PlunderNauts: Tips and Strategies

By Nadia Oxford |

PlunderNauts is an action / space-fighting game from Backflip Studios. In this game, you pilot an interstellar pirate ship to fight rival pirates, collect treasure, and boost your infamy across the galaxies. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips, hints, and cheats that will help you shiver your enemies’ timbers.

Tips & Strategies


  • Complete quests to earn dark matter – Dark matter is PlunderNauts‘ hard currency. It’s useful stuff that can be bought with real-world money, though completing quests helps you earn it, too. Remember to check available quests and collect your reward from the “Bounties” menu on the map screen.
  • Save dark matter for new ships – Dark matter can be used to speed up tasks like ship upgrades, but it’s also the only currency accepted for most new ship builds. Bear the wait times and save your earned dark matter for new spaceships.
  • Each ship has strength and weaknesses, so buy according to your fighting style – Look before you buy when you’re in the shipyard. Note the position of each cannon, and take a look at how many weapons, fighters, and technical upgrades the ship can carry. Do you like to go in to battle with your guns blazing, or do you like to fight defensively? Consider how you fight before you make your purchase.
  • Remember to collect from captured planets often – When you capture a planet, it generates gold for you until it gets re-captured. Every planet has a maximum amount it can hold before it’s collected from, so check in frequently.


  • If certain enemy weapons are giving you trouble, upgrade your hull at the forge – Hull upgrades offer increased defense against specific kinds of enemy attacks, including beams and missies.
  • Remember where your cannons are placed. You can’t attack if you’re lined up improperly – Each ship model features a different weapon placement. Remember your weapons’ formations and move accordingly; if you’re not lined up right, you won’t get a shot.
  • Observe where your enemies cannons are, too – If you know how your enemies’ weapons are placed, it makes it easier to stay out of their line of fire.
  • Fighter ships are great for hands off fighting – Invest in remote fighter ships (and ships that can support / dock them) for some convenient automatic attacks. It’s a great option if you want to cause some extra damage without too much effort. Just don’t forget to deploy them.
  • Planet under attack? It’s a good time to earn a new medal – Every so often, your captured planets will come under attack and fall to enemy forces. You need to reclaim the planet if you want it to start generating income again. It’s also a good time to improve your fighting technique and earn a silver or gold medal.
  • Get behind enemy ships whenever possible – Enemy pirates don’t guard their rear ends as often as they should. Get behind a ship to do a lot of damage at minimal risk to your own ship.


  • Watch out for turrets – Some battlefields have turrets. They usually shoot slowly, but persistently. Try to stay out of their range while engaging the enemy.
  • Look out for asteroids – Many battlefields are littered with asteroids. If you bash into them, you’ll suffer significant damage.
  • Reconquering planets takes energy  – PlunderNauts utilizes an energy system. One battle costs one unit of energy – and that also goes for battles to reclaim your captured planets. Keep that in mind when deciding to push forward or defend your territory.

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