Pilgrammed Ranger Emblem Guide


Have you been struggling to get the Ranger Emblem in Pilgrammed? Not to worry! We’ve created a Pilgrammed Ranger Emblem guide that teaches you how to acquire the emblem. There’s a very specific method that you have to follow in order to get the Ranger Emblem, and we’ll detail it in this guide!

Pilgrammed is a new, open world RPG on the Roblox platform. The game is pretty popular, but that’s probably because it’s so well put-together. In the game, you’ll fight off enemies, make allies, collect items, and explore the expansive open map. There’s a lot to Pilgrammed, which is mostly likely why it was able to captivate a consistent audience.

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Pilgrammed Ranger Emblem Guide

We’ll now dive into the guide at hand.

How Do I Get The Ranger Emblem?

The Ranger Emblem is dropped by the Hunter mob. Unfortunately, Hunters have less than a 10% chance of dropping the Ranger Emblem (9.39% to be exact!), so you might have to kill quite a few before an emblem is dropped.

What Is A Hunter?

A Hunter is a special mob in Pilgrammed. They dress in hooded cloaks, and they use crossbows as weapons. The game’s official description for them reads…

Lonely wanderers that roam the mountains. Maybe the bitter cold turned them hostile?

Hunters are found in the Snow Highlands, so if you’re on a specific hunt for a Ranger Emblem, then this is definitely the place to be. It’s quite cold though, so make sure you wrap up!

Here’s some Hunter statistics…

  • Health: 200
  • Damage: 45
  • Rewards: 20 Gold, 180P
  • Element: Frost
  • Drops: Crossbow (20.27%), Bottomless Quiver (10.09%), Ice Arrow (100%), Ranger Emblem (9.39%)

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