Pet Shop Hop Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

Check out our Tips & Tricks for Pet Shop Hop. GENERAL TIPS     This game has 52 levels and is divided by weeks of the month. Some months are 4 weeks long and others are 5 weeks long. This game saves differently than most. The majority of games will save the progress you've made up until the last day that you played. Pet Shop Hop will start you back on the first day of the week for that month.       For example, May has 5 weeks, 9-13. You have to…

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Check out our Tips & Tricks for Pet Shop Hop.




  • This game has 52 levels and is divided by weeks of the month. Some months are 4 weeks long and others are 5 weeks long. This game saves differently than most. The majority of games will save the progress you’ve made up until the last day that you played. Pet Shop Hop will start you back on the first day of the week for that month.




  • For example, May has 5 weeks, 9-13. You have to play until the end of the week in May or you will have to start back at week 9 once you restart the game. It is best to play through all the weeks in a particular month if you don’t want to restart a few weeks back. Especially in rounds which you may have found particularly hard to beat.




  • In the early stages of the game, if the dogs or cats get out of the cage, grab them and take them back to their pen. If you get them right away you will not have to worry about getting the mop and cleaning their mess. After week 22 you will be able to buy the Tidybot which will automatically clean the mess up for you.




  • Don’t always worry about picking up stray pets once you have the Tidybot. Since the Tidybot cleans up all of the mess your pets leave behind you don’t have to be in such a hurry to pick up all the animals that get out of their cages right away. Sometimes its good to let them wander as long as it doesn’t interfere with what you are doing.




  • You will see a lady in a fur coat that walks through the store and never buys anything. When she shows up she disturbs your patrons. As soon as you see her come in, make sure you click on your pet and she will go away.




  • Hamsters do not show up until level 41, however you may see requests for them even before they become available for purchase. When the customers ask for them before that level, find a cage and place different animals in it until the customer accepts one of them. The two most common ones the customers would accept were the yellow birds and the black hedgehogs. Send your pet out when you see these customers in order to try and keep them in the store longer while you figure out a substitution for you to sell them.




  • If there’s something you want to buy and can’t afford at the time, sell some pets or items from your inventory. You can click on the minus sign in order sign sell some of your pets back into inventory and recoup some of your money. When you buy animals, the number that is in between the (+) and (-) signs indicates how many of that kind of pet you have in stock. Try to keep enough of each type of animal so that you don’t run out, but not too many or you’ll spend too much time cleaning and feeding them.




  • You can and should replenish your stock at the beginning of each week. There’s a limit to how many of each type of pet you can buy. When buying cats or dogs you can only buy up to 5 of them at a time. Make sure you always the buy maximum of cats and dogs since you make a good profit from selling them and you can only buy a small amount.




  • Since you are limited as to how many cats and dogs you can buy each week, save them for the people who actually request them.




  • Pay attention to your audio and visual clues. Throughout the game there will be various tasks that you need to perform in order to keep your shop running smoothly. Make sure that your animals are being fed and that their cages are being kept clean. Perform services, like feeding the animals, cleaning a cage or tank as soon as you see it flashing. You don’t want to wait until the service absolutely has to be performed in order for you to do it. You can also do it before it starts flashing, if you see something getting low just go ahead and do it.




  • If it’s the end of the day you don’t have to worry about feeding the animals or cleaning stations. Concentrate on taking care of the last customers and making them buy as many extras as possible.




  • If you’re close to the end and need some points to pass the level, make sure you either sell an accessory, a cage or a bowl. You can also take your most expensive animal and certify it so you can earn more money.




  • Certain things have to be performed in a certain order or they cannot be done. You cannot fill the bowl with water, place a fish inside and then try to place the gravel in it as well. You have to place the gravel in the bowl, then take it to the water station and lastly place the fish inside.




  • You can use the recycle bin to place things back into inventory that you do no need, doing so does not cost you extra points. If you picked up an animal by mistake then you can click on the cage or pen that you got it from in order to return it.




  • There will be times when you’ll fail a level or you may want to replay to up your score. When you restart the game you will be able to make new choices and start fresh.




  • When you take care of the man in the dark suit and glasses you get a $500 Agent Bonus.




  • Get whatever is closest to you, if you are making a delivery and somebody wants a fish grab it before you head out.




  • Some customers will only buy a pet if it has been vet certified, make sure you take them to the vet station when an order for that has been placed. Customers will pay more money for pets that have been vet certified. If you pick up a pet from the vet station by mistake and have nowhere to put it at the moment, drop it back on the vet station until you are ready to take care of it.




  • When you have 2 animals in your hand and you click on the vet station, the first animal you picked up will be the one to go there.





  • Customers have different requests, which are represented by the speech bubbles above their head. It’s important to know what they are looking for before you serve them.




  • If you do not give them what they want you risk the chance of the customer getting impatient and leaving. They can also leave if you don’t have in stock the pet they are looking for.




  • If a customer has a speech bubble with just a large question mark it means they will accept any animal in any kind of cage that you give them.




  • An animal outlined in white with a question mark means that the customer will accept that animal in any color.




  • If the animal is represented in the speech bubble with a particular color and cage, you can only give the customer exactly what they asked for.




  • When you see a speech bubble with an animal that has a red cross above it, means that you can only serve the customer a pet that has been vet certified.




  • When you see any animal that is in a cage or bowl, the customer will only buy it if you give them specifically what they asked for. When they ask for pets in cages or bowls you must deliver to them exactly what they ordered or they will refuse it. On the other hand, you can add a cage or a bowl to a customers order in order to make extra money. Let’s say a customer just wants a plain fish in a bag: You can take the fish to the vet station and then put it in a tank with some gravel and water to make more money from that sale





  • After level 9 you will be asked to choose between 3 different pets: a Dalmatian, a kitten, or a hedgehog. Whichever animal you choose will be in the doghouse until you click on it to come out and walk around the store and make customers happy. It will also restore a customer’s patience as it walks by.




  • Your pet will walk down up and down the line with the customers. As your pet walks up it restores most of your patrons’ patience. As it walks back down it will usually finish taking all the red out of a customer’s speech bubble.




  • It’s important to click on your pet when you see the lady with the fur coat come into the store. She walks around the store and irritates the other customers. If you make your pet come out of the doghouse it will chase her away.




  • Your pet has to get some rest before it comes out to play again. Pay attention to when the pet is awake and send it out to the customers as often as possible. You will know your pet is sleeping when you see ZZZ’s coming out of the doghouse. You will know its awake when you see eye peering through the opening. At times you may see the ZZZ’s and its eyes open, go by the pet’s eyes being open instead of the ZZZ’s.





  • At times clicking on things takes a few tries to accomplish. In order to save yourself some time, check and make sure that your actions have been registered properly. Look to make sure that you see a checkmark next to the item you clicked on. If you don’t see a checkmark, do it again. It may be inconvenient to check, especially when you’re on a roll. In the end it’s worth it to take a little extra time to do things right because if you don’t it might make things harder for you.




  • When you are at the filling stations (gravel and water) make sure that you’ve clicked the correct button. Each button will light up once your cursor lands in the right spot. Once the correct one is lit go ahead and left click your mouse.




  • If the animals are moving around in their cage, the fish, hamsters, cats, dogs, hedgehogs. Placing your cursor over the desired animal will automatically make it stop moving. As soon as the animal stops moving, click on it to pick it up.




  • When there are a lot of people standing in line it can be hard to click on the correct person. At moments when the store is full it is best to click on the speech bubble instead of the person. It’s also easier to distinguish which person ordered a particular pet.




  • If you make any mistakes when picking up an order you can click on the recycle bin to correct your mistake. You can also place an animal back where they belong by clicking on the receptacle that they came out of.





  • In this game you should never just stand around – you should always be doing something. If you have an order for a bird in a cage that needs to be vet certified, you should do many steps at once in order to save time. Grab the cage and place it in the shaving station, as the cage is filling with shavings grab the bird. Take the bird and place it in the vet station, by the time the pet is ready place it in the filled cage which should be ready by then.




  • You are able to carry up to 2 things in your hand at once. Try to take advantage of this and have your hands full at all times. Deliver or pick up 2 pets at a time. Grab a pet in one hand and a cage in another etc.




  • As you wait for a pet to be vet certified, take that time and take care of maintenance around the shop. Feed the animals , clean the cages and wash the floor.





  • In order to make the most money you need to know which actions will be more profitable for you. The question is, is it better to take a pet to the vet station or serve a customer faster, which one will earn you the most money? You can sell a rabbit for 25 and place it in the vet station and receive $31 for it. Or you can serve it to the customer fast and receive $32, (25 for rabbit and 7 for fast service). In this case you save time and make more money by serving the customer quickly.




  • You can look out the window and see which customers are waiting to come in. If the line is past your view, then you need to move fast. You should concentrate on getting customers out the door as quickly as possible. This is a good time to obtain chaining bonuses for customers who only have a question mark in their speech bubbles. Sell as many rainbow birds as possible, those birds will earn you more money than any other pet in the store even with accessories, cages or vet certifications. In addition when you sell several birds at one time you get an extra chaining bonus.




  • In order to make the most money you have to know which pet will make you the most money. Pets become available as you complete certain weeks. Fish make you the least amount of money (except for the rainbow fish) while Rainbow birds make you the most money. You can sell a Rainbow bird for $300 each; always keep in stock the maximum amount of these that you can afford. I would always buy 20 Rainbow birds and sell them as much as possible.




  • Customers will walk out of your store if you don’t have the pets that they are looking for or if you make them wait too long. A customer’s speech bubble will start turning red when they become angry. It it turns all red, the customer will get angry and leave. You will not lose any points once they leave but you’ve lost a potential sale.




  • Serve customers as fast as you can and you will earn a speed bonus. As soon as a customer comes in serve them right away. You will mostly be able to earn speed bonuses on orders that only take a single step, like an animal without a cage or certification.




  • Get another type of bonus by serving the same type of animal as much as possible. It’s important to remember that it is NOT the color of the animal that matters but how many of the same type you deliver.





  • There are many upgrades you can buy that can help you in a variety of ways. Certain upgrades will make you earn more money and give your customers more patience when they are unhappy. This is a condensed list of the upgrades that will gradually become available to you.




  • Buy the upgrades right away that allow you to go longer times without having to clean or feed cages. It will save you a lot of time to take care of customers when you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to clean an area.




  • You don’t have to buy all the upgrades that become available. You can buy them at a later time or don’t buy them at all.




  • Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Decor will uplift your customers mood and make them more patient while waiting.




  • The Vet Station will allow you to certify your pets thus allowing you to earn more money.




  • Carpet – You can purchase carpet that is stain resistant, which means that you will not have to clean the carpets as often.




  • Speed Upgrade – State of the art shoes comes along with a book on time-saving tips. Buy this upgrade as soon as it’s available so that you can move around the room much faster. This will enable you to earn a speed bonus as well if you can get to the customers in time.




  • Tidybot 2000 automatically detects and cleans dirt. This item will automatically clean up a mess as soon as it sees one. You will no longer need your mop once you’ve purchased the Tidybot.




  • Accessory Stands can hold a variety of items, like different colored collars, bones, fish tank ornaments etc. The accessories are pretty inexpensive to buy. Some customers will request them for their pets so keep a few of each on hand.




  • Yellow Bird (Level 25) – Good for when you don’t have a color a customer wants you cans sell them the yellow one.





  • Week 12 – Puppies are introduced. Buy the pen so you can keep your puppies for sale in it. Make sure that you buy enough puppies at the beginning of this week or customers will walk out of the shop if you don’t have them.



  • Week 15 – Kittens are introduced. You can only buy a maximum of five for each week. Buy the maximum amount each time because you will have lots of requests for them.



  • Week 16 – You can buy the faster shoes. If you read the introduction for that day it recommends that you buy them right away. If you don’t buy the faster shoes you may not be able to pass this level.



  • Week 17 – Rainbow fish are introduced. Rainbow fish will make you more money than any other colored fish you may have in your tank.



  • Week 19 – Birds are introduced. They make a good pet for rich folks and older people. You don’t need to feed them often but they make a mess frequently.



  • Week 20 – Gravel Station is introduced. You will have three gravel colors to choose from. Make sure you press the correct color when filling orders.



  • Week 21 – Snails are introduced. Placing snails in your fish tank will help keep the tank clean. Buy the snails right away.



  • Week 22 – The Tidybot is available for sale. It automatically cleans the dirt on the floor. The Tidybot is great because it means that you will not have to take the mop and clean the mess the pets make yourself.



  • Week 23 – Accessory stands: You will be able to buy collars for your cats and dogs. You will also be able to buy a plastic diver man to place in your tank for added decoration.



  • Week 24 – Long Bird Perch: Makes smaller cages obsolete. Holds red, blue, and yellow rainbow birds.



  • Week 27 – Fall Decor is available; buy it to make your customers happier longer.



  • week 28 – Puppy Feeder: it will make you feed your dogs less often.



  • Week 29 – Self-Cleaning Litter: You will never have to clean your cat box again.



  • Week 31 – Superfeeder: You will never have to feed your puppies again.



  • Week 32 – Bird feeder: You will have to feed your bird less



  • Week 32 – Superfeeder: For $2500 you will never have to feed your birds again. But you will still have to clean the cage and give them the newspaper.



  • Week 33 – Hedgehogs are introduced. They make good profits and are easy to manage.



  • Week 34 – Rainbow Bird is available; you will earn more money with these birds than with any other animal in your shop.



  • Week 35 – Kitten Feeder: you will have to feed kittens less often.



  • Week 35 – Superfeeder: You will never have to feed your cats again, the Superfeeder will do it for you.



  • Week 36 – Hedgehog feeder means that you will have to feed them less often.



  • Week 37 – Chew Bone: Your dog will chew on it and keep its teeth clean.



  • Week 37 – Blue Collar: it can go on either your cat or dog.



  • Week 39 – Flo appears in the store.



  • Week 40 – Black collar is available.



  • Week 40 – The hamster wheel is introduced.



  • Week 40 – Winter Decor will keep customers patient.



  • Week 41 – Hamsters arrive and are available for purchase.



  • Week 44 – Hamster feeder: Feed your hamsters less often



  • Week 44 – Superfeeder: You will never have to feed your hamsters again.



  • Week 45 – Superfeeder: You will never have to feed your rabbits again.



  • Week 47 – Flo makes an appearance.



  • Week 40 – A man in a dark grey suit appears, take care of him and get a Secret Agent bonus of $500



  • Week 50 – Superfeeder: Your hedgehogs will never go hungry again. It produces pet food and never needs refilling.


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