PLANK!: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Allison Reilly |

PLANK!, from Kwalee, is a casual puzzle game where players continually draw planks to allow their avatar to travel across various gaps. Draw the plank too long or too short, and the avatar falls and the player loses. Can you rescue every animal and collect every avatar skin? The only way to do that is draw planks with precise accuracy, and these tips, cheats and tricks will help you to do just that.

  • Always aim for a perfect plank – In PLANK!, points are awarded based on how closely the player can draw the plank toward the yellow on the other platform. The closer to the line, the more points awarded. Always aim for the yellow line, as any inaccuracy means you have more wiggle room to land on the platform and to continue.
  • Use the Helper Lines – After your first few planks, the game will provide you with three Helper Lines. The lines will draw a dotted line from the tip of the plank to the platform to help you aim. They’re incredibly helpful, so don’t be afraid to use them early on.
  • If without Helper Lines, imagine them to help you aim – If you think you don’t need Helper Lines, or don’t feel like watching any ads, then imagining the lines is the next best thing. The Helper Lines essentially draw a line from the tip of the plank to where it will land. With a bit of practice, drawing your own Helper Lines will become second nature.
  • When drawing the plank, watch the tip of the plank – The temptation may be stare at the yellow line, but that makes it easy to make mistakes because if you watch the line you’re not aiming the plank. Instead, watch the tip of the plank. The tip is where the Helper Line starts (or would start), so watching the tip better ensures you will draw an accurate plank.
  • Try, try and try again – The only way to improve, rescue all of the animals and to unlock all of the avatars is to keep playing. Make a mistake and fall to your doom? Try again. Avatars are earned after collecting a set number of points. Animals are rescued after traversing a set number of platforms.
  • Every plank doesn’t have to be perfect – Earning 28 points, and then earning the double right afterward, is pretty darn great. A string of perfect planks means you’ll squash your current high score, but earning 14 or 21 points is okay too. Don’t fret about making every plank the perfect plank. Besides the double points, there’s no other reward for perfect planks. The most important thing to do is to continue accruing points and platforms so you can unlock and rescue everything.
  • Take your time – One of the most disorienting aspects of PLANK! is the varying distances between platforms. They can go from long to short to not-so-short to very long again. There’s no time limit to draw the plank, so don’t be afraid to take the time to assess and adjust if you need to.
  • Accept those close calls – Sometimes, the plank will *barely* count and you’ll get to continue playing. It sucks to get only seven points and to hold your breath as your avatar survives by a pixel. But, it’s all better than losing, so shake it off and move on to the next platform.
  • Get into the zone – Eventually, it becomes easy to focus on drawing planks and not think about anything else. This mindset is one of the best to have! Before you know it, you’ll be crushing your high score and rescuing another animal or two. When there are distractions, it’s only easier to make mistakes and miss the next platform.
  • The saves aren’t worth it – If you progress far enough, the game will offer you a “save” if you miss a platform. In exchange for watching an ad, you can start right where you left off with all of your points instead of at the very beginning. The exchange sounds great, but it’s not really worth it. You don’t get an additional save if you miss again, and the points you’ve earned up until this point will still count toward the avatar total. So, unless you’re close to breaking your high score, it’s best just to go back to the beginning.

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