Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Phantomgate is a Norse Myth themed RPG with many platforming elements. The aim of the game is simple, recover all the memory shards of your mother and find a way to stop the mad god Odin. Any new player of Phantomgate would be wondering how to summon the best phantoms, or simply how to ace each level. Hopefully, our top tips will point you in the right direction to becoming an expert on all things Nordic.

  • Save up your Essence. As you play Phantomgate you will be collecting the Essence of characters in many different ways. Some of the ways to collect Essences is by completing levels, achievements or even simply by logging in. You can use the Essence to create phantoms who will fight with you in your squad during fight scenes. After creating a phantom, you then use Essence to upgrade the phantoms to be stronger and inflict more damage, so try and save these up.


  • Keep playing. If you couldn’t tell, there is a lot of content hidden inside of Phantomgate. It’s hidden because if it was all available to you at the start it would be very overwhelming, so features are revealed to you after you start completing levels in story mode. Once you’ve played a decent amount of story levels you will have unlocked certain areas and challenges that will provide a lot of entertainment. So don’t just give the game one try, keep coming back and you will be rewarded!


  • Enhance, enhance and enhance again. What I mean is you should always be trying to enhance the phantoms you’ve got, even if you aren’t using them right this minute. It usually costs very little to enhance a phantom, so it makes sense to be continually checking to see if you can enhance your phantom(s). Once you’ve enhanced your phantom(s), there is a further upgrade you can apply which is to evolve it. If you evolve your phantom you will improve all its stats plus it can alter their original appearance.
  • Strive to achieve. Phantomgate features an incredible amount of achievements to strive for. There are 10 challenges that change weekly: 6 that change monthly, 220 achievements that relate to gameplay and story elements, 30 that apply to friends and community actions plus 8 secret achievements. Most of the achievements reward money or gems so they are worth your time, plus it gives you something to aim for.


  • Don’t forget to collect. There are plenty of freebies to collect in Phantomgate, you just have to be aware of where they are. GM’s gift recharges every 15 minutes, this box can have a variety of items to collect including money and gems. Plus, completing missions and fighting enemies takes energy, this energy is commonly available from GM’s gift box. Also, take note of the mail icon in the top right corner of the menu. If its red then that should indicate you have rewards ready to be collected.
  • Complete monthly challenges. This month’s monthly challenge is called the Shrine of Freyja Mural. There are nine missions to complete in this challenge, each of which will reward you for your time. So this is well worth keeping an eye on.

  • Arena combat is good fun. I don’t just mean that fighting other players from across the globe feels rewarding, but it also provides you with Arena Points. Spend these arena points to purchase auto-clear tickets or phantom souls. You can use auto-clear tickets to skip boss battles, so it’s worth stockpiling a few of these.
  • Explore more. This applies mainly to story missions, there are hidden areas spread out throughout the course. Once you find what to look for you should be able to spot these quite easily. They are good for giving you extra coins, as well as some other hidden goodies, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Other than the aforementioned, there isn’t too much more I want to say. Phantomgate has a lot going on so don’t expect to understand everything right away. There is a very active community on Reddit and a busy forum on Netmarble’s website, so if you need extra advice I would recommend checking these out as well.

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