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Pirate Nation – Game Introduction

Pirate Nation is a simulation game developed by MiniNation Games where you become a pirate out in the open Sea. Collect materials to design your own ship, attack enemies with your various armaments, complete various quests, and search for valuable and rare treasure collections.

As you play you can build up your energy and defense levels so you will survive attacks against your ship. You can earn extra money by scrubbing the decks of your “Mateys” while visiting their ships which can also earn you “Matey Medals” to replenish your energy as well as additional Doubloons for you to spend. Use your treasures to purchase materials to build parts for your ship, and Jewels to acquire special items to help you advance in the game.

Gamezebo’s Pirate Nation strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats on how to win.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started with your Mini Nation account

Pirate Nation Pirate Nation

  • Pirate Nation is a free application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. To download the game follow the link at the top of this page.
  • Pirate Nation is compatible with MiniNation and also with Open Feint.
  • If you do not have a MiniNation account you will need to register when you play the game the first time. It only takes a moment asking for user name, gender, birth date, and your location with no charge for the account.
  • Check your inbox after you register. (Tap on inbox on first screen) You will be awarded 500 “MiniGold” for signing up for a MiniNation account. This can be used to purchase fun items for your avatar.
  • If you were invited by another user you will be awarded an additional 300 MiniGold and will be given a link to collect it. The link expires in 3 days so be sure to collect it right away. (This is also found in your MiniNation inbox.)
  • Neighbors are very easy to accumulate in the “Friends” area in MiniNation. There is a huge list of players you can send invitations to. Simply tap on their name to see their profile and then tap on “Send invitation”
  • Each person has to accept a game invitation before they become your neighbor.
  • To visit a person’s MiniNation profile simply tap on it.
  • You will receive 5 MiniGold for each Neighbor you visit. Tap on their profile and you can see how they have designed the different emotions and animations of their avatars which is another fun part of the game.
  • You can interact with your friend’s avatars doing things such as shooting them with water pistols, scaring them for a laugh, or dancing with them.
  • You will have a Minigold account which holds coins you have earned by visiting and inviting others as well as special promotions and this money is not used in Pirate Nation. It is only used to upgrade your Avatar with different clothing, backgrounds, animations, and emotions.
  • Once you have your avatar designed and your MiniNation account completed and have invited a few friends tap on “Pirate Nation” to begin to play.
  • NOTE – Once you have a MiniNation account you belong to a network where you have an avatar that you can design, a wall to leave messages on, and groups you can join in to chat with. You can also access other games by MiniNation from this first screen if you play them. To play Pirate Nation tap on the link at the very top of the first screen that loads. If you add friends to your MiniNation account they do NOT automatically become your “Mateys” in Pirate Nation. You will have to invite friends in Pirate Nation separately once you are in the game for purposes of game play.

Visiting the Captain’s Quarters

Pirate Nation Pirate Nation

  • When you first start the game you will see the screen above which is your ship’s Port. If you tap on “My Quarters” you will be able to see all of your game statistics, how much energy and defense you have, who has visited you and scrubbed decks for you, and a menu for changing armaments on your ship.
  • By scrolling down with your finger you can set a status message for all to see when they visit you, check your balance of Doubloons or Jewels (Game Currency), see how many treasures you have collected and at the very bottom you can change the game’s settings or your Ship’s Name.
  • Tap “Port” at the bottom left corner to return to your ship’s port where you can see your level, XP, energy and other vital statistics.
  • Tap on “Set Sail” when you are ready to move out and complete a quest.
  • NOTE – There is a menu at the bottom of every screen to help you navigate between Pirate Nation and MiniNation.


Pirate Nation Pirate Nation

  • Each location has quests that you must complete in a specific order to level up in the game.
  • The game’s tutorial does a great job in leading you through a quest if you need help.
  • Each quest will either end up with a treasure in your collection or a material to build ship parts with.
  • NOTE – After you tap “Set Sail” you will next tap on the Location you wish to visit on the map. Tap on “Go”and you will be taken to your ship’s Helm.
  • Once you are in the quest screen you will see quests listed 2 at a time. Each time you complete one a new one will be at the bottom when you return to this screen.
  • NOTE – If you tap on the tiny scroll at the left under your energy gauge. This will tell you how many quests you have completed.
  • Each time you complete a quest you will earn a treasure or material and doubloons which you can use in the shop to purchase items to upgrade your ship with.

Pirate Nation

NOTE – If you see a screen (such as the one in the image above) where there is no button to engage activity at the mid right of the screen this means you must tap on helm to initiate the quest screen.

Moving your Ship/ Battling enemy ships

Pirate Nation Pirate Nation

  • To move your ship you will use energy. You start out with a maximum of 200 energy and 10 energy is deducted each time you tap on the helm to move the ship. As you level up the Maximum amount of energy you can have will increase.
  • Be careful not to tap too much because if you run out of energy you will be stuck until you are able to scrub decks to earn more matey medals to refill your energy.
  • Soon you will be attacked by an enemy ship. Tap on the canon image on the right side shown in image above to engage the enemy into battle with you.
  • Once you see the “Start” message you will begin to battle the enemy.
  • Tap the screen in the direction of the enemy ship to fire at it. If you hit it directly you will damage it affecting the life gauge at the top of the screen.
  • Your life gauge is at the very top of the screen in blue and your enemies Life gauge is directly under it in red so you can compare and see who is winning.
  • You will throw black cannon balls and red cannon balls are ones that are being shot at you.
  • If you continue to damage the enemy ship without missing you will cause increased damage with each direct hit.
  • If you win the battle you will get a treasure from their ship which will be ranked in rarity from one to five stars and will be placed in your treasure room.
  • Once the quest is complete you can immediately do another if you have enough energy.

Treasure Room/Collections

Pirate Nation Pirate Nation

  • For each location in the game you will have a different treasure room.
  • Each time you defeat a ship you will earn a treasure from it which will be placed into your collection or Treasure Room.
  • In the image above you will see the first Treasure room which is for the “Peaceful Sea” location.
  • There are 14 Ships to battle and 14 treasures in this collection and each location will have different requirements.
  • Once you reach certain levels you will unlock more locations and the battles will become more difficult and the treasures more rare in ranking.
  • NOTE – While you are in the helm screen you can tap on the treasure chest to access your Treasure Room.

How to Acquire More Energy for your Ship/Scrubbing Decks

Pirate Nation Pirate Nation

  • You will need energy for your ship to engage in battle and search for treasures and the best way to do this is to scrub your Matey’s decks when you visit them.
  • Tap on “Social” at the bottom right of the game screen to enter your Matey List.
  • You will obtain 5 Matey Medals each time you scrub the deck of someone in a nearby ship and they will receive 1 Matey Medal.
  • You will earn 7 Matey Medals if you scrub the deck of someone that is your Matey and they will receive 2 Matey medals.
  • Once you reach the maximum number of Matey Medals you need to renew your energy meter you will be notified and will need to tap on the “Restore energy” button at the top of the Matey screen. This will recover your energy level back to full strength so you can engage in another battle or expedition.
  • TIP – While scrubbing the decks of nearby ships use this opportunity to invite these people to become your mateys to increase number of Matey medals earned and to earn a cash reward. (See “Treasure Chests” below)

Treasure Chests/Visiting your Mateys

Pirate Nation Pirate Nation

  • For each person that becomes your “Matey” you will have several advantages.
  • When you visit a matey you can collect from a treasure chest once every 24 hours. Tap on the treasure chest and you will be awarded with a random amount of doubloons.
  • When you scrub the deck of a Matey you will receive more Matey Medals for energy then scrubbing the decks of ships that are not your neighbors.
  • To reach your mateys tap on “Social” at the bottom right of the game screen.
  • Next, tap on “Mateys” at the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on each Matey to visit and you will see a screen similar to the images above.
  • Tap on the treasure chest then tap on “Scrub deck” You may also leave a message for your friend or send them a gift from this menu by tapping on those options.

How to Acquire Materials to build a Stronger Ship
/Treasure Scavenging

Pirate Nation Pirate Nation

  • You will need to acquire materials on your quests which are used along with items you will purchase from the shop to make items for your ship. This will make your ship stronger and will help you to be more successful in the levels to come.
  • Tap on the helm of your ship and look for glowing spots on the ocean which is shown in image above.
  • You will notice now instead of the red button you used to engage the enemy you will see another button which you will tap on to start the search for materials.
  • This will engage a crane that will go deep into the ocean where you will have to navigate it right and left to keep it from hitting rocks, debris or any other obstacles.
  • NOTE – To navigate move your device right or left to avoid the obstacles. Tapping will not work to move crane.
  • If you get the crane to the bottom you can grab one of several treasure chests and bring it back up to the surface.
  • There is a gauge along the bottom of the screen which is your “Durability Gauge” You must retrieve your treasure chest before the meter runs out.


You have completed the basic game play guide for Pirate Nation for IPhone and the iPod touch by MiniNation Games. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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