Parking Dash Tips Walkthrough

Check out our strategy guide for Parking Dash. GENERAL TIPS • You can change your mind about which customer to take care of first. If you pull up someone’s car and you want to pick a different one, just click on a different person and the new car will appear automatically. • You cannot move a car to the exit spot if no one is there to claim it, you can only move cars to another parking space if you need to pull another car out. • If there is debris on the exit, entrance or in …

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Parking Dash Tips

Check out our strategy guide for Parking Dash.

• You can change your mind about which customer to take care of first. If you pull up someone’s car and you want to pick a different one, just click on a different person and the new car will appear automatically.
• You cannot move a car to the exit spot if no one is there to claim it, you can only move cars to another parking space if you need to pull another car out.
• If there is debris on the exit, entrance or in any of the car spots, a car will not be able to pass through it until you’ve cleaned it up.
• Customers who are angry when they leave will make you lose money. A customer who is angry when they leave can take up to 600 points off your total.
• You can reach the goal in the game and still lose the round if at the last minute points get taken off for people who are upset when they leave.
• If you’ve played Wedding Dash and Diner Dash you will recognize several of the customers from those games.
• If you lose a level you can choose a new upgrade when replaying a level. If you think the wrong upgrade made you lose that round then go ahead and choose a different one.
• Each type of customer will drive a different car model, memorize what each one drives so you can recognize their cars as soon as they show up.

• In order to park the cars correctly you have to park the cars according to the clocks on top of a customer’s head. The people that have the bluest clocks should be parked towards the back of the lot since they will be the last ones to pick up their cars.
• The people that have the least amount of blue in their clocks should have their cars parked closer to the exit since they will return to the lot faster than everyone else.
• You can place a car in a spot just to get the combo points and then immediately after move it to another spot. You will make the color match the first time you take the car from a customer and park it, not from moving it from space to space. So park a car with a high multiplier and immediately after move it to a more convenient spot. You can do this multiple times, especially in the levels in which you need a lot of points to pass.
• Learn the different cars that people drive, each customer has their own unique brand of car that only they use. Once you memorize the cars and their owners it will save you a lot of time.
• Park cars of the same color in the same line or side by side so you can get color bonuses with ease. When you park cars of the same color in a line, you’ll be able to get double and triple color bonuses when you park limousines, SUVs and parade floats.
• For SUV owners park cars of the same color side by side so you can earn a double color bonus each time you park one there.
• Make sure you park cars with colors that match the lot with the highest multiplier so you can always get a big color bonus.
• When you have too many people waiting to park, get the cars out of the people who are ready to leave first. Then proceed to park the cars of the people who’ve just arrived. This will allow you to score more color matches and get all the people waiting in line in faster.
• The happier the customers are the more they will tip you. If you see that a customer is getting upset, soothe them as fast as possible. Give them a snack from the vending machine or give them their cars ahead of the people that are calmer.
• When there are several people waiting for their cars, click on each customer so you can see the keys above the cars. Pull the cars out that are not blocked by other cars first and then get everyone else out.
• if you want to make the process of getting cars less painful, just pull cars out quickly without seeing who needs what. The ones that don’t go to the exit simply move them to another spot and continue moving cars around.
• If there are only 3 cars in a lot and 3 people waiting to pick up cars then there’s no need to click on each person see which car belongs to them. Just pull all the cars out at once to save some time.
• Make sure that you wash all the dirty cars since you can earn extra tip money when doing so. Once you get Cousin Jimmy to clean your cars for you, chain him to clean several cars at once. Park as many cars as you can and wait until you have several that need cleaning. Then click on Larry first and then on all the cars that need washing and Larry will clean all of them in the order that you clicked.
• You can queue several jobs together. When the parking lot is full just click on several jobs back to back, all the jobs will be done in the order in which you clicked it. Just remember that when Karma is washing a car it takes her a little while to dry herself, at first glance it may look like the commands have not been taken but after she shakes herself off and will continue onto the next ask.
• Never fill all the parking spots. If all your spots are filled, you will not be able to move cars around in order to get a car that’s in the back out. I would always leave one space open at all times.
• Give a group of people a snack right before you hand them their car so they can leave you a bigger tip. Do the same with the people in line, hand them a snack right before you park their cars and they will return to pick up their cars with a lot more patience.

• It’s important to understand how the clock above a person’s head works. You need to use the clock to determine the order in which to park cars.
• If you don’t park the cars correctly it can cause a lot of chaos, time and confusion.
• The clock above their head does not represent their patience level it only represents the amount of time before they return to pick up their cars.
• The people that have a clock that is completely filled in blue are the ones that will leave their cars parked in a spot for the longest amount of time. Always park these cars in the spots that are against the walls since they will be the last cars that you need to access.
• The people that have the least amount of blue in their clocks will return for their cars shortly after they leave. Make sure that you park their cars close to the exit so that you don’t have to pull out too many cars just to get to theirs.


• When you see the blue and white sign on a parking spot it means that space is for someone with a reservation.
• People with reservations will only park in spots that are reserved exclusively for them. If you try and park them somewhere else their car will not move.They will only move once they have initially been placed in their reserved spot.
• When you pull up the car of someone that has a reservation, the spot that is for them will have an arrow pointing to it, park that car in that spot.
• If you manage to keep that car in the reserved spot until the owner returns to it you will get an extra tip.
• You can park other cars in a reserved spot but you should move them as soon as a car with a reservation shows up.

• Where you click on the parking lot will be the spot the car needs to go into. Parking small cars is not a problem; the problem comes when you have to park the really large cars.
• To park a limousine that takes up 2 spaces, click on the parking spot in which the front of the car would fall on. In other words, if the parkings spaces are only 2 deep, click on the spot that is closest to the wall. If the spaces are 3 deep, then click on the spot closest to the wall or on the spot right behind it.

• Each time you park a car on a spot you will notice that the space will turn a certain color and that a number will appear on the parking spot.
• The color and number on a spot represent the amount of times that you parked a car with the same color in that spot.
• The more times you park the same colored car in the same parking space the multiplier will increase. The maximum amount that the multiplier will go up to will be 5 times.
• Moving cars from space to space does not count towards your multiplier, it only counts the first time the car hits the lot.
• You can park a car in a spot with a high multiplier just to get the bonus points even if you don’t intend on keeping the car there. Park a car in a matching spot and move it right after to a spot that’s more adequate. Your color matches only count whenever you park your car in a spot the very first time. Moving a car from spot to spot does not affect the multiplier.
• Unfortunately, the color of a customer’s hair or clothes do not coincide with the color of the car they are driving, so picking which customer to pick first can be tricky. There are several ways you can figure out which cars belong to which people.

• This game is all about parking cars, so it’s essential that you choose the right spots for each car. You need to take into consideration several factors when parking and delivering cars. The clocks above a person’s head are important, the type of car they drive and the person’s temperament must be considered as well.
• The following section contains the cars that everyone drives and what you need to know about each one.
• Certain cars can only be parked in certain spots so knowing that ahead of time will give you the highest points and will make it easier to retrieve cars.
• I will list all the customers but my main focus will be to discuss the ones that are hardest to take care of. The customers are listed in order of appearance.

Young Girls-Level 1
• The young girls drive what looks like a Volkswagen Bug or Beetle, they are introduced in the first level of the game.
• They have an average car, have average patience and are average tippers.

Business Women-level 4
• The Business Women are not very patient but they will give you a big tip if you take care of them right away.
• Make sure that you do not keep them waiting too long otherwise they will not be very generous with their tips. Their cars move very quickly in the parking lot.

Celebrities-level 5
• The celebrities will always arrive in a stretch limo and they will take up two parking spaces in the same line.
• The celebrities have low patience but they tip very highly.
• In order to click on the spaces correctly, you must click on the spot that the front of the limo falls on, otherwise the car will not move forward.
• In levels where you see the limo appear, make sure that you try and park the limo in a spot that matches 1 or 2 of the colors on the limo. If you match both spots to the color of the limo, you’ll receive a double color bonus.

Cell Phone Guy-Level 7
• His car alarm will go off from time to time, when it does it upsets the other people in the lot. In order to shut off the alarm Karma needs to go over and give it a kick.
• You cannot shut off the alarm of the guy with the cell phone when it is on a lift if there’s another car underneath. Make sure you only park cell phone guys car on a lower level for easy access.
• They have very little patience, drive fast cars and they tip very highly.

AL-Level 12
• Al drives a very fast car, has average patience but tips very well.
• Since he’s low on patience make sure that you get him in and out of the parking lot as fast as possible.

SUV Guy-level 13
• This guy’s SUV is so wide that it takes two side by side parking spaces. It’s very important to park the SUV in a correct spot because it cannot be moved to other spaces easily because of its wideness.
• Make sure that you always park it against the wall in order to make the most of the spaces.
• Try to park it in a spot that you can get the maximum amount of color matches and earn color bonuses.
• When you park the SUV you have to click on the spot that is furthest on the left in order for the truck to go in its space. In other words click on the spot that the left wheel would fall on.
• He is an average tipper with moderate patience, he can definitely wait longer than most to be serviced.

Derek-Level 15
• Derek has a moderate temper and is an average tipper.
• Derek doesn’t mind waiting a little longer than most so it’s OK to take care of the most impatient people over him.

Aunt Ethel-Level 18
• Aunt Ethel is not very patient so make sure that you take care of her right away.
• She tips very well but her car runs very slowly, make sure that in levels in which you have the nitrogen tank that you use it on Aunt Ethel’s car.

Lovestruck Guy level 21
• He’s the only person that when you click on his car, a key will not appear above it. Since no key appears above his car, you can easily identify the make and model of the car by looking at it since no one else drives it.
• Whenever you have to pull his car out and there are a lot of people, take other people first and then take his out last since he’s pretty patient. He is an average tipper.

Festival Girl-Level 25
• This lady drives a huge parade float that takes up three parking spaces in row. You really need to plan in order to have a parking space ready for her when she arrives.
• Since the float takes up three spaces you can receive a triple bonus color match when you park it in a space that has the same colors as the float.
• When she arrives you can leave her waiting a little longer than most since she has average patience.

The Student-level 27
• The Student drives a small car that is fast. He’s quite patient so he can wait a little longer to be serviced.
• He doesn’t tip very well so it’s better to take care of the people that will give you the highest tips first.

Dog Lover-Level 31

• In level 31 you will be introduced to the Dog Lover.
• The Dog Lover will leave his dog in the car, if you try to move the car when the owner is not in the parking lot, the dog will bark at you. You will not be able to move the car until the dog gets a treat first.
• Giving the dog a treat can be tricky until you learn what to do. Get a dog treat and give it to the dog, do NOT click on the car again or you will have to go and get another treat. As soon as the dog gets the treat, click on the spot you want to move the car to. Repeat the same procedure if you need to move the car again.
• In the “Moon” location you will not have the dog treats available in the first couple of levels, so it’s essential that you park the Dog Lover’s car against the wall. The reason you have to do this is because there are no treats available. The dog will only let you move the car once the owner is waiting to pick up the car.

Kindly Senior-Level 36
• They have a lot of patience but they their tips are very small.
• The cars the seniors drive are very slow and they take a long time to move. Make sure that their cars are not blocking other cars so they can get out faster.

• The radio station gives Karma an instant power boost whenever you tune the radio to a station that Karma enjoys.
• When the green light starts flashing it means that it’s time to tune the radio station, do it as soon as possible so karma can take care of those cars faster.
• At the beginning of some levels you will be given the choice of which stations to listen to, just select the type of song you’d like to hear.

• There are no hearts in this game that will tell you at first glance the happiness level of a person. The only way to tell is by looking at their facial expression.
• Happy-The people with an open mouth wide or a big grin on their face are the people that are the happiest.
• Content-People who are content, have a calm look on their face, they are not grinning and they are not frowning either. These people are in the in-between stages and they could turn angry at any moment depending on their patience level.
• Angry-Whenever you see fumes coming out of a person and their face gets redder by the minute it means that they’ve reached their boiling point. Once these people leave they will deduct 600 points off your total.
• If you have enough red-faced people then it could cause you to lose a round.
• It’s important to be able to tell a person’s happiness level in this game because you don’t want people to get to the point that they are very angry.
• People who leave angrily will take away points from your score. You can lose anywhere between 100 to 600 points depending on how unhappy someone is.
• Some people will get madder faster than others even if they look happy at the moment. Please look at the section in the guide entitled “Customers/Parking Cars in the right spots” to see the patience level of each person.


• The happier a customer is the more money you will make because happy customers leave bigger tips.
• In this game the customers do not have hearts over them so the only way to tell that they are happy is by the expression on their face. If they have a big toothy grin then you know that they are happy.
• As people lose patience there are several things that you can do to increase their patience and happiness.
• One of the best things you can do to keep people happy is to serve them quickly, the faster they get in and out the more money you will earn.
• Please read the sections below to read about other ways to keep customers happy.

Vending Machines
• You can use the machine to give snacks to people that are waiting for their cars as well as people that are waiting to park their cars, the snacks will increase their patience levels.
• The vending machine will be added to each location automatically so there’s no need to purchase it. The vending machine will appear on level 6, 16, 26, 36 and 44. Once the machine appears it will stay until you complete that location.
• Click on the machine and then click on the crowd that you want to appease. Karma will walk over and give everyone a snack and they will be instantly happier.
• The machine takes a while to refill so you can only hand out snacks whenever you see the machine is full of goodies.
• If your machine is full it’s always a good idea to hand out a snack to customer’s right before you hand them back their car.

Car Washing
• Wash a customer’s car to increase their happiness. Once you wash a customer’s car they will be so happy that they will leave you an extra tip.
• You can only wash cars that are parked in one of the parking spots and are visibly dirty.
• Click on the bucket and then click on the car and Karma will go wash the vehicle.
• Cousin Jimmy will come along in level 24 and he will help Karma in washing some cars. The great thing about Jimmy is that he can wash several cars in one sitting.
• Click on Jimmy and then on the dirty cars one after another and Jimmy will wash the cars in the order that you scheduled them, the same goes for Karma.

• In Parking Dash, all upgrades will be given automatically, some you have to choose and others, like the vending machine will be given to you at certain levels.
• Some upgrades will be named different things but they will all basically do one of the following things.
• 1-Speed-You will be able to improve the lot that the cars are on, which increases a cars speed on the lot.
• 2-Tips-You’ll be able to rebuild a wall or a roof in order to obtain a bigger tip from customers. Use this upgrade in levels in which you need to make a lot of money to pass a level.
• 3-Patience-You can choose items that will increase the patience of the customers. Choose this option in later levels since you will have a lot more people that need to be kept happy.
• The other upgrades that are available will have to do with increasing Karma’s speed or the speed of the equipment in the lots.
• Those things include, increasing Karma’s pace at walking and washing cars. You will be able to choose between things like increasing how fast your broom cleans, how fast your elevator works and buying an extra elevator when necessary. You can also have more dog treats available and increase the effects of the nitrogen tank.

• You can use the lift to place 2 cars in one spot. Place a car on top of the lift and it will rise, leaving a spot underneath for another car.
• When you place a car on a lift, the spot under the car will have the same color as the car above, you will instantly get a color bonus for the next car that parks there.
• Make sure that you park cars on the lifts that do not need to be picked up right away since you will have to move the car that is underneath before you can do anything else.
• Do not place the Cell Phone Guy’s car on the left because when his alarm goes off and another car is underneath, you will not be able to shut the alarm off.

• You will have all kinds of trash appear on your parking lot in a variety of places. It can be on the entrance, at the exit or in any of the parking spots that are available.
• You have to clean the sand, moon dust, leaves or snow whenever you see it appear, otherwise the cars will not be able to pass through it.
• The moment you see trash on the floor clean it immediately because you don’t want it to be in the way of getting the job done in time.

• The Nitrogen Tank appears in the last location, the moon, it will be automatically added in the first level. The tank is used to make all cars move faster as you’re moving it from spot to spot.
• Click on the tank and you’ll notice that Karma will have a tank icon over her head. Immediately after click on any car to give it the effects of the nitro. Once a car has been filled with nitro, it will move very quickly around the parking lot.
• The nitro is really good to use on the cars that move slowly in the parking lot, like the Kindly Seniors car and Aunt Ethel’s car.
• You cannot click on the tank once and then on all the cars one after another, you have to click on the tank each time you want to add it to another car.
• Once all the cars in the parking lot have received oxygen the bottle will disappear until a new car has been parked.

• Starting in level 43, the Moon location. you will be able to swap cars by simply clicking on them.
• You can swap cars from side to side or from front to back etc. Simply click on two cars that you wish to swap and they will be lifted in the air, once they come back down their positions will be switched.
• Use this method when you need to access a car immediately, it will save you the hassle of having to move cars from one spot to the other.