Pirate Bash: Cheats, Tips, and Strategies

Pirate Bash is a physics combat game from DeNA. In this game, you round up a crew of pirates and shoot rival pirates for money and glory. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help any landlubber become the king of the scurvy sea-dogs in no time flat.


  • Pay attention to pirate recommendations – When you select a level, you’re given the opportunity to review potential prizes, as well as recommended pirates to take along. If you have a recommended pirate in your crew, you’ll be alerted. You should follow these recommendations, as Pirate Bash’s gameplay changes up drastically according to how your enemies are positioned, and the weapons they wield.
  • There’s no time limit, so aim carefully – Take your time aiming at your foes. There’s no time limit in Pirate Bash’s campaign or versus mode, so line up your shots carefully. After all, the sooner you vanquish your enemies, the greater your reward. Wasted shots mean wasted loot.
  • Remember to upgrade your pirates’ equipment – You can view your pirate roster in the “Crew” menu. From there, you can tap on a pirate’s gear to upgrade it using silver. Subsequent upgrades become more expensive.
  • Use harpoons and arrows in levels with lots of natural defenses – It’s not uncommon for an enemy pirate to hide behind a natural wall that offers only a tiny opening to wedge a weapon through. In these cases, it’s best to use pirates that wield harpoons or arrows. That said, make sure you keep all your pirates leveled-up and ready for battle: You never know when a particular pirate’s talents will come in handy.


  • Anchors and cannon balls are great for clearing away debris – Anchors and cannon balls are heavy weapons that are ideal for clearing away enemy shields made of debris. Use them in heavily-littered levels.
  • Don’t neglect your pirates’ special abilities – When you equip a pirate with a weapon or an item of clothing that rates Uncommon or above, you gain a special ability that can be used once per round. Don’t be shy about using them: You still get your regular turn afterwards. Different items hold different abilities.
  • Use gems to upgrade your pirates – When you’re victorious at a level, you’re often rewarded with gems. These are used to upgrade your pirates once they’ve reached their max level, and once you’ve collected the required number of gems. Get a bronze, silver, and gold skull on every level to ensure you collect all the available gems in that area.


  • The environment can cause greater damage than your weapons – Under the right circumstances, a fall can be deadlier for a pirate than an anchor to the forehead. Attacks that damage the environment and / or cause pirates to fall can be devastating, especially if a lot of debris is thrown around and causes splash damage.
  • Wait until your pirates stop moving before you aim and shoot – If your pirate loses its footing just as it’s about to take its turn, wait until it’s completely settled again before firing off a barrage. Otherwise, their shot can go wild.
  • See a crate on the field? Shoot it! – If you see a crate on the battlefield, target it – preferably as part of a regular attack, in order to use as few moves as possible. Crates often contain keys, which can be used to open valuable silver chests.
  • Duel for gold, silver, crates, new recruits, and other valuable rewards – Don’t neglect Pirate Bash’s Duel mode, which pits you against other players. If you win, you may be rewarded with gold, silver, and even new pirate recruits.

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