Pets Fun House Tips Walkthrough

Check out our tips and tricks for Pets Fun House and learn about pet care, stocking the shop, and how to make the most out of multi-tasking. GAME OVERVIEW There are 2 game modes in Pets Fun House: Story Time and Cardgame mode. Story Time is your main mode and Cardgame mode is a card matching game. Cardgame mode is a pretty standard memory card matching game. Find the matching pair of cards and eliminate pairs one by one. There will be 5 levels to that game and a limited amount of time …

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a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:19:”Pets Fun House Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:12937:”Check out our tips and tricks for Pets Fun House and learn about pet
care, stocking the shop, and how to make the most out of multi-tasking.


There are 2 game modes in Pets Fun House: Story Time and Cardgame mode.
Story Time is your main mode and Cardgame mode is a card matching game.

Cardgame mode is a pretty standard memory card matching game. Find
the matching pair of cards and eliminate pairs one by one. There will
be 5 levels to that game and a limited amount of time in which to
complete the task.

Even though the Cardgame mode is a separate mode from Story Time,
you will periodically play a mini game version of this in Story Mode.

Each level of the game is divided by a certain amount of days in
which you can take to complete a level. If you don’t complete a level
within the specified amount of days you will go bankrupt and will have
to start over again. Each level will have 3 more days in order to
complete the goal.


In order to sell your pets you have to take care of their needs and
once they’re grown, you can sell them to your customers. A pet will be
ready for sale when you see that they start sparkling.

You need to make sure that your pet is given the things that they
ask for in a timely manner. If they do not receive what they need they
will turn into a ghost and disappear. You will then have to start the
growing process all over again.

You will have several days in which to accomplish your goal. As the
game progresses and gets harder you will have more days added in order
to accomplish your goal.

If you do not meet your goals in a timely manner you will have to
start back on day one of that level. In other words if that level has 7
days and you lose, you will start back from day one.


  • In order to resume your game from the point in which you left
    off, click on Story Time and then on Last Check Point to continue your
    saved game.
  • The time stops when you are choosing your next pet
    which is a good thing because it does not take away from your time on
    the clock. You can take your time and make your pet selection, which
    takes some time to flip through all the choices. As soon as you’ve done
    that the timer will resume working.
  • There’s no way to cancel an action that you’ve made
    so make sure that you calculate your moves carefully. If you don’t, it
    can throw off your whole game since at times getting a supply to an
    animal in time can mean the difference between keeping and losing that
  • In order to buy products you have to click on the up
    and down buttons. This allows you to adjust your purchases accordingly.
    If you decide that you want less of an item you can click the down
    button and it will be subtracted from your purchase.
  • Keep in mind that you can only subtract items that
    you’re currently purchasing. If the item was left over from the
    previous round you will not be able to do it.
  • You can carry two items at a time, some actions
    require you to have your hands free in order to accomplish them and
    others do not. You need at least one of your hands free when you’re
    picking up supplies, garbage or when you’re choosing your next dog
  • You can swap items from your hand with other items.
    If a dog is asking for a bowl of food and they have a trash bag next to
    them once you hand them their food, the trash bag will automatically be
    in your hand.
  • If your hands are full you cannot click and choose
    the next animal you want to breed. Unload what’s in your hand first and
    then go back and choose your pet.
  • You do not need your hands to be empty when you drag
    a customer over to a pet they wish to purchase. Simply drag the
    customer to a pet while your character is doing other things.
  • There’s a section that will pop-up from time called
    the Shop’s Interior, in which decorations for your shop will be
    available. These will become available automatically – all you have to
    do is pick the item that is unlocked. There’s no rhyme or reason to
    this feature since only one item will be unlocked at a time.
  • You will also have random bonuses that will appear
    throughout the game. There will be things like you win $120 for winning
    a pet show. It can also be something as simple as a customer wants to
    give you extra supplies for your shop, like 10 cans of food etc. These
    bonuses will pop-up on your screen at any given time.
  • On your playing field you have a clock at the bottom which shows how much time you have to complete that day.
  • The amount next to the right of the clock is the cash
    amount. The cash amount shows how much money you have left over after
    you purchased your supplies. That number is combined with how much
    you’ve earned towards the current goal.


  • You can queue what seems like unlimited actions back to
    back in this game. You do not get points for chaining tasks, but it
    does allow you to get several things done at once.
  • Wait until two pets need something, that way you can
    deliver two items at a time. Instead of wasting time (since your
    character is rather slow) have two items in your hand at all times.
    Time is of the essence and there’s no need to waste it.
  • Deliver things in an organized fashion which will
    maximize your time. If your character has to walk to different sides of
    the room then make the most of it. As you’re taking supplies to a pet
    that is on one side of the room, pick up a supply that is on that side
    and deliver to a pet that is on the opposite side.
  • If you’re making a delivery to a customer that is
    close to the trash can, grab their item in one hand and a bag of trash
    in another. This way you can throw out the garbage after you make your


  • Serving your pets quickly will keep them happy. The
    happier a pet is at the time of purchase the more money a customer is
    willing to pay you for that pet. The longer you take the faster your
    pet will become unhappy and eventually pass away.
  • If a pet dies you don’t lose any money but you do have to start growing your pet all over again.
  • As soon as one pet is sold choose another breed
    immediately since it takes time for them to grow. Do it before taking
    care of anybody else so that your pet can grow as you take care of
    other tasks.
  • Look at the icon above a pet’s head to determine what
    their needs are. Look at their hearts to determine how much patience
    they have left. If a pet has a low heart rate you need to take of them
    as soon as they request something. That is the only way to restore a
    part of their heart and keep from losing them.


  • At the beginning of each level breed as many different
    types of animals as you can, disregard what it says on the Today’s Hit
    page. Those breeds will not come into play until later on in the day.
  • The first day of each level will usually be spent
    taking care of your pet’s needs so that they can grow and be ready for
    sale. You will usually make the majority of your money selling pets
    after the first day. So it’s a good idea to buy at least 10 or 12 of
    each item at the beginning of any level.
  • If you’re close to your goal at the end of any given
    day you don’t have to buy a lot of supplies for the next day in order
    to meet your goal. It is best to buy just enough items so that you can
    sell enough pets to make it past a level.
  • Let’s suppose you only need $1,500 to pass a level.
    Once you make that amount, stop breeding pets and handing out goods.
    You do not lose money when your pets die or customers leave angry just
    let them go as long as your goal is met. This may seem as odd advice at
    first but expect not to be able to serve many of your customers that
    come through the door, especially if the pet they want has a lot of
    growing left to do.
  • There’s nothing you can do to make a client happier,
    all you can do is let them get angry and leave. The good news is that
    you do not lose any money when a customer leaves your shop angry.
  • If you have the choice between 2 customers that need
    the same pet always choose the most impatient customer first. The
    reason for that being is that you’ll be able to get 2 customers to buy
    a pet instead of just one. You will make twice as much money.
  • If your choice is between 2 customers that want the
    same pet and there’s one of that kind for sale then sell it to the
    customer that is happiest.
  • On the Today’s Hit main page you will see which 3
    pets are going to be most popular for that day. It may seem like that
    is not the case since at the beginning of most levels you will be asked
    for a a variety of pets. Those choices will not really come into play
    heavily until you get closer to your deadline.
  • Even if your food supply falls below zero you can
    still purchase supplies. However, they will cost you 50% more than the
    regular price.
  • It’s very important that you sell some of your
    supplies to customers that just to want to buy those items and not any
    pets. That money you make from each sale will go towards your total and
    can mean the difference between winning and losing.
  • If you look at your total and it looks like you’ve
    made your goal you may be disappointed to see that you did not pass
    that round. The reason for that being is that if you purchased items
    that were out of stock.
  • Those items will cost you 50 percent more than if
    you’d bought it at the supply store. That money is then deducted off
    your sales at the end of the round. You can see how many extra items
    you purchased in the level summary page at the end of each level.
  • If you see a small bag of trash next to your pet, it
    means that you must pick up their waste after they’ve used the toilet.
    After you pick it up take it to the trash can. If you happen to give a
    pet an item that they asked for and a bag is next to them you will
    automatically pick up that bag once you deliver the item to your pet.
  • You have to pay close attention to the trash bags
    because once you have it in your hand you will only be able to pick up
    one additional item. Take the bag to the trash as soon as possible so
    that you can go back to picking up 2 items at a time.
  • Each week begins with a certain amount of days, at
    the end of each of those days you will have a chance to restock your
    items. Your next day will begin with your pets in the state in which
    they were before.
  • If they were fully grown and asking for food, that’s
    the way you’ll find them on the next day. The food supplies that you
    buy in between levels will be added to the supplies you had before the
    day ended. In other words the leftover supplies will rollover from one
    level to the next.


  • This page will tell which pets are going to be the most
    popular for that day. It may seem like that information is not always
    correct but it does help you in some ways.
  • That information does not start being correct until
    you get closer to the end of the game. You will then start seeing
    several customers coming in asking for the most popular dogs that you
    saw on the front of the page.
  • You will see three colored paw prints on the front of
    the page, gold, silver and copper. Each color represents which supply a
    particular pet will need the most of in that level.
  • The Golden Paw- Indicates the item that a pet will use the most of.
  • The Silver Paw represents the middle of the road in terms of what they will need.
  • The Copper Paw represents the item the pet will need the least of.
  • This info can help you decide what type of pet you need to raise and which supplies you should focus on.


  • Price Per Item-The number in green shows how much a product costs
  • Buy-The number in yellow shows how many items you are buying at that moment.
  • Total Amount-Shows how many products you have combined with
    what you’re currently buying and what you have in stock from the last
  • Total-Just displays the amount of money you’re currently spending for that category.

    At the Bottom of the screen you have the Budget, Purchase and Cash section:

  • Budget is the amount of money you have available to spend.
  • Purchase is the total amount that you’re spending on that level.
  • Cash is the budget amount minus your purchase amount, which leaves you with how much money you have left to spend.
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