Peggle Tips and Tricks Walkthrough

Peggle Tips and Tricks

Check out our Tips & Tricks for Peggle:

A lot of this game is getting a feel for how the ball moves. When you first start out, just play some practice rounds until you are comfortable with how it feels.

When you first fire the ball, it’s going pretty fast. Sometimes if you fire it into an area of the screen which contains a lot of orange pegs, it will bounce right on out and somewhere else. Try bouncing the ball off another area INTO the populated section. It will be going slower and at a better angle to hit more pegs.

Many of the levels have moving pegs. Sometimes it can be frustrating waiting for the perfect moment for your shot. If you click the right mouse button time will speed up and you get the pegs where you want them faster.

The game does not have a timer, so take it slow and time each shot you make. Look at where you are firing and try to predict how the ball will react.

Orange pegs are key so make sure you hit at least one with every shot. Try and make it so the first peg you hit is orange when you can. This is especially true once you have cleared out much of the level already. If you don’t hit all the orange pegs, you have to start all over!

Aim high! Early in levels, try and go for orange pegs higher up because gravity will help your ball take out more pegs the higher up you fire.

The bucket is fantastic for extra points and bonus balls. Before you fire any shot, check where you think it will fall… time your shot so you have the best chance at making it into the bucket.

If there are no orange pegs you can reach because they are all blocked, try and clear the way down to them by bouncing you ball off the blocking pegs and into the bucket. You don’t use up any lives and you clear the way down. This can take a lot of practice to get good at.

The purple peg changes all the time. Use this whenever you can to rack up tons of points. Wait until it is in a densely packed area and go to town on those defenseless pegs for huge combo points.

After you complete the adventure mode, all the characters are unlocked and you can start on the challenges. Each character has their own unique power. Here is a list of each one:


He will show you which way your ball will bounce before you fire it.

Jimmy Lightning

Jimmy will give you a multi-ball powerup.

Kat Tut

Kat will add an ancient pyramid onto the bucket making it easier to get in.


Splork’s powerup will ignite all the surrounding pegs.


Claws appear and act like a pinball machine for added control.


Your ball turns into a Spooky Ball and will reappear at the top of your screen after falling out the bottom.


When you activate Tula’s powerup, 20% of all the remaining orange pegs will be lit.


Warren will give you a spin on his lucky wheel for a chance at a triple score, a magic homing hat, an extra ball, or any random powerup from someone else.

Lord Cinderbottom

The Lord has a hot temper. His power is a massive fireball that can plow through every peg it comes across.

Master Hu

With Master Hu’s powerup, your next shot will have the power of Zen control and it will bounce in the best way possible.

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