Plunder Pirates Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

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Plunder Pirates is a battle-strategy game from Rovio Stars. In this game, you take charge of a band of pirates and attack rivals’ strongholds while keeping your own spoils safe from war. Gamezebo’s Plunder Pirates Tips, Cheats and Strategies will provide you with the help you need to keep your head above water.

Plunder Pirates Tips Cheats Strategies

  • You start the game with temporary protection from other player attacks, so take advantage of the time – In Plunder Pirates, you can attack other players’ islands – and other players can attack your island, too. However, during the first couple of days of play, Plunder Pirates covers your fledgling island with a shield that protects it from enemy attacks. Take advantage of this time to get acquainted with the game’s mechanics, and to build up your defenses. Be careful: If you opt to attack another player, your own protecting disappears.
  • Collect your grog and gold supplies often – Grog and gold are both necessary for funding projects and hiring pirates. You need an ample supply of both. Make sure to collect from your mines and distilleries as often as possible, since both resources stop collecting once a cap has been reached.
  • Upgrade your gold and grog storages as soon as possible – Larger projects take far more grog and gold than your storage structures can handle at level one. One of the first things you should do is upgrade both storage units so they can hold more goods.

Plunder Pirates Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Make upgrading your pirate hall a priority, too – That said, being allowed to upgrade and building certain structures requires your pirate hall to be at higher levels, so make sure to keep up with building onto your home base.
  • Build according to recommended requests – Plunder Pirates doles out lots of quests that double as a good building guide. Access the Quests menu through the envelope-shaped icon in the upper right-hand side of the screen. Quests are separated into three categories: Building, Fighting, and Exploration. Make sure to check on all three tabs.
  • When exploring, stick to calm waters as much as possible – Sailing through calm seas is much quicker than braving choppy or stormy waters. If you can plan a route that spares you sea-sickness, take it.
  • You can collect grog and gold from islands you’ve already explored – Islands and landmarks give up gold and grog after a certain amount of time has passed. Visit conquered lands often and reap the bounty.

Plunder Pirates Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Pirate strongholds can be attacked multiple times – In Plunder Pirates’ single-player campaign, it’s not enough to attack a pirate stronghold once. Sometimes you need to challenge a leader several times before they go down. Their defenses increase with each subsequent attack, but do so the rewards for winning.
  • Go after monsters and rival ships – but heed warnings – Exploring the ocean yields lots of vessels and monsters that can be attacked for rewards. The game will warn you if you’re way out of your league, though, so look before you leap.
  • When a pirate is deployed, they’re gone for good. Deploy strategically – Once a pirate is deployed for battle, they don’t come back home even if they survive the attack. Try deploying a few troops at a time to test the waters before going all-in.
  • Pay attention to each pirate’s strength and weakness when recruiting at the tavern – Each potential recruit in the tavern has a magnifying glass that supplies unit information when tapped. Read up on each pirate and consider their strengths and weaknesses when recruiting.

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