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Paradise Life – Game Information

Paradise Life is a Facebook game developed by IceBreak Games. Live life in a paradise island where you explore and build your home. Plant exotic crops, raise animals, clear the terrain and fight critters. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Paradise Life by referring to this quick start guide.

Quick Start Guide

The Island’s Resources

Living in an island means you need to have resources to keep on living the paradise life. Here is a list of what you need.

Paradise Life


You need money to purchase items in the market. Coins are rewarded when you care for your animals, harvest crops, remove debris and fulfill missions. You can also gain more coins when you visit your neighbors and do tasks for them.


When you construct buildings on your island, you’ll need wood. To gather more, chop coconut and palm trees.


Stock up on food so you can replenish your energy when you do your tasks. This is the only currency you’ll need when you run out of energy. Gain more food by harvesting crops and fruit trees. Take note that fishing doesn’t give you food.


We all need energy to do a task or two. Each action you do will use up 1 energy point. To regain it, you can either wait until it replenishes every 5 minutes or buy more with food.


These are used for premium items in the market. You can get 1 shell every time you level up in the game.

Defend your Paradise

Living in a remote island, even paradise has its surprises. When you gather resources, there are times when a boar or a crab and different wild life appear to prevent you from continuing your task.

Paradise Life

Defend your island by attacking the critter. Depending on what level you are at and type of animal you encounter, the number of blows will increase. You are rewarded experience points and coins for defeating them.

Remember not to gather resources around the wild animal or you’ll waste an extra energy point if you continue with your task within the affected area. That area is indicated with a red highlight around the items. Once you’ve defeated the animal or it has moved away the items, you can now continue your tasks.

Quest and Missions

To follow the game’s storyline, you’ll be given missions to accomplish. It’s recommended that you follow them to gain more coins and experience points. This will help you level up faster in the game.

Paradise Life

Take note that your progress and type of missions will be dependent on which missions you accomplish first. At earlier levels, they are fairly simple such as helping your neighbors care for the crops and animals. Some require you to finish certain buildings and this would mean asking help from friends by requesting required items for it to be completed.

Farm and Ranch Tasks

To survive in your island, you’ll need to plant crops, grow trees and care for animals. Go into the market and choose a crop you’d like to plant. It will indicate the number of experience points you’ll gain after you harvest each, how much it will cost for each crop you plant, profit and harvest time.

Paradise Life

As an example, planting a pumpkin will give you a profit of 3 coins since the cost of planting it is 12 coins and you’ll earn 15 coins when harvested in time.

This is the same for fruit trees. You can check harvest time by mousing over each crop or tree and it will indicate whether it’s ready or the time left before you can harvest.

Paradise Life

Make sure you come back at harvest time. If you miss it, your crops will wilt. In case you forget then you can opt to clear the crop or request help from friends to un-wither it. This way, your investment is not lost and you can still harvest the crop and get your profit.

Paradise Life

When you harvest, you’ll randomly get bonus items which will add to your collections list for more rewards.

Collections and your Wishlist

To progress faster, completing a collection is beneficial. You gain different resources, experience points, coins, energy, food and decorations. You can keep on doing tasks such as fishing, clearing debris, harvesting crops or even chopping trees to receive the collection items. You can also request it by putting it in your wish list so friends can send some to you if they have anything extra.

Paradise Life

The example above shows that the Weeds collection has been completed and it can be traded to receive 25 wood and an old anchor. Adding items to the wish list is easy and can be done by clicking on the note icon. Remember that you can only add 5 items in the list. Better remove items that you have to make more space for new requests.

It also shows that there are a lot of buried chests so it can be sent as a gift to your neighbors to help them complete theirs. You can do this by clicking on the gift icon below the item you want to send.

It’s better to send a gift, especially a collection item if it’s something your neighbor needs. You’ll know by hovering your mouse over a neighbor (don’t click) and their wish list will appear.

Paradise Life

If you have the item, a “send” button will appear below the item. You can double check first whether you have extra or it’s something you don’t want to have. You can then send it to your friend as a gift.

Hire and Visit Island Neighbors

You can hire neighbors to help you with your tasks. Every 24 hours, you can hire 2 neighbors. You’ll need coins as payment for their help. It’s recommended that you pick a task that will finish more tasks such as feeding a group of animals or clearing debris that are close to each other. This is more cost effective.

Neighbors can also hire you to help them with their tasks. You will get bonus coins in the process.

Visiting neighbors on the other hand will earn you favor points, coins, experience and bonus items. At the top, your favor bar will indicate how you’ve progressed. More favor points will mean an increase in bonus coins when neighbors hire you.

Paradise Life

When they visit your island, you’ll see their avatars and clicking on them will give you an option to accept or decline their help.

Weather Forecast

Check your daily weather forecast to know what rewards you’ll get for the day. This serves as a guide on what tasks you should prioritize so that you can take advantage of the bonus items.

Paradise Life

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