Perfect Slices Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Sam Simmons |

Perfect Slices is a game all about cutting up vegetables as best as you can. Although Perfect Slices sounds like a certain fruit-based ninja game, it has one key difference. Instead of chopping vegetables out of the air, you are dicing them along a humongous chopping board.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Get some knives. There is something about owning a collection of knives that makes gameplay feel rewarding. Collecting knives gives you something to aim for in the long run which will keep you chopping up vegetables for hours to come.
  • Don’t be greedy. If you smash your knife into a wooden chopping block, the shockwave will ride up your arm and you will have to wait. During this time countless vegetables will pass you by, so be cautious. Being greedy for an extra slice will cost you a lot more in the long run.
  • Avoid any metal. Slamming your knife into a metal block will cause it to shatter into pieces. This is terrible for you because you will have to start the level from the begging. Follow the tip above, don’t be greedy.
  • Press and hold. Until you come up to any obstacle, you want to be pressing and holding for as long as possible. This ensures you get the most chops in per second, giving you a higher score.
  • Watch adverts? Normally I would never recommend to anyone that they should watch an advert. But, if you want to collect your knives, then you may as well watch an advert when the opportunity comes. If it’s for a chest, then you might get a knife or you get a lump of cash towards a new knife.
  • Play the bonus round. Sometimes, a bonus round will appear where you have three tokens and there are nine boxes in front of you. At the top of the screen, they tell you what is in one of the nine boxes. Find this box to get yourself a sweet prize!

If you want to try out Perfect Slices, you can do so from the App Store.

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