Pirate Power Tips, Cheats and Strategies

So you want to be the baddest pirate that ever sailed the seas of Pirate Power? It’s gonna be hard work with rival pirates and the monsters of the depths vying against you for the same title. Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered. Follow Gamezebo’s Pirate Power tips, cheats and strategies and you’ll go from a landlubber to a sea dog in no time.

Getting your sea legs

Pirate Power Ship Upgrade

  • Your first ship is a dingy little thing, and your first goal will be to add a little protection to keep you afloat.
  • As soon as you can, add the Wood Nose and the Square Sail to your ship so you can soak up more damage.
  • Noses will protect your cannon from frontal damage, and sails will protect your hull.
  • There is a drawback. If your nose or sail is destroyed, your hull will crack for a moment and you will be susceptible to more damage.
  • However, the same fact holds true for your enemies. If you take out an enemy’s sails or nose, you can hit them hard for a ton of damage while their hull is cracked. You might want to save up those special attacks for those moments.

Money and Stuff

Pirate Power Marketopia

  • To buy buildings for your home island and to upgrade your ship, you’ll need gold. in Pirate Power you can get gold by defeating enemies or by selling fruit from your island in Marketopia.
  • To upgrade your ship, you’ll need wood. You can get this by defeating enemies, or by opening chests you find floating in the oceans.
  • You’ll also eventually need rare resources, which can be earned through victories against enemies, or by opening chests which you can buy with premium “Flooz” currency.
  • You can acquire Flooz by either paying real money for it, or by collecting it randomly in the game.
  • Try and conserve it the best you can, for example, it’s not worth it to spend 1 Flooz towards a 1-minute timer when you could save it and put it towards a timer that’s an hour or more.

Going from a raft to a Man ‘O War

Pirate Power Weapon Upgrade

  • When upgrading your ship, you’ll want to be somewhat frugal. Each part of your boat has different upgrade paths you can take, and you’ll want to plan ahead and make sure you’re spending your resources most efficiently.
  • Many parts in Pirate Power can continue to improve into new parts. To upgrade a part to a new part you must have maxed out its upgrade slots, then you can pay the cost to transform it to the next part.
  • However, sometimes it’s better to wait and craft an entirely new part instead of continuing down the same tech tree. If you decide to go this route, remember that none of the upgrades on your current part will transfer to the new item.
  • Your top priorities should be upgrading your hull and your cannon. Not only will this give you added health and attack power, it will allow you to bring more crew aboard. As long as you are keeping on par with your enemies with this method, upgrading your sail and nose aren’t necessary.
  • If you start facing enemies and are running out of health too fast or your cannon is getting knocked out of commission too often, that’s the time to upgrade your sail and nose and see if that helps.
  • When targeting enemy vessels, their cannon or primary weapon is your top priority. Once you drain its health, the amount of damage dealt to you will decrease significantly.

Getting Pirate Power from your crew

Pirate Power Special Move

  • In Pirate Power your crew can be an enormous asset in battle, as each crewmember, you have onboard your ship adds their small arms volley to your attack as well as granting a special attack.
  • You can get more crew by collecting medals. To get medals, you must either defeat the last round of a series of battles, or get them from purchasable chests.
  • The purple meter on the bottom right corresponds to the number on each special attack.
  • You must fill the meter the amount that is shown on the card for each special attack to execute it.
  • Each special attack has its own uses and its own area of damage.
  • Using multiple cannonballs might be most effective to take down an enemies cannon and mast at the same time, but once they’re down the Espada Tsunami will cause more damage.
  • Mix-and-match special attacks to develop your own hard-hitting strategy for taking down the enemy.

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