Perfect World Mobile Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Perfect World Mobile brings a faithful recreation of the classic PC MMORPG to the small screen. It’s not quite a direct port though – more a reimagining of the 12 year old multiplayer RPG. It features the same world we’ve …

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Perfect World Mobile brings a faithful recreation of the classic PC MMORPG to the small screen. It’s not quite a direct port though – more a reimagining of the 12 year old multiplayer RPG.

It features the same world we’ve explored countless times, the same races of Human, Winged Elf, and Untamed, and many of the same classes, including Cleric, Archer, Blademaster, and more.

New is a serious visual overhaul, touch controls, automated movement and combat, and a wealth of other features. If you played the original, you’ll feel at home here but there’s enough new content to keep you busy.

To help you acclimatise, we thought we’d provide this beginner’s guide. It should help you throughout the early experience as you get to grips with all of the changes. You might never have played the original either, so this should help you get familiar with Perfect World.

Perfect World Mobile Beginner’s Guide – How it Works:

Perfect World Mobile is a pretty standard mobile MMORPG. You’ll spend the vast majority of your time automatically completing quests to level up, at which point you’ll unlock new skills, collect new gear, and grow in power. This, in turn, allows you to access the most fun features of the game: multiplayer modes.

This includes the Cultivation Dungeon, Challenges, Frozen Frontier, Exorcist’s Trial, Bandit Battle, and much more. This type of content generally allows you to progress faster and earn the best equipment, so it’s worth tackling as soon as you’re able.

Before you even get to that though, you’ll need to pick a race and class to play as. These are generally your standard MMORPG classes of Archer, Cleric, Blademaster, and more. While creating a character, Perfect World Mobile does a pretty good job of explaining how each of them will play.

It’s pretty straightforward stuff. Each class falls into the different class archetypes of tank, healer, damage dealer, control, and more. If you have a preference, find the class that most fulfils this purpose. If not, either just go with the one you like the look of most, or pick a melee class like the Human Blademaster or Untamed Barbarian.

As a good rule of thumb, melee classes are generally the easiest to play, with healers being the most complex. Damage dealer and control classes sit somewhere in between, but you’ll have plenty of time to acclimatise yourself with your chosen class thanks to the early experience.

So, to summarise, pick the class that most appeals to you then focus on completing quests to increase your level and unlock new gear. As soon as you’re able, start participating in the multiplayer content to further increase your level and power, and repeat this content as often as you’re able.

Perfect World Mobile Tips and Tricks:

Now that you understand the basics, let’s take a look at some more specific tips and tricks that will help you master the experience:

  • Focus on questing: Questing is the most important aspect of your early game, as it will reward you with an absolute ton of XP for very little effort. You’ll want to tackle quests until you can access the multiplayer content, which is absolutely rich in rewards.
  • Do your dailies: As soon as you’ve unlocked the difficult content, including Dungeons and Challenges, we recommend popping back each day to perform this repeatable content as often as you can. That way you’ll keep the XP streaming in, alongside a wealth of powerful equipment.
  • If you’re struggling, check the ‘Become Stronger’ tab: If you’re struggling to survive in battle, it’s worth checking out the ‘Become Stronger’ tab, which is just to the right of your character statistics at the top left of the screen. For reference, it looks like three arrows in a row. Here, you’ll receive a score for your refinements, equipment, and skill. If something is lacking, tap improve to see what you can do to improve it.
  • The ‘Become Stronger’ tab can also help you achieve goals: If your equipment is fine, you can take a glance at the other tabs in the Become Stronger section to follow other goals. Want more gold? Perform the activities listed in the ‘I want to be rich’ section. Want more EXP? There’s a whole section for that! This is your guide to Perfect World Mobile, and you should spend as much time here as possible when you’re stuck.

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