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Planet Fish – Game Introduction

Planet Fish is an iPhone game developed by Ludia that not only gives you a beautiful aquarium to manage, but also lets you catch fish in a futuristic, bubble shooting submarine. Gamezebo’s Planet Fish strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you catch all the fish in the ocean. Or, at least most of them.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Planet Fish

  • Planet Fish can be downloaded for free from the Apple app store by clicking the “Free – Play Now” link at the top of this page.

Planet Fish

  • You can connect the game to your Facebook account in order to share photos of your fish. To do this, go to settings (the symbol that looks like two gears) and select the Facebook Connect button. You’ll need to authorize the app so that it can connect to your account.

Your Aquarium

  • In order to keep your fish happy, you’ll need to take good care of your aquarium. And most important of all are the actual fish. Pay attention to them to see what they need.
  • When a fish has a coin over the top of it, you can harvest some coins by tapping the fish. You can harvest coins from a fish at specific time intervals, which vary from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the type of fish.
  • Sometimes you’ll also see fish with little red and white bags over their heads. This means they’re hungry. To feed them simply tap anywhere in the aquarium where there isn’t a fish. This will cause food to appear, and the fish will eventually (sometimes it takes a bit) swim over and have something to eat.

Planet Fish

  • To learn more information about a fish tap on it when it isn’t ready to harvest money. You’ll come to a menu that provides three important pieces of information: its birthday (when you can harvest coins next), the birthday bonus (how many coins you can collect), and how much it’s worth to sell. The sell price will be shown as X/X. The first number is how much it currently sells for, the second is how much it will sell for once fully mature. It’s best to wait for fish to fully mature before selling in order to make the biggest possible profit.
  • Occasionally when you start the game you’ll be informed that your tank is dirty. To clean it all you need to do is wipe your finger across the screen.

Planet Fish

  • If you don’t touch the screen for a few moments all of the user interface (menus, level information, etc.) will disappear and you can simply watch your fish swim.

Planet Fish

  • If you want to take a picture of your aquarium select the camera icon at the bottom of the screen. If you’ve connect to Facebook you’ll be given the option to post the picture to your Facebook wall.

Planet Fish

  • To purchase decorations for your aquarium, select the little blue shopping cart at the bottom of the screen. Many of these options will be locked initially, but you’ll be able to purchase more and more items as you gain experience levels. Some decorations can be purchased with coins that you earn throughout the game, while others require rubies, which are the game’s premium currency.
  • To rearrange your aquarium select the symbol with an orange clamshell and two arrows pointing left and right. The floor of the aquarium features three levels of depth on which you can move and place items.

Planet Fish

  • If you need to either expand your aquarium or purchase a second to make room for additional fish, tap the tank icon in the upper left hand corner.

Catching Fish

  • In order to get new fish for your aquarium you’ll need to select the “Go Fish” option at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This will take you to the world map, which displays the various locations you can go fishing in.
  • There are a number of different maps, each of which has several locations to fish from. In the beginning you’ll only have access to one map, but you can purchase access to the others as you unlock them throughout the game.
  • By default you’ll be fishing during the daytime. To change this, you can select the moon icon at the bottom of the screen, which lets you fish at night. This will cost you quite a few coins, however, and you’ll have to purchase the nighttime mode for each map.

Planet Fish

  • When you select a location a pop-up will display how many fish are available in that location and how many you’ve caught so far. You can only visit each location once every few hours.

Planet Fish

  • When you start playing a new area, you’ll control the submarine by tilting your phone to move it along the top of the screen. A searchlight will constantly rotate from the sub, which represents the direction of your fire. When you tap, a bubble will shoot out along the searchlight and if it hits a fish you’ll collect it.
  • You only have a limited number of bubbles for each area, which is listed on the submarine itself.
  • If you miss a shot, you lose a bubble. If a bubble bursts after hitting an obstacle, you lose it.
  • Once you either collect every fish, run out bubbles, or reach your capacity limit for fish, you’ll be taken out of the level.


  • You’ve completed the Planet Fish quick start guide for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now you have all the skills you need to collect plenty of fish and build-up a beautiful aquarium. Be sure to keep checking back with Gamezebo for our extensive coverage with reviews, previews, guides and more.

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