Paragon The Overprime Item List – All Items Listed

Struggling to create the perfect build in Paragon The Overprime? Our Paragon The Overprime item list contains all of the currently available items in the game. We’ve split each section into Legendary, Rare, and Normal – this will help you …

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Struggling to create the perfect build in Paragon The Overprime? Our Paragon The Overprime item list contains all of the currently available items in the game. We’ve split each section into Legendary, Rare, and Normal – this will help you to determine which item is obtainable for you at the moment.

In Paragon the Overprime, you must work as a team – it’s pretty important. Choose a lane to play, and then select one of the unique heroes. Work together with your fellow players to destroy your opponent’s base – you’ve got to be strategic with this one. All heroes have a basic attack, unique skills, and an ultimate skill. Leveling up each hero grants you with Skill Points.

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Paragon The Overprime Item List

Now, let’s move on to the complete item list.

Legendary Items

  • Archon Gospel
  • Artificial Gravity Inductor
  • Bells of Purification
  • Berserker’s Helm
  • Blacksmith’s Scissors
  • Blue Heart
  • Bone Crasher
  • Broken Watch
  • Carbon Alloy Crossbow
  • Chain of Unity
  • Clawed Storm
  • Cultist’s Blow
  • Dekima Cannon
  • Dekima Gemstone of Abundance III
  • Dekima Gemstone of Bravery III
  • Dekima Gemstone of Fortitude III
  • Dekima Gemstone of Tailwinds III
  • Dekima Gemstone of Vision III
  • Dual Moon
  • Ekidna’s Trick
  • Electric Stone
  • Elkima Blaster
  • Embodiment of Vengeance
  • Emergency Rescue Unit
  • Emergency Treatment
  • Fanatic’s Dessert
  • Flares ID
  • Frendera’s Flask
  • Fruit of Greed
  • Ghose Axe
  • Gloves of Jealousy
  • Greatsword of the Hurricane
  • Guardian of Haileen
  • Healing Nano Machines
  • High Priest’s Consolation
  • High-end Armor
  • Holy Relic of Osyne
  • Ice Spirit Gloves
  • Malodorous Spray
  • Mana Black Hole
  • Marauder’s Watch
  • Margot’s Stone
  • Mathematician’s Intro to Architecture
  • Merchant’s Jewelry Box
  • Mini Moda
  • Miter of the High Priest
  • Mutant Po
  • Pendant of Confinement
  • Rampaging Toto
  • Sage’s Whip
  • Setar Chainsaw
  • Shock Energy Battery
  • Shortsword of Decay
  • Spirit’s Armor
  • Spirit’s Fang
  • Spirit’s Teardrop
  • Superior Immunity Booster
  • Swamp Cloak
  • Sweet Life
  • Trea’s Band
  • Treasured Sword of the Kingdom
  • Vamp Sword
  • Victorious Footstep
  • Vitality Lenses
  • Witch’s Shoes
  • Witch’s Vial
  • Ximmia’s Toy
  • Zinc’s Claw Barrier

Rare Items

  • Amber
  • Ancient Text of Nata
  • Apprentice’s Hat
  • Azsha’s Journal
  • Bleeding Epaulet
  • Carbon Alloy Vest
  • Dark Magic Textbook
  • Dekima Gemstone of Abundance II
  • Dekima Gemstone of Bravery II
  • Dekima Gemstone of Fortitude II
  • Dekima Gemstone of Tailwinds II
  • Dekima Gemstone of Vision II
  • Destroyer’s Dagger
  • Drill Rifle
  • Enhanced Exoskeleton
  • Feather of Protection
  • Giant’s Dagger
  • Inquisitor’s Prayer Beads
  • Kinc Horn
  • Light Combat Suit
  • Nightmare
  • Optinium Mace
  • Orb of Harmony
  • Plasma Whip
  • Puncturing Sphere
  • Reservist’s Pistol
  • Setricta Mask
  • Sierra Goggles
  • Spirit’s Handgun
  • Stone Breaker
  • Sturdy Combat Suit
  • Tarlia’s Branch
  • Tattoo of Defense
  • Tattoo of Resistance
  • The Great Scepter
  • Titan’s Bracelet
  • Veteran’s Belt
  • Wind Element Collector
  • World Tree Breastplate
  • Zenith’s Hammer

Normal Items

  • Black Sea Stone Bracelet
  • Branch of the World Tree
  • Bright Stone
  • Dekima Energy Reflux
  • Dew of Recovery
  • Jewel of Vitality
  • Mana Gemstone
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Ring of Protection
  • Sap of the Sacred Tree
  • Speed Booster
  • Sword of Conviction
  • Valley Crystal
  • Vishanti Handgun
  • Vitality Stone
  • Dekima Gemstone of Abundance I
  • Dekima Gemstone of Bravery I
  • Dekima Gemstone of Fortitude I
  • Dekima Gemstone of Tailwinds I
  • Dekima Gemstone of Vision I
  • Destroyer’s Stone
  • Health Potion
  • Mana Potion
  • Rechargeable Health Ampoule
  • Rechargeable Mana Ampoule
  • Vitality Potion
  • Watcher’s Eye

Paragon The Overprime Item List FAQ

Got some questions about our item list? We’ve got you covered.

How Often Do We Update Our Paragon The Overprime Item List?

We’ll update this guide as each new item is released. Also, if any items are removed from the game, we’ll also take them out of our item list. New legendary, rare, and normal items can be released at any time, so remember to bookmark this page.

What Is Paragon The Overprime?

Paragon the Overprime is a strategic action game that relies heavily on team-based gameplay. Use a variety of heroes as you try your best to destroy your enemy’s base. Select a hero, each with unique skills, and select a lane to play on.

Similarly to League of Legends, there’s a mid lane, and jungle lane. There’s also a solo lane, support, and duo lane. For more information about the game itself, take a look at the game’s official website.

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