Paradise Quest Tips Walkthrough

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Check out these tips and tricks for I-play’s environmentally conscious puzzler, Paradise Quest.


  • As you make your way across each level, searching for that next Habitat Fragment may require you to traverse great distances.  Making matches near the edge of the screen will move the board further than matches in the center of the screen.  Also, the bigger the match the further you travel.  So look for big matches near the edges of the screen to get where you going fast.
  • Tarzan had it right.  The fastest way between two points is swinging on a vine.  As you make matches, you’ll grow your vine at the bottom of the screen.  When the vine is fully grown (you’ll hear a chiming sound and the vine will sparkle), you can click on your map in the bottom left corner to immediately swing to any location on the entire board, even if you haven’t been there yet.  Hint: Matching creature pieces like the ladybug and butterfly will grow your vine twice as fast as all other pieces.  So if you need to swing right away, match the creature pieces.
  • Matches of 5 or more of the same pieces will cause an explosion in the area and will destroy all the pieces adjacent to the match.  When you make a match that causes other pieces to fall into place and create a 2nd match, that’s called a cascade.  Cascades can also cause explosive matches if you get 7 cascades in a row from a single match.  Combinations of cascades and explosive matches can wreak havoc on the board very quickly.
  • Night levels are hard.  REALLY hard.  And since you can’t go swinging into the darkness, your vine can’t be used at night.  One thing to remember is that torches won’t stay lit forever, so backtracking through an area you’ve already been to is quite difficult if you have to relight all the torches in the area again.  If you’ve unlocked the “Wind Storm” power-up, try using it when there is a lot of darkness around.  Wind Storm will make you travel at twice the speed as normal, meaning you can zip through the darkness with ease.  Now if only Tarzan had a flashlight…
  • The “Vantage Point” power-up is a very helpful tool that can be used in several ways.  It will zoom the camera out and allow you to see twice as much of the game board, making it easier to find nearby habitat fragments or move to an area that you would normally need to swing to.  Additionally, other power-ups are much more powerful when used immediately after the Vantage Point.  For example, the “Hurricane” power-up destroys half of the game pieces on the board.  So using the Hurricane immediately after the Vantage Point will destroy twice as many pieces as usual because there are twice as many pieces visible.  The same goes for the “Earthquake” power-up which destroys all of one type of game piece on the board.  When the Vantage Point power-up is active, there will a lot more of each type of piece visible on the board, so the Earthquake is even more powerful.
  • The “Fertile Soil” power-up can really save you in sticky situations, but you need to make sure to use it at the right time.  Fertile Soil will grow your vine completely, allowing you swing.  This saves you the time of needing to make matches to grow your vine.  However, if your vine is almost fully grown and you use the fertile soil power-up, it’s mostly going to waste.  If you only need a few more matches for your vine to be fully grown, don’t use the fertile soil power-up.  Save it for when your vine isn’t even close to being fully grown and it would take too long to grow it manually.  As an alternative, if you only require one more swing to get to the last habitat fragment, then there’s no point in saving your last Fertile Soil power-up.  Use it!
  • Lightning Strike and Tornado may be the most simple of the power-ups, but they are crucially important.  Lightning strike will immediately take out an entire group of stones surrounding a Habitat Fragment, or an entire vine covering a Habitat Fragment.  And the Tornado can rip right through a huge patch of sand or wild vines.
  • If you’re not afraid of getting lost, using the vine to swing into uncharted territory can prove very strategic.  You might have noticed that at the beginning of each level, your map does not reveal anything about the level other than your current location.  When you swing across the board, everything in your path becomes revealed on the map.  So when you begin a level in one corner, try immediately swinging all the way to the opposite corner just to reveal everything in your path.  You may immediately uncover the location of one or more Habitat Fragments which will you save you some time hunting them down.
  • Try using two different Earthquake power-ups in a row on two different types of game pieces.  When you use the first one, you will remove all of one type of piece from the board.  That means that when you use the second Earthquake, there will many more pieces on the board of whichever piece you choose to destroy.
  • When you run into walls on the board, you’ll need to find a special item to get past them.  Bamboo gates require a key, vines require a machete, stones require a pickaxe, and rivers require a raft.  All of these items are found hidden under the sand.  So if there are walls in the area blocking your path, make sure not to leave any sand behind.  The last thing you want to be doing as time runs out is scouring the area for the one single sand tile that you left behind.
  • You only have 7 slots in your inventory, so use them wisely.  If your inventory is full, then you won’t find any more power-ups on the board.  So if you’re looking for a specific power-up to use but your inventory is full, then use up a power-up that you don’t want to make space for something else.


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