Piece Out Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Piece Out is a relaxing but often tricky puzzle game from Kumobius. It’s a simple concept of lining up blocks in the right place before moving onto the next and trickier stage, which means there’s plenty of room for advice.

Gamezebo’s Piece Out Tips, Cheats and Strategies is here to do exactly that, giving you some insight into how best to approach the game’s puzzles and what you can do to get in the right mindset for progressing.

Know Your Options

Piece Out Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Each block or tile can only move in a very specific manner. They’re not very flexible, so pay attention to what each icon means.
  • If there’s a circle of arrows in the middle of the shape, that means you can rotate it on the spot. Rotation is only possible if there’s room on the level for you to do so. If it’d cause the shape to fall off the side of the level or for it to overlap with another shape, you can’t do it.
  • If the piece has a couple of arrows on it, that means it slides around. Crucially, it only slides in the direction of the arrows. Oftentimes, you’ll need to clear a path for it to be able to do that.
  • Some pieces combine a rotation action and the sliding action, meaning you might need to rotate first before being allowed to slide. Take this into consideration as after rotating, you can often enjoy sliding from a different place on the level.
  • Flipping a piece is also an option for some blocks. Again, in conjunction with rotating and sliding, you can move them around quite a distance.

General Tips

Piece Out Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Always experiment and see how things react differently. You’re not punished for using multiple moves, so take advantage of that and see what you can do. Often, you can muddle through a stage or at least figure things out by trying.
  • You’re also not timed, meaning you can spend a while looking at the level. Figure out opportunities. For instance, each shape will look like it’ll naturally fit in certain points on the edge of the level. Work on how you’re going to get them there.
  • Don’t be dissuaded when things get tough. Piece Out is pretty good at giving you a couple of easier levels in a page of puzzles before throwing a tough one at you. Stick with it and things will get a little easier again.
  • Use the Undo button as often as you like. There’s no punishment for using it a lot and it’s great for taking a couple of steps back and figuring out where you went wrong.

Piece Out Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Remember to check in every day for a new puzzle. The daily puzzle is usually really tough but also immensely satisfying to complete. Take a look at it in the morning, then spend some of your day thinking it through. It’ll soon become your daily habit.
  • Don’t be afraid to use the hints button if you get really stuck. Sure, it’s kind of like cheating, but sometimes you’re just going to want to move on.
  • Want to be able to leap around between different puzzle pages? Pay $0.99 and you can unlock the game’s premium build, which basically allows you to play whatever puzzle you want. It’s a small price to pay for a well designed game.

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