Pocket Mortys Character Guide

So you’ve figured out all the crafting recipes, completed all the quests, defeated the Council of Ricks, and gotten your portal gun back. Go you! There’s just one little problem: you still need to collect all the Mortys. I’m not …

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So you’ve figured out all the crafting recipes, completed all the quests, defeated the Council of Ricks, and gotten your portal gun back. Go you! There’s just one little problem: you still need to collect all the Mortys.

I’m not going to lie to you; this is a pretty intense task that will require a fair bit of luck and a whole lot of time. You should be able to see all of them by the end of the game, but actually catching them is another matter entirely. Good luck!

[UPDATE: A new version of Pocket Mortys has been released, bringing with it a total of 19 new Mortys and bug fix for the one that has been giving everybody trouble. Being the completionists that we are, we’ve gone and updated this list with all 19 of the new Mortys – along with details on how you can get your hands on that elusive Mascot Morty.]

Morty Catching Tips

  • Every new level has at least 4 or 5 Mortys that you can find and catch, but you might have to fight your way past rival trainers in order to reach them.
  • The number of feral Mortys in a given level actually seems to increase once you’ve finished the story, so it’s a great time to hunt down anyone you might have missed.
  • Waiting until post-game to collect the rest of the Mortys is also easier because you’ll have access to Rick’s portal gun, which lets you return to the Citadel whenever you want rather than having to lose a fight or defeat a level’s Rick.
  • When going after new Mortys, try to keep a Morty with a somewhat weak attack at the front of your lineup. The last thing you want to do is accidentally knock out a wild Morty you’ve been hunting for hours. Yes, this has happened to me. Several times. It’s not fun.
  • Double-check your stock of Morty Manipulator Chips before pouncing on a wild Morty. You don’t want to wear him down just to find out you can’t actually catch him.
  • That said, if you do end up in a fight and have no Manipulator Chips left, you can always run away. The wild Morty will go about his business and regain his health, you can buy more chips, and then you can attack him again.
  • Stats are ultimately irrelevant. By the time you reach the endgame content you’ll be able to buy seeds to boost a Morty’s defense, attack, and speed whenever you want. So if there’s a particular Morty you really like, just keep him and give him a bunch of seeds.
  • Mortys used for combination still count towards your “Caught” total. So if you use two Scruffy Mortys to make an Unkempt Morty, Scruffy Morty will still be considered caught.
  • Combining two of the same Morty (when applicable) will yield an evolved Morty, with a new experience level roughly equal to the level of the highest-level Morty used in the fusion plus half the level of the lower-level Morty. So a level 30 + a level 20 = a level 40.
  • Combining Mortys is a great way to level them up quickly and fill out your Morty Deck, but you won’t have any control over the abilities they learn or forget. So higher level combinations may very well leave you with a powerful Morty that doesn’t have the kinds of skills you really want. When in doubt, level them the old fashioned way!
  • With the exception of Mascot Morty (quest reward), Egg Morty (quest reward), and Egg Morty’s second form (evolution) [also Mascot Morty, but more on him later], you can catch every other type of Morty in the field. Egg Morty is also the only Morty in the game that evolves by leveling-up.
  • You can usually tell when Mortys can be combined by looking at the Morty Deck. If there are empty spots in the list directly below their entry, chances are they can be fused. Up until the last 1/4 or so of the list, anyway.
  • Morty combinations stop with Morty #68: Business Morty. Every other Morty from #68 onwards (with the sole exception of #81 and #82) cannot evolve. [Update: some of the Mortys that come after #82 – they were added in the last update – can, in fact, be combined to evolve]]

List of All Mortys

Listed in numerical order and grouped by evolution sets.

#1 – Morty


Your Morty, the one and only, accept no substitutes, is only one of two Mortys in the entire game that doesn’t have a Rock, Paper, or Scissors affiliation. This makes him perfect for those moments when an opponent is bringing out a new Morty you’ve never seen before, and you don’t want to mistakenly use a Morty that’s weak against them. “Vanilla” Morty also learns several high-damage attacks that don’t adhere to rock/paper/scissors, which means they’ll work pretty well against anyone.

#2 – Scruffy Morty (rock)


#3 – Unkempt Morty (rock)


#4 – Hobo Morty (rock)


If you’re trying to catch a Hobo Morty out in the wild, look for the dingy unshaven face and the pinkish-red eyes. They’re a much better giveaway than the messy hair, which looks a lot like Unkempt Morty’s from behind.

#5 – Old Morty (paper)


#6 – Geriatric Morty (paper)


#7 – Ancient Morty (paper)


The “old man” Mortys are kinda creepy, especially Ancient Morty with his impossibly sunken eyes. They’re not a bad trio of paper-type Mortys, but they seem a little more susceptible to scissors-based attacks than other paper-types.

#8 – Rabbit Morty (scissors)


#9 – Evil Rabbit Morty (scissors)


Obvious movie reference for Evil Rabbit Morty is obvious. Still, he looks pretty cool. It won’t take long for other scissors-type Mortys to surpass him, though.

#10 – No Eye Morty (paper)


#11 – One Eye Morty (paper)


#12 – Three Eye Morty (paper)


These Mortys are pretty tough to discern from behind. In fact, they pretty much all look the same. You won’t really be able to tell them apart in the field unless you see them from the side or the front. And just how in the heck can No Eyes Morty use “Cry?”

#13 – Test X1 Morty (paper)


#14 – Test X46 Morty (paper)


#15 – Test X72 Morty (paper)


Test X72 Morty was my go-to paper-type for the longest time. This was both because he was the first two-step Morty combination I was able to acquire, and he seemed to be able to take more punishment than many of the other paper-types I’d found up to that point. The weird mutant goo look also struck me as kind of cool looking, to be honest.

#16 – Self Defense Morty (rock)


#17 – Karate Morty (rock)


#18 – No Mercy Morty (rock)


I never bothered using any of these Mortys since I had plenty of other rock-types to choose from that I found a bit more aesthetically pleasing, but they put up a good fight whenever I was pitted against them. Particularly No Mercy Morty, who has a decent assortment of elemental and non-elemental attacks.

#19 – Mustache Morty (scissors)


#20 – Beard Morty (scissors)


#21 – Hipster Morty (scissors)


Cute though their concept might be, I was never super-fond of the look of the “facial hair” Mortys. Hipster Morty has an okay variety of abilities that can deal damage, buff himself, or debuff enemies, but his default skill set is rather limited if you want to deal lots of damage.

#22 – Ad Space Morty (paper)


#23 – Jerry’s Game Morty (paper)


#24 – Pocket Mortys Morty (paper)


Combining two Jerry’s Game Mortys to make a Pocket Mortys Morty for the first time made me laugh out loud a bit, I’ll admit it. So did the fact that his initial paper attack is called “Monetize.” But He just didn’t do it for me. I’m sure he gets better with more levels but starting out with only a single paper attack and two rather weak non-elemental attacks kept him out of my lineup.

#25 – Blue Shirt Morty (paper)


#26 – Red Shirt Morty (paper)


#27 – Orange Shirt Morty (paper)


#28 – Green Shirt Morty (paper)


#29 – Purple Shirt Morty (paper)


#30 – Rainbow Shirt Morty (paper)


“Shirt” Morty has the largest number of combinations in the game, with a staggering six Mortys in total. If you end up acquiring Rainbow Shirt Morty via combination, chances are he’s going to be pretty darn high in level. That dopey-looking face is nothing to scoff at, either. When you encounter him in rival trainers’ teams he’ll put up quite a fight – especially with his Unleash attack.

#31 – Exo-Alpha Morty (scissors)


#32 – Exo-Omega Morty (scissors)


#33 – Exo-Prime Morty (scissors)


I used Exo-Prime Morty for quite a while, but eventually his Snippet and Probe attacks just weren’t cutting it (no pun intended). He has a pretty nice set of abilities for around level 20 or so, but after that I ended up moving on.

#34 – Spoon Morty (rock)


#35 – Fork Morty (rock)


#36 – Spork Morty (rock)


Spoon, Fork, and Spork Morty are probably one of the most difficult sets of Mortys to catch at-a-glance. From behind they look like a number of other semi-normal Mortys, and from the side all you can really see is a metal thing in their hand. You won’t really be able to tell if they’re carrying a spoon, form, or spork unless they’re facing forward, and even then the spork and fork look pretty similar. Thankfully you can always use the pick a fight and run trick just to make sure.

#37 – Peace Morty (paper)


#38 – Hippie Morty (paper)


#39 – Off The Grid Morty (paper)


Off The Grid Morty is a surprisingly powerful paper-type considering he’s got kind of a non-violent thing going on, what with the peace and hippies and all. He has a good mix of elemental and non-elemental attacks, too. Especially Root Down, though it can only be used a total of 5 times before you’ll have to switch to something else or start using Plutonic Rocks to refill AP.

#40 – Big Head Morty (rock)


#41 – Giant Head Morty (rock)


#42 – Colossal Head Morty (rock)


Talk about disturbing. The rest of the “head” Mortys are pretty messed up, but Colossal Head Morty is just… ick. That’s not why I didn’t use him much, though. It was because he started out with only a single rock-type attack when other Mortys of the same element usually had two or more. I didn’t want to run out of options!

#43 – Spooky Morty (paper)


#44 – Ghostly Morty (paper)


#45 – Phantom Morty (paper)


I always thought that Phantom Morty looked pretty cool, though he’s a bit lacking in attack and defense. The only reason I never ended up using him much is because I had other paper-types that were just too good to stop using at the time.

#46 – Double Morty (scissors)


#47 – Triple Morty (scissors)


#48 – Multi Morty (scissors)


Triple Morty was a life-saver for my early game. I won him using a Blips and Chitz ticket and he was my main scissors-type for quite a while. His reign inevitably came to an end, and by the time I was able to fuse a Milti Morty I already had a powerful scissors-type on the team, but he was quite the fighter while he lasted.

#49 – Greaser Morty (rock)


#50 – Biker Morty (rock)


Biker Morty is a pretty easy stone type Morty to get your hands on in the early game. If you really like him you can use seeds and regular old leveling to keep him up to speed, but his one-step combination makes him a bit more difficult for him to keep up with steady game progress.

#51 – Stray Cat Morty (scissors)


#52 – Two Cat Morty (scissors)


#53 – Crazy Cat Morty (scissors)


Crazy Cat Morty is mostly built around speed and defense. While his attack stat isn’t super-high, he does have access to several scissors-type attacks with a fair number of uses.

#54 – Buff Morty (rock)


#55 – Wrestler Morty (rock)


Wrestler Morty is similar to Biker Morty in that he only has a single combination, which will likely have him falling behind as you get farther, but he’s pretty strong when you first get him. You can, of course, use seeds to keep him going.

#56 – Veiny Morty (scissors)


#57 – No Skin Morty (scissors)


#58 – Skeleton Morty (scissors)


Remarkably, this Morty team is one of the only ones that actually gets less gross as they evolve (though I feel like No Skin Morty should’ve come first if they were going for a “peeling back the layers” sort of progression). The problem with Skeleton Morty is that he’s more about buffs and debuffs than attacking – at least as far as his general skill set indicates.

#59 – Magic Morty (rock)


#60 – Mystic Morty (rock)


#61 – Wizard Morty (rock)


I’ll freely admit that I scoffed at Wizard Morty for the longest time. Until I encountered him at higher levels, after he’d learned Fire Ball. He might not be all that spectacular in a basic sense, but that one ability can be utterly devastating.

#62 – Telepathic Morty (scissors)


#63 – Telekinetic Morty (scissors)


#64 – Psychokinetic Morty (scissors)


Psychokinetic Morty is pretty much my go-to scissors type Morty. Even without any seeds he has some pretty decent stats, and his attacks (even the one that doesn’t have an element) all do a fair bit of damage. He’s pretty good at one-shotting paper types more often than not.

#65 – Swimmer Morty (rock)


#66 – Mermaid Morty (rock)


#67 – Reverse Mermaid Morty (rock)


Reverse Mermaid Morty is pretty balanced, stat-wise. He’s also pretty good at debuffing his opponents. I’m more of a direct damage kind of guy though, so I ended up leaving him in Day Care while I used a more vicious rock-type.

#68 – Business Morty (paper)


Business Morty marks the beginning of the “non-evolvable” Mortys. From here to #80, what you see is what you get. I never used Business Morty much, but I have to admit his Stock Crash attack does seem pretty powerful. The only problem is his stats are noticeably weaker than similarly-leveled Mortys (by almost 40 points!). My guess is it’s because he doesn’t evolve.

#69 – Gaseous Morty (rock)


#70 – Sausage Morty (scissors)


#71 – Shadow Morty (scissors)


#72 – Aqua Morty (paper)


I really like the look of Aqua Morty, and his Descale attack is powerful while Wrangle can greatly reduce an opponent’s defense, but like every other Morty in this section of the list he’s just not very strong. That can be remedied with seeds, of course. I might just add him to the roster and beef him up, actually.

#73 – Cyclops Morty (scissors)


#74 – Mini Morty (rock)


#75 – Cowboy Morty (paper)


#76 – Robot Morty (scissors)


I have something of an affinity for robots, so I was really looking forward to using Robot Morty when I first caught him. Unfortunately the one I caught only has a single scissors-type attack, and given my other options he just isn’t that viable.

#77 – Hammerhead Morty (rock)


#78 – Guard Morty (scissors)


#79 – Cronenberg Morty


Cronenberg Morty is the only other Morty in the entire game, aside from “Vanilla” Morty, with no affiliation to rock, paper, or scissors. As with regular Morty, this makes him a sort of Jack-of-all-trades who can deal a fair bit of hurt to any Morty he wants. His base stats also make him a little faster and give him more health than the basic Morty, though anything can still be boosted using seeds.

#80 – Mascot Morty (paper)


[Updated: 2-4-16]
Mascot Morty can finally be added to your team! I’m not sure if this was always the plan or if it was to make up for players not being able to find him for a while, but he now joins Egg Morty as the second of two Mortys in the entire game that can’t be caught in the field. To get your hands on a Mascot Morty, you need to wander around The Citadel and look for a mascot with a quest marker over his head. Talk to him to start the quest, then give him a Roy VR Headset (you can find the crafting recipe in our Pocket Mortys Crafting Guide), and he’ll join your team!

#81 – Egg Morty (rock)


Egg Morty can only be found by completing a quest at the Citadel, and he’s completely useless when you first get him. He’s not particularly tough, and he only knows the defensive skill “Harden.” But if you stick with him, keep him in front and switch him out so that he’ll share experience with whichever Morty actually knocks out his foe, and ultimately remain patient he’ll finally evolve when he reaches level 20.

#82 – The One True Morty (rock)


The One True Morty is Egg Morty’s evolved form. While he’s no slouch, it will take a while longer before he becomes a truly formidable fighter. It’s a lot easier for him to gain levels in this form since he finally has an attack – an unaffiliated and rather powerful ability called “Ascend” – but level 40 or so is where you really want to get him. Then he’ll have Harden to boost defense, Pray to boost offense, Ascend to do element-less damage, and Golden Touch to pretty much decimate any scissors Mortys he comes across. Plus he just looks cool.

The New Mortys

#83 – V Neck Morty (scissors)


#84 – Vest Top Morty (scissors)


These new “shirt” Mortys are the first of the new evolvable Mortys that have been added. You’ll be able to spot them in the field by looking for their oddly-shaped shirts. I wouldn’t recommend using them to replace any of your other scissors-types, though, as their two-stage evolution generally makes them weaker than other Mortys that have three or more forms.

#85 – Mullet Morty (scissors)


#86 – Chops Morty (scissors)


#87 – Afro Morty (scissors)


The new, more hair-centric Mortys are probably a better choice if you’re looking for a new scissors-type. Though interestingly enough, Afro Morty’s default skill set seems to focus on hard hitting non-scissors attacks, with a secondary emphasis on skills that weaken rival Mortys.

#88 – Tired Morty (rock)


#89 – Sleepy Morty (rock)


#90 – Asleep Morty (rock)


This trio of sleep-happy Mortys make for an okay replacement for the rock-types you might be using, but Asleep Morty’s skills don’t exactly impress me. The one rock attack he has by default has a strength that’s just under 100, but it’s less accurate than other skills I’ve seen that are well over 100. Here’s to hoping he gets better past level 50.

#91 – Hot Morty (paper)


#92 – Flaming Morty (paper)


Flaming Morty is one of the first Mortys that actually has some kind of real associated element (technically). Though why he’s a paper type when he’s literally on fire is something I’ve yet to figure out. Anyway as you’d expect he focuses on attacking, with a higher base attack stat and a number of damaging abilities at his disposal – including Fire Ball (120 power) and the paper-type attack Super Nova (also 120 power).

#93 – Cold Morty (paper)


#94 – Frozen Morty (paper)


Much like you’d expect when comparing him to Flaming Morty, Frozen Morty is kind of the yin to his yang. Kind of. His base defense is much like Flaming Morty’s base attack, but Frozen Morty also has a number of high damage skills available. Including the groan-inducing attack skill, Let It Go.

#95 – Flu Morty (rock)


#96 – Mutant Flu Morty (rock)


The icky and gross “sick” Mortys are another okay-ish rock-type, though Mutant Flu Morty also does that thing where he’s sorely lacking in rock-based attacks. He has one, called Vaccinate, which does a decent amount of damage but has lower accuracy than most other skills. Even those with nigher power ratings.

#97 – Diamond Eyes Morty (scissors)


#98 – Cacoon Morty (scissors)


#99 – Butterfly Morty (scissors)


Butterfly Morty seems like a more balances scissors-type. His attack is higher than his defense and speed, but not by too terribly much. He also has a decently powerful Wing Blast scissors-type attack that isn’t as inaccurate as some of the other skills I’ve been complaining about, and he comes with a couple of other skills that can greatly boost his attack power and accuracy.

#100 – Punk Morty (rock)


Despite his lack of any evolutionary path, Punk Morty looks to be a pretty solid rock-type (no pun intended but I’m gonna roll with it anyway – and that pun was intended). At around level 45 he comes with two different rock attacks, one of which has a power of 115 and 95% accuracy, as well as an element-less attack with just under 100 power and an attack boost skill.

#101 – Big Tongue Morty (paper)


Big Tongue Morty seems kind of “meh” to me. He’s a paper-type with only on paper attack, which is decent but it’s about on par with a lot of the other new Morty’s attacks. He seems to be more of a de-buffer, with a couple of default skills meant to severly reduce rival Morty’s combat effectiveness.

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