Pilgrammed Acute Lens – How To Get It!


Are you struggling with finding the acute lens in Pilgrammed? No need to worry! We’ve created a Pilgrammed Acute Lens guide, teaching you how to acquire the elusive item. We’ll also list some basic details about the acute lens, just incase you weren’t quite sure what it’s good for!

Pilgrammed is a new, open world RPG on the Roblox platform. The game is pretty popular, but that’s probably because it’s so well put-together. In the game, you’ll fight off enemies, make allies, collect items, and explore the expansive open map. There’s a lot to Pilgrammed, which is mostly likely why it was able to captivate a consistent audience.

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Pilgrammed Acute Lens

Let’s get on with the guide at hand! We’ll break down the article into a few different sections to make processing it easier.

What Is An Acute Lens?

An acute lens is an item in Pilgrammed that significantly increases your critical statistics. The official description of the item reads…

You can see for years… Your crit chance is increased by 25% when under 50% health!

The item also gives +5% crit chance as a passive ability. From the stats and the item’s description, you can imagine why it’s such a popular item!

We reckon the lens would work well in a build that focuses and relies heavily on crit chance. However, we’re sure it can be used in a bunch of other builds, so make sure you experiment with it!

Where Can You Find The Acute Lens?

Despite it’s beefy statistics, finding the acute lens is actually relatively simple. Just follow the instructions below…

  1. Travel to the savannah
  2. Kill any mercenaries found in the savannah

After you’ve killed the mercenaries, you’ll find the acute lens in your inventory.

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