Paranormal Agency Tips Walkthrough

By Erin Bell |

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Check out our strategy guide for Paranormal Agency.


  • Clicking randomly will take 20 seconds off your time
  • From the map, you can click on any previous level to replay it. Revisit the levels if you need more hints. Grab some hints, then click Exit to Map.
  • In the "find item" hidden object searches, the item you need to find will always be the last one on the list, and it will always be hidden behind the second last item on the list that you find. These two items will be on their own page.
  • Be sure to visit your office in between levels by clicking on the Detective Agency button in the lower left of the map screen. Check your mail box and you might find the occasional gift or interesting message.


  • In the spit-screen find the difference puzzles, and standard find items or silhouettes from a list puzzles, the items are in different places each time so I have not included screenshots for those scenes.
  • Question marks show up in different areas depending on what stage of the puzzle you’re at. I’ve included some screenshots of question mark locations that I’ve found. Question marks are also marked by yellow circles in puzzle solution screenshots.


Find 10 light sources

Question marks

Question marks

Send the sources to the poltergeist world

Find lost thing wrapped in paper

Question marks

Mini-game: Stargazer’s Board – untangle the threads

  • The goal of this game is to drag the coins around so that none of the threads are crossing each other.
  • The glowing red circles represent spots where the threads are touching. Drag the coins so that all of these circles disappear.
  • The placement is random.

Find the statuette in question among others

Find a working mobile phone among other appliances


Question marks

Find something to turn the valve

Drive the poltergeists off the objects

Remove the strongest poltergeists by the magic signs.

  • Click on each of the objects in the list. Instead of disappearing as usual, they’ll start glowing. After you’ve click all of them, drag your mouse from one object to the next until they’re all connected by a white line.
  • This is like connect the dots. Look at the pattern in the crystal ball in the lower right, and connect the objects in that pattern.

(start on the doll)
(start with the fan)
(start with the stamp)

Mini-game: Balance the scales

  • There are 2 large weights, 4 medium weights and 6 small weights, which this puzzle fairly easy to solve because all you have to do is distribute the weights evenly on both sides. In other words, each side needs to have 1 large weight, 2 medium weights and 3 small weights.
  • A B C D E F
  • Step 1: Move all 3 weights from A onto F
  • Step 2: Move all 2 weights from E to A
  • Step 3: Move small weight on F to A

Mini-game: Untangle the threads

  • This time you’ll have spider coins that can’t be moved.

Question marks

Mini-game: Fix the connections

Eliminate the windows into the spirit world.

Question marks

Mini-game: Astral Scales

  • This time there are 2 very large weights, 4 large weights, 2 medium weights, and 4 small weights. Each side must have 1 very large weight, 2 large weights, 1 medium weight and 2 small weights.
  • Once again, I’ve labelled each position from left to right A, B, C, D, E and F.
  • Step 1: Move the medium weight from F to A.
  • Step 2: Move both weights from B to F.
  • Step 3: Move both weights from D to B.

Open the crypt behind the poster
Mini-game: tile puzzle

Mini-game: Stargazer board

  • This time, you have to position the coins so that the threads intersect over the coin.
  • Arrange the coins so that they form a connection over top of the coin (you’ll see a glowing white dot). And make sure there are no glowing red dots anywhere.

Question marks

Find a suitable watch

Mini-game: Connect the threads

Open the gates to the spirit world

  • Click any two tiles to swap them. When a tile is in the right place, it will go from cloudy to clear.

Remove the poltergeists


Fine the stone hidden inside antique jugs or goblets


Find trace of Richard

Unlock the secret passage (memory game)

  • This is a straightforward memory game. Match two cards with identical pictures.

Find the medals, amulets and necklaces

Stop the poltergeists

Question marks

Try to find a way to get out of the museum

Help collect stationery

Collect all the glasses and cups

Threading mini-game

Question marks

Drive the poltergeists off using magic signs
(start with the statuette)
(start with the broom)
PA_43 (start with the corkscrew)

Separate Peter’s ghost from others (Astral scales mini-game

  • This time there are only 5 sections, which I will label from left to right A, B, C, D and E. There are 2 very heavy weights, 4 heavy weights, 4 medium weights, and 2 light weights. Each side needs to have 1 very heavy weight, 2 heavy weights, 2 medium weights, and 1 light weight.
  • Step 1: Move the top weight from C to D.

Find a map that can write

Boarding outfit car
Get rid of the conjurer’s traps hidden in the toys

Find all the animals and insects

Minigame – Stargazer’s Board

  • Arrange the coins so that the purple coins turn pink and there are no red glowing orbs along any of the strands.



Mini-game – strings

Drive all the ghosts out of the manor

Drive the most powerful ghosts off

(start with the key)
(start with cigar)
(start with cat statue)
(start with baseball)


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