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Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Party Planner.

Help Pepper to make her party-planning business in Bashville a great success. Thisa article contains some general hints and tips, as well as basic strategies to reach the highest ratings in this game. Apart from that there are also descriptions and recommendations with regards to all the upgrades, and the right solutions for each host’s personal wishes for his/her party.


  • Choose your location from the map. From this map you are also able to replay any level you want to later on:


  • The game features 15 parties, which consist of 5 levels each.
  • During each party-hour the bar at the bottom of the screen displays how many hearts you have already earned, as well as how much hearts you have to earn for the normal, the expert and the epic goal.
  • Wasting drinks or food costs money, so try to avoid it whenever possible.
  • The rating of your performance is solely based on the hearts you earn by serving guests. In this context the money does not matter at all, however, money is important to purchase upgrades which can become crucial to host epic parties later on.
  • At the end of any level just try to fulfill as many requests as possible. Do not waste time on refilling served drinks or food.
  • Food and drinks are prepared automatically at the beginning of each party-hour.
  • Guests are not able to eat or drink on dancing spots or at the entrance. You have to drag them to the blue or the green spots to serve them. The green spots also enable guests to communicate with each other:


  • Presents can be given to guests on any spot, even at the activity area or the entrance.
  • The "review" after each level concludes the rating of this party hour, how much bonus money Pepper has earned, as well as her overall performance:


  • There are different kinds of requests:
  1. Chatting:
  2. Eating:
  3. Drinks:
  4. Dancing:
  5. Presents:
  6. Activity Area:
  • You can also drag guests to different spots while they are eating or drinking.
  • Sometimes guests will request to talk to Pepper. Simply click on them to fulfill this request. This is possible independently from the spot they are currently standing on:


  • If a spot is covered with trash you will not be able to drag any guest to this spot. Simply click on the spot to remove the trash. This will take a moment:


  • You are also able to chain certain actions. For example, if your serve two drinks successively, you will get $20 instead of $10 for the fulfillment of the second request, but still only one heart. So do not wait to chain, because it does not help you to plan an epic party.
  • Party Crashers: Each location features a unique party crasher. In the case of Roosevelt Burns, the host of your first party, it is a dog on the loose. As soon as the dog appears click on it:


  • Presents are refilled by Pepper automatically, so you do not have to think about this. However, it is different with drinks and meals. To refill those you have to hover over the cook or the bartender, and click on the missing meal/drink in the appearing bubble:


  • The Pictures of Success display all of your performances. By clicking on a picture you get a review of your overall performance at this specific party:


  • Sometimes spots will become "bonus-money"-spots. The picture of one attending guest will be on this spot then. All you have to do is to drag exactly this guest to this spot. You will get bonus money according to how quickly you dragged the guest there:


  • In a few levels your chef or your bartender will tell you in the beginning that they have run out of ingredients for a certain drink or meal. This means that you are only able to serve this drink/meal once during that level. Take every opportunity to not serve it if possible. Just as an example, guest A orders the drink you ran out of ingredients for, and guest B wants to chat with Guest A – do not serve guest A, the drink, but let guest A and guest B chat. Chances are pretty good that guest A will have a different request after the chatting.
  • You can always drag any guest on any spot. This might help you to rearrange the setting according to chatting requests or to drag someone on a spot where he/she can eat or drink.
  • When you have finished all parties successfully, you will be redirected to the main menu. Click the "play"-button again, and there will be a new bonus location on the map:


  • Besides the pictures of success, there are two additional awards to win – one of them you will get automatically when you have finished all of the parties (except for the UFO). The other award will be yours when you get an epic-rating on every party overall, including the UFO:


  • The first level is always the most challenging one at each party, because you have to get through it without any upgrades or bonus items.
  • If any food or drink cannot be prepared during certain levels due to lack of ingredients, guests will not request them anyway.


  • From the second party on you are able to purchase upgrades at Big Sal’s Stop n’ Shop.
  • Upgrades are NOT carried over to the next stage (except for chefs and bartenders), so do not buy to many fireworks, designer water, etc in one stage.
  • Not every upgrade is available at each party. Take into account which items are available at which party to adjust your strategy. If for example the fireworks are not available, be sure to purchase more Bartender Specials or Chef’s Specials.
  1. Designer Water: $40 per item. You can order multiple bottles at the same time. Improves the mood of one guest. Rather useless in the first locations, since no guests will get really angry then.
  2. Jaque: $2500 – The French chef prepares dishes really quickly. This upgrade is not necessary until you notice that the cook is too slow to keep up with the requests of the guests.
  3. Dan the Man: $2500 – This bartender will mix tiddly drinks much quicker then the old one. The same goes for this upgrade as for the better chef – it is not needed until you notice a stagnation with the requests.
  4. Party Fireworks: $200 per item. When you click on the Fireworks during a level, you will earn one bonus heart from each present guest. This means you should only use this upgrade when at least five or six guests are currently attending the party. This upgrade is very helpful in every level where you fail to get an epic rating. So it is always good to have at least one or two fireworks in supply.
  5. Bartender Special: $40 per item. When you click onto this bonus item, all drinks will earn you 1 bonus heart temporarily. Have two or three of those items in stock, too, in addition to the fireworks. They can come in handy in very hectic levels.
  6. Liquid Gold: $60 per item. Instantly improves any guest’s mood. Can be neglected until the very late parties.
  7. Energy Drink: $40 per item. Drag this to a guest to energize his/her attitude.
  8. Chef’s Special: $40 per item. When you use this tasty item, any food will temporarily earn you a bonus heart. As with the "Bartender Special", only use this when at least two guests are ordering food.
  9. Boogie Down Ball: $200 per item. Click on it to earn a bonus heart from every guest currently attending the party.
  10. The Master Chef: $3000 – This chef is even speedier than Jaque.
  11. The Coach: $3000 – He is so fast in mixing drinks that he even outshines Dan the Man – WOW!
  12. Breath Spray: $60 per item. Give the Breath Spray to chatting guests and you will earn a double heart bonus. This can be very helpful in challenging levels.
  13. Confetti: $70 per item. Drag this to any guest to improve his/her mood AND to earn Bonus Hearts. You should use confetti twice each level when it is available.
  14. Special Request: $150 per item. This is a special song which will give every guest currently on the dance floor a heart boost.
  • The most important strategy is to use two or three Fireworks OR Boogie Down Ball at each hour of every party.


  • At each new party you have to choose five different party items according to the host’s wishes. Each right choice will add three different hearts to your party. If you decide wisely, this means 15 bonus hearts altogether. The screenshots below display the right choices for each party.
  • BBQ: Roosevelt Burns – Backyard Mixer:


  • Park: Ross Perrot – Evening in the Park:


  • Beach: Pike Walker – Beach Bash:


  • Arena: Roosevelt Burns – Party Center:


  • Island: Pike Walker – Sun and Surf:


  • Loft: Yono – Art House Gathering:


  • Inn: Miss Heights – Starlight Party:


  • Movies: Paris Inn – Gala Event:


  • Stage: Guy Smiles – Music Awards:


  • Hotel: Miss Heights – Party in the Sky:


  • Expo: Yono – Night Gallery:


  • Dome: Guy Smiles – Primetime Party:


  • Hall: Paris Inn – Grand Old Party:


  • Resort: Ross Perrot – Island Event:


  • Ufo: Allen – Star Ship Express:


Congratulations, you have finished the game!


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