  • You can catch Mortys by finding them in the wild, weakening them, then stapling a Manipulator Chip to their head. Don’t worry if they get away or if you accidentally knock them out – there are plenty more worlds and plenty more Mortys out there.
  • Don’t freak out if you manage to capture a wild Morty when your group is full. The new Morty will be sent to the daycare on the Citadel, safe and sound.
  • Try to keep at least one of each “type” of Morty (rock, paper, scissors) in your lineup. Different classifications of Morty are weaker or stronger against others, so it helps to diversify.


  • As you’d expect, Rock beats Scissors beats Paper beats Rock. Any attacks that don’t have one of those three icons displayed above them won’t actually do any extra/less damage to an opposing Morty, but many of the other trainers have Mortys with rock/paper/scissors abilities so yours will at least get a bonus when defending against such attacks. And if they do have a rock/paper/scissors attack it’ll generally wipe the floor with the right opponent.
  • Just like in Pokémon, Mortys earn experience for battles they participate in. So if they don’t fight, they get squat. You can use this to your advantage by having a low-level Morty for your starter and then switching to a stronger Morty to defeat an enemy – thus splitting the experience a bit and letting the weaker Morty catch up.


  • Sometimes your Morty is the best Morty. Since it can be difficult to guess the type of a Morty you’ve never encountered before, it can be beneficial to put your Morty out front because he doesn’t have any particular strengths or weaknesses.
  • Use those seeds! Ever so often you’ll find or earn one, and using it on a Morty will give that Morty a permanent stat boost for that given stat (speed, strength, defense, etc). I personally like to funnel them all into my Morty because he’s always at the head of the line, but you can approach it however you like. Just make sure to use them!


  • If you have two of the same type of Morty, you can combine them at the Citadel’s daycare. This is a thing you should definitely do whenever you can because it will result in a stronger, higher-level Morty. And it’ll get rid of those pesky duplicates.
  • Items are kind of a big deal. Since you can only heal Mortys at the Citadel, you’re completely on your own out in the field. And even though you can return to the Citadel fairly easily, doing so will reset the random world you were previously exploring – so you can’t simply leave a world and come back to it later. Instead, you’ll want to make use of the game’s various healing items fairly often.

Wubba lubba dub dub!


  • There’s no real penalty for running out of Mortys and blacking out, aside from a short but un-skippable cutscene. Sometimes it’s better to just let your team fail so that you can get a lift back to the Citadel then it is to fight your way to that world’s Rick.
  • Another approach is to find and defeat the world’s Rick immediately. This way you’ll have a portal back to the Citadel that you can use whenever you’re ready, then wander around looking for items and fighting Morty trainers at your leisure.
  • You can buy stuff from Salesman Rick at any time, either from his shop on the Citadel or by using the MortyPad (pause menu). It’s a decent way to heal up before a big fight or to restock on Manipulator Chips.
  • The overall difficulty of the Morty trainers and each world’s Rick depends on how many badges you’ve earned. If you’d like to keep things from ramping up too fast then you can just wander around a given world fighting trainers (but not Rick) in order to level-up your Mortys, then lose a fight on purpose to go back to the Citadel. Rinse and repeat!


  • You can see the different Mortys a given trainer (or even Rick) will be using before you fight them just by looking at their entourage. It’s even possible to figure out what order they’ll be sent out in. The “center” Morty (relative to the trainer/Rick) is always first, followed by the back-left, back-right, front-left, and front-right. Use this information to your advantage when you can (usually in picking a front runner for your team).
  • Knowing what Morty uses rock, paper, or scissors can be difficult to figure out, but many of them make a certain kind of sense. For example, Stray Cat Morty is scissors, which makes sense because of the sharp cat claws.
  • Keep an eye out for people (other Ricks as well) back at the Citadel with a “!” above their heads. These characters will give you simple quests like such as bringing them a specific item, and the rewards for completing them are usually worth the effort. Sometimes it’s not even much effort since you’ll probably have collected a fair number of miscellaneous items before talking to them.

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