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Check out our tips and tricks for Pet Show Craze.


  • After every twelve levels you get into a new store, where most of your previously purchased store-upgrades are not available anymore. That means it is a good idea to not buy every possible upgrade in the first three stores so that you have enough money left to buy some important upgrades right in the beginning when you get into a new store.
  • There are two currencies by which you can buy the different upgrades. These two currencies, namely money and popularity, are represented by the coin- and the heart-symbol. They also constitute your goals in the different levels, to advance in the game you always have to earn a certain amount of money and popularity in each level.  
  • Under each station (except for the veterinarian and the bowls) is a bar which symbolizes the reliability of it. When this bar is filled and turns red the stations need to be repaired immediately. It is much easier to repair them beforehand when the bar is already half-full. The reparation takes much less time and in this manner it is easier for you to plan ahead.
  • It rarely happens that you reach both goals at the same time, so when you’ve reached the needed amount of either money or popularity, concentrate yourself totally on the goal still left.  
  • You can replay every level as often as you want to and every time again the money and popularity you earn is added to the amount you already possess. To replay earlier levels is especially advisable if you keep missing one or both goals of a certain level. Replaying former and easier levels makes you able to purchase additional upgrades and better charms to succeed with a more difficult level.
  • While playing a mini-game during a level, customers wont lose any hearts and animals which are waiting for a new haircut, food or to be blow-dried won’t lose patience, however time keeps running and the employees will go on with their current tasks. 
  • As mentioned above some stations need two workers depending on the pet that is in treatment. Pets who need to be taken care of by two workers are the monkey, the pig, the boxer and the Dalmatian. All the other pets, like the mouse, the cats, the rabbit, the goose or the terrier only need one worker.
  • Maria is responsible for a lot of tasks. She has to give out the menus to the customers, has to take the pets to the appropriate stations, will bring ordered goods to the customers before they leave and shows them to the door in the end. Apart from that she is also able to help every worker with their tasks whether to treat animals or to repair the stations. However she is not able to get one of these two tasks done on her own, she just can assist. She is also responsible for the cleaning of every station. When a station is dirty this is indicated by a white bubble above it and no pet can be treated there until Maria has cleaned it.
  • Sometimes a specific upgrade from the shop is needed to proceed with the next level. In case that you do not have enough money to purchase this upgrade just repeat an earlier level to earn the necessary amount of money.
  • The highest possible number of hearts for one customer is five. If a customer reaches a satisfaction of five hearts treat him or her as quickly as possible because from this time on he/she can only lose popularity.
  • It is always a good idea to check a level for one or two minutes and then to restart. A lot of levels show a pattern which customers arrive together and in which order. If you recognize this pattern and restart it is easier for you to plan ahead and maximize your popularity by treating the customers in he right order.
  • Keep Maria as busy as possible. There is a lot going on in each level and you have to care for a bunch of tasks at the same time, but Maria is the core character of the game and there will always be work for her to do, so do not let her wait leisured.
  • When two customers on the same bench are about to leave it is a very helpful strategy to let one of them go and then to place a new customer beside the remaining one. A good example for it is this combination: A model and a golden boy are sitting on the same bench and want to leave (perhaps even without ordering a good). At that moment another model arrives on the rug. Let the model on the bench leave the store and place the new model directly next to the golden boy. By doing this you increase for one thing the satisfaction of both of them and for another thing the chance that the golden boy will order a good yet again in the end. 
  • There are several ways to increase the satisfaction of your customers: Give them a cup of coffee; seat them beside customer types they like; bring their pets to the appropriate stations in time.
  • Take into account that in the later stages some customers will order two different treatments. Consider this when you are planning ahead.

There are a lot of different stations which make quite different demands on the player:

  • The bowl: If a pet wants to eat just take it from the owner and then deliver the needed sort of food. However, as soon as you purchase the special food, some animals order two portions. No assistance of any worker is needed here.  
  • The massage station: At this station one or two workers are needed to treat the animal and afterwards it may be that the animal wants to be blow-dried, too.
  • The bathtub: The same applies to this station as to the massage station.
  • The haircutting station:  Again one or two workers are needed to treat animals at this station, but instead of blow-drying a lot of pets will need a new haircut afterwards.
  • The veterinarian: At this station the doctor is the whole level through, so the help by other workers is not needed. However he tends to sleep while working. If that happens send Maria to wake him up.
  • The stylist: The same applies to this station as to the veterinarian, except for that you always have to play a mini-game when you bring a pet to this station. Instead of the veterinarian’s sleepiness the stylist loves to phone while working. To stop that you simply have to click her, it is not needed to send Maria there.                       


  • You can buy upgrades in Maria’s House, so-called charms, and general upgrades for your pet store in the shop.
  • Maria’s House: If you enter Maria’s house from the map screen, you will see different clothes on the right side. Choose them as you like it, they do not affect the game in any way. On the left side you see a shelf with the different charms. Charms are purchased with the hearts. There are two different classes of charms. The first class includes the three charms on the top row of the shelf. These charms can be upgraded three times each, but you only can use one of them per level.  
  • Mini-Game-Magic: This charm helps you with the mini-games during the levels. When activated you do not have to play the mini-games yourself and Maria will automatically get the best results. This charm affects every possible mini-game, namely the perfect coffee or tea, the games at the service stations and the goods-game before a customer leaves.
  • Speed Boost: This charm simply makes Maria walk and work quicker when activated.
  • Relaxation Charm: This charm will add a heart to each customer who is currently sitting on a sofa in your store, when activated.  
  • Again, you can only choose one of these three charms per level. All of them are activated by performing combos. By upgrading these charms to higher ranks you need to perform less combos to activate them.
  • The most useful charms are definitely the mini-game-magic and the relaxation charm, so you can neglect to waste hearts for upgrading the speed boost which is not that helpful at all. It is up to your own pace which one of the other two charms you prefer. If you see that you have greater problems to achieve the money goal in certain games it is advisable to use Mini-Game-Magic, because for one thing it saves you worthwhile time and for another thing you automatically receive as much money as possible out of every mini-game Maria plays. Otherwise, if you notice that you regularly fulfill the money goal before the popularity goal, choose the Relaxation Charm. You can change the currently used charm at the beginning of each new level.
  • Combos can be made by nearly every task of Maria, that means handing out menus, taking pets to the stations, to bring ordered goods to customers and so on. Perform combos as often as possible and as many of the same kind as you can to activate your current charm regularly.
  • The other charms on the three bottom rows are active from the moment on when you purchase them. They have no need to be activated by combos. Seven of those charms are just price boosts who make the treatments at the different stations more expensive. However, the other three charms are much more important for your success. The "Repair Boost" will shorten the time the workers need to repair the various machines a lot. The two charms "Heart Boost: Men" and "Heart Boost: Women" are the two probably most important charms in the whole game. Though they are the most expensive ones they are definitely worth the money, better to say the hearts you have to invest. After you have purchased them every man and every woman who enter your store will have two hearts instead of one in the beginning. This advantage will make it much easier to achieve the needed popularity for expert time.
  • The bowl-"station" makes an exception beneath the stations. In the beginning you only have grain-based food, which is eaten by every animal except for cats and dogs. Not before you buy the meat-based food cats and dogs will also attend this station.


  • Hire up to three workers: This upgrade is extremely advisable in order to serve a lot of customers as quickly as possible to reach both goals in time.
  • The "Goods-shelf": In this shelf you are able to buy more expensive goods the customers can purchase and to add the special food to your product range. While the more expensive goods are simplifying the achievement of the money goal a lot, the special food is an upgrade that you can definitely neglect until there is nothing else left to purchase. Keep checking this shelf for new available products.
  • The Coffee Machine: After purchasing this upgrade you still have the possibility to make it work faster. Every time you give a cup of tea or coffee to a customer you have to play a mini-game and depending on your success in it, the customer will earn from a half up to two hearts by it.  
  • The service stations: Other than the obvious opportunity to purchase additional stations you can also upgrade their speed and their reliability, that means the amount of time you can use them without reparation. Purchase additional stations as soon as possible, since you are able to serve more customers at the same time. Especially important are the veterinarian, the stylist and the food bowls, because these stations do not need to be taken care of by your general workers.
  • The rugs: Again you can for one thing purchase additional rugs and for another thing upgrade those rugs you already possess to shorten the time they need to be cleaned to let new customers enter your store.
  • The benches: Additional benches/seats are obviously quite an important upgrade, for that you can serve more customers at the same time and to have more space to create "positive" customer-combinations which are good for the popularity goal.
  • The Grooming Kit and the Blow-Dryer: These two upgrades are a nice way to earn additional money but nonetheless you have to take into account that they afford another step (that means another mini-game) by Maria. After a pet is treated at a station and wants a new hairdo or to be blow-dried this will be indicated by a new thought-bubble appearing above its head.
  • The Ad-Magazine: This upgrade is extremely important because by handing out this magazine to a customer you can choose at which station his or her pet should be treated. This measure is especially helpful when a lot of customers order the service of the same station or if you want to avoid that pets are treated at stations where two workers are needed. It is always advisable to send a Dalmatian, a pig, a monkey or a boxer to the bowl, the stylist or the veterinarian to avoid long waiting periods for other customers. To purchase one, two or three magazines in the store makes certainly sense not before you have purchased some additional stations.
  • The TV on the goods-shelf: This upgrade is a nice feature bot not immensely important, because when it becomes available the money goal is not that hard to reach anyway. You can use this upgrade by simply clicking on it. A short tv ad will be shown to the customers and it might convince some of them to order goods even if they have not four or more hearts. But you have to take in mind that this only applies to customers who are on the point of leaving the store.


Here is a list with all customer types, which pet they own and beside which other customer types they earn one or even two heart(s):

  • The young man with the cat: earns two hearts when he sits next to the model and one beside the woman in the gown and the Dalmatian-woman.
  • The woman with the Dalmatian: earns two hearts when she sits next to the golden boy and one beside the young man and the man with the boxer.
  • The young boy with the mouse: earns two hearts beside the model and one if he sits next to the young girl.
  • The young girl with the rabbit: earns two hearts beside the golden boy and one beside the young boy.
  • The army-man with the goose: earns two hearts if he sits next to the model and one heart beside the old woman.
  • The old woman with the cat: earns two hearts beside the golden boy and one heart beside the old army man.
  • The model with the terrier: earns two hearts beside the golden boy and one heart next to the young man and the man with the boxer.
  • The golden boy with the monkey: earns two hearts beside the model and one heart when he sits next to the Dalmatian woman and the woman in the gown.
  • The man with the boxer: earns two hearts when he is sitting next to the model and one heart beside the Dalmatian-woman and the woman in the gown.
  • The woman in the gown with the pig: earns two hearts beside the golden boy and one heart beside the young man and the man with the boxer.


  • Important note: The woman in the gown with the pig always (!!) wants to be served at first. This attitude has several consequences for you: (1) If you do not want to deal with her just serve other customers before her. She then will immediately leave your store. However this will cost you time and money. (2) Do not let two of these women on your benches at the same time, because this will make the serving extremely complicated, if not impossible. (3) If you click on other customers to serve them before there is an orange exclamation point flashing in her thought bubble she will NOT leave, but you have to observe her and the other customers very carefully to be successful with this strategy.
  • An important clue to increase the satisfaction of a customer and at the same time the amount of hearts you earn when he leaves is to pair the right customers together on a sofa. Definitely avoid to pair two of the same customers together, because both of them will lose a heart in that case. 
  • In some levels you will also have an additional seat where only one customer can sit. In those levels the above mentioned patterns of the different levels are even more important to figure out which customer should be seated there. It is also advisable to give the coffee always to the customer on the seat in those levels because obviously you have not the opportunity to increase his satisfaction by other customers.


There are two different kinds of mini-games in Pet Show Craze, the bonus-level mini-games and the various ones which take place during the general levels.

The bonus-levels:  

  • The Pet Show Levels: In these levels four or five different pets are standing on a kind of stage. You have to assign the spotlighted pet to the appropriate food, footprint or object. If you make a mistake because you are unsure just restart and try again. In the bonus levels it is quite easy to get the expert goal, so do not miss this opportunity just because of one or two wrong guesses.  
  • The Hidden-Object levels: The location of these levels is a garden where you have to find a certain amount of bones (for a dog) or acorns (for a pig). Here the same applies as to the pet show levels – if you see that you are running out of time just restart the level to make sure that you get expert score.

The mini-games during the general levels:

  • The goods-game: If a customer wants to leave and has reached a certain degree of satisfaction he will order a special good. Before Maria can take this of the goods-shelf she has to play a mini-game, either to find a picture of his ordered good out of a collection of various goods’ pictures or by clicking at the right moment in a wheel-of-fortune game. Concerning the latter one it is your choice which product he or she will order, so always click when the needle is in the area of the most expensive product.
  • The blow-drying: In this mini-game you see a scale with a moving pointer. The scale is divided in white (least profit), orange (average profit) and green (most profit) areas. Just click when the pointer is inside the green area to get the most possible profit.
  • The hairdo-game: Here you can click back and forth through a menu of different haircuts. The profit by each of those different haircuts is shown by the number of coins beneath. Just choose the hairdo which provides you with the highest profit. Take into account that in later stages the number of different haircuts will grow and so will the range of profit.
  • The coffee game: If you hand over a cup of coffee or tea to a customer for increasing his number of hearts Maria has to prepare this herself. The coffee/tea consists of always three different ingredients and depending on how many of them you choose right according to the customers wish he or she gains up to two additional hearts. That also means that it is advisable to give coffee only to customers with three or less hearts to gain the full effect of it.
  • The stylist game: The styling station is the only station where Maria always has to play a mini-game right in the beginning. If you bring a pet to this station a new window will open automatically where various possibilities of styles are presented to you. Just move your pointer over the different styles to see how much profit they will give you and choose that style which offers the most coins.

Additional tip: In the later stages you will regularly achieve the money goal much earlier than the popularity goal. If you have already reached the money goal in any level you do not have to care about the mini-games anymore (except for the coffee game, obviously). It does not affect the customers’ satisfaction which style/good/haircut you choose so you should click immediately to save worthwhile time. “;

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