Pilgrammed Gems List


Looking for a complete list of Pilgrammed gems? Well, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ve put together a list of gems that you can unlock in Pilgrammed, including descriptions

For those unaware, Pilgrammed is a Roblox RPG that lets you live a fantasy life of your desire. You play as one of many different races, craft your own weapons and armour, and explore a massive open world. There are different classes to play as, and an absolute ton of secrets to discover in this adventure.

You can learn more about it on Roblox. We’ve also got guides for Pilgrammed reforge, Pilgrammed Mondo Ring, and Pilgrammed races.

Pilgrammed Gems

Now, let’s take a look at a complete list of Pilgrammed gems.

Blood Gems

  • Description: Memories broken, the truth goes unspoken, I’ve even forgotten my name
  • Physical Effect: Heals you for 15% of the damage you deal
  • Magical Effect: Magic projectiles shrink for 25% but gain 10% increased damage

Explosive Gem

  • Description: Kaboom
  • Physical Effect: Every third hit causes an explosion, dealing 50% of the damage of the hit that triggered it
  • Magical Effect: Magic projectiles grow 25% larger but move 25% slower

Charm Gem

  • Description: Crit chance + 12000.00
  • Physical Effect: Crits gain an additional 25% more damage
  • Magical Effect: Magic projectiles gain 25% velocity

Insignia Gem

  • Description: M1 M1 M1
  • Physical Effect: Removes lag from third weapon hit
  • Magical Effect: Reduces staff cooldown by 20%

Fire Gem

  • Description: Set your heart ablaze
  • Physical Effect: Hits apply fire with intensity scaling off damage dealt
  • Magical Effect: Same as above

Light Gem

  • Description: Harder, better, faster, stronger
  • Physical Effect: Weapons swing 10% faster
  • Magical Effect: Startup swings are reduced by 25%

Magic Gem

  • Description: Bajooka ooka
  • Physical Effect: Hits restore your mana by 20% of the damage dealt
  • Magical Effect: Mana cost is reduced by 35% for guns or 20% for staffs

Frost Gem

  • Description: Freeze
  • Physical Effect: Chills enemies on attack, reducing their movement speed and defense
  • Magical Effect: Same as above

Pilgrammed Gems FAQ

Now, we’ll answer a bunch of questions you may have regarding Pilgrammed or gems in general.

What Are Gems?

Gems are socketable weapon upgrades that provide you with a myriad of bonuses depending on whether you equip them on a physical or magical weapon. They can boost your damage, improve your regeneration, and provide a variety of one-off effects.

What Is Pilgrammed?

Pilgrammed is an open-world sandbox adventure that you can play within Roblox. It lets you build your own character, complete with selecting your own weapons, choosing your stats, and picking the equipment you’d like to use.

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